Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chapter 10

***Sorry it's a little short, and a little late then I expected....I took a road trip to see the Penguins play in Phoenix...and WIN, thank god! An exciting game, which made it even better! New post should be up soon! Enjoy :)

“I’m gonna miss this place” I say as I look around my almost empty room
“Yeah, I bet, it’s your comfort zone, it’s where you grew up”
“Yeah, but I think Chicago will be a good experience for me” I say as I tape another box
“It will be fun, and it’s not like you can’t come back to visit either”
“True, which I probably will, whenever I can,”
“So what do you plan on doing with this” Jon asks as he holds up all my Penguins pictures and the shirt signed by Sid and Fleury.
“Um, put it in storage I guess, the pictures I’ll put in a photo album or something”
“You don’t want to put them up?”
“No, but I want to take them with me, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to move to Chicago, but I will always be a Pens fan.” I say with a smile
“Well yeah, you grew up watching them”

I planned on putting all my Penguins stuff in a box and storage, except for my shirts, and the Penguins blanket, which will be on the couch, thanks to a little convincing and sweet-talking from me. The walls that had collages, picture frames and posters were now completely bare. I even had a new picture frame to put pictures of Jon and I after all the Pens game pictures came out. The only thing left in my room was the air mattress, the last of the boxes, and a suitcase full of clothes.

After eating dinner with my parents, we decided to call it an early night, a long day was ahead of us tomorrow; picking up food and such and finishing setting up before the party starts at 2, there was a lot to get done.

Having to wake up so early is one of the most unnecessary things ever! Jon and I were up helping set up things for the party. Thankfully, most was done the day before, all we really had to do was put the table stuff out and pick up the food and cake. Jon helped my dad with some more things well I went to shower and get ready. The party started at 2 but of course no one showed up right away; you always gotta be fashionably late, right? All my family had gotten there, and had met Jon. My uncle was the first one on his case and grilling him with questions, but Jon didn’t have a problem with it, he was happy to see how close I was with my family. A few of my cousins followed hockey, so they knew who he was and talked to him too, but like Jon normally is, he got along with everybody.

Me, Bailey, Steph, and Laura are sitting and talking when Jon joins us and sits next to me
“So, let’s go to Grahams tonight, yeah?” Bailey asks
“Yeah! I told my parents I wanted to go one more time and they said that was fine,” I tell her
“Ok, mom is watching B, so it works good. Chey and Kelly are coming too. You excited Jon?”
“Yeah, I’m anxious to see what this place is all about” he says
“Oh, it’s a lot of fun, but you better know how to two-step”
“I kind of know, but it doesn’t look that hard”
“No, James can show you too”
“Oh and both of the Megans are coming!” Steph adds in
“Ok sweet! Some people from work are coming too,” I say
“So lets meet there at 10?” Bailey asks
“Yeah, that sounds good” the rest of us girls say

The party was a success, all my family and friends had fun and they all loved Jon, which is always a good thing. Bailey and all the girls had left to get ready to go out later, so Jon and I helped clean up stuff to kill time until we leave for Grahams, which wasn’t too hard, we managed to give a lot of the food away as people left.

Before we knew it, it was 10 and we were going to Grahams. Soon after pulling into the parking lot, we see Bailey, Chey and Kelly next to us, and Laura was parked on the other side.

“Hey girls!”
“Hey!” they respond with hugs
“This is my boyfriend, Jon; this is Chey and Kelly”
“Nice to meet you both” He says and gives them handshakes
“I can’t believe your moving already!” Chey says
“I know, I’m kinda sad, but now ya’ll have an excuse to come out to Chicago!”
“True story; that would be awesome!”
“So, James, I gotta warn you that Sarah is going to be here…” Bay says after we get through the doors
“Ugh, seriously? I don’t want to deal with her drama”
“Neither do any of us,” Kelly says
“But she’ll probably have a guy with her…”
“Or 2 or 3” Chey adds with a laugh
“Yeah and Jon watch out for her too, she doesn’t care about any body, she’ll try and pull you away from Jamie”
“Bull shit she will! I’ll punch her in the face” I throw in
“Babe, you have nothing to worry about, I have you, why would I mess anything up?” Jon tells me
“Aww, well good. But I’ll warn you, she is a slut”
“Even more of a reason to stay away from her, I see enough of them in Chi, Kaner might like her though”
“Kaner wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole! That’s how gross she is”.
"Yeah and i'd kick her ass for that," Laura says
"Oh a little defensive, are we?" I tell her
"No, he just doesn't need anymore sluts around him"

We spent the whole night dancing, and having a couple drinks. There was probably about 15 other people that showed up, so it made it a lot more fun, and a little sadder too to know that I would be leaving in 2 days. Bailey had requested the Cupid Shuffle, which was a normal song for us, then had to teach it to Jon because he had never heard of it; and continued dancing until last call when we all left. Thankfully I took probably a million pictures to have with me on my move. I said some tearful goodbyes to people I knew I wouldn’t see before I left. Then we finally got back home at about 2:30, and passed out so fast.


  1. New chapter! I really like this story please keep putting up new chapters =)

  2. thanks, im glad you like it! i will be posting another one sometime this week!