Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chapter 40

[[I just love this picture. The Chicago skyline is beautiful!]]

I was getting excited to get out of Chicago for a while, and hearing that my parents took a road trip to Phoenix to see the boys play made me more excited to go on this trip. Crazy little me, I still hate flying, so I fall asleep on the bus and all I remember was Jon waking me up long enough to get through the airport, and then I’m asleep again by the time we’re on the plane. Yeah, bad flying experiences stay with me, bad enough to where my doctor had to give me tranquilizers to specifically take when we fly, it knocks me out within 30 minutes, its pretty amazing.

The 3-hour flight passes by, and before long, we are walking onto the bus to go to the hotel and arena. Since the boys didn’t have practice at the UC before leaving, Coach wanted them to have a short skate when we got in, so the boys get dropped off at the arena while the girls and I walk across the street to the hotel before meeting up with my parents for lunch in the Westgate City Center.

Before the game, my parents join the girls and me in the lounge for a few minutes so they could say hi to Jon before he gets out to the ice. We then make our way to the suite were we joined Stan, Diana and Scott, with my parents as well because Stan insisted they join us in the box. I talk with them while Dayna is busy talking to Elina

“So Jon had mentioned maybe getting a late dinner after the game with you guys,” I tell my parents as we sit down
“Oh, that would be great! It wont be too late?” My mom asks
“No, I don’t think so, the guys don’t play Dallas until Thursday, so it should be fine.”
“Ok, that sounds good then, around here somewhere?” my dad asks
“Yeah, probably McFadden’s, Jon loves that place!”

“Hey, Elina wants to talk to you,” Dayna says as she hands me her phone

“Hey E! What’s going on?” I say
“Hey girl, I just wanted to tell you that I’m going back to Sweden, and I’ll be with Hanna,” she says
“Like for good?”
“Yeah, Nik and I got in a huge fight, as you might have seen at ROOF, he said he needs space, so I’m going home,”
“Aw, no! Do you mind me asking what happened?”
“I messed up, and I cheated on him when I was back home. His brother saw me and tell Nik, so he doesn’t want to be with me right now,”
“Oh girl, are you ok?”
“I think I will be, I put all this on myself so, I think it’s what’s best.”
“Ok, well I wish we could see you off instead of saying bye over the phone!”
“I know, me too. But I can’t be here any longer, Hanna is here and she help me pack and fly home with me,”
“I bet,”
“But we’ll keep in touch! I still want to keep in touch with all you girls, especially Abby, I can’t wait to see what the little one looks like!”
“Yes we will! You have my email address, and Facebook too,”
“Definitely, well I have to go. But I’ll talk to you soon!”
“Ok, good luck with everything! Bye girl!”

“That’s so sad about Elina!” Savannah says
“I know, did she tell you what happened?” Dayna asks
“Yeah, she just said she cheated on Nik and his brother was wherever she was and saw, and he didn’t want to keep that from Nik,” I said
“Ok, I’m going to be completely honest here. I’m really surprised it didn’t happen sooner,” Dayna says
“Really?” Savannah and I question
“Yeah, I mean, she’s gone all the time, she’s always with Hannah who is single and is a crazy partier. Not to mention, Elina never cared when the boys lost or if Nik had a bad game, she would just blow it off,”
“And she would always go out when the boys were on road trips too,” I add
“Yeah, that too. So I hate to say it, but I saw it coming,”

The game started soon after the girls and I talked more and my parents joined us in the seats in front of the suite. The Coyotes took the early 2-0 lead 10 minutes in, but the boys cut the lead in half in the closing minute of the 1st period. The Hawks ended up winning the game, after regaining the lead in the 2nd period, and sealing the deal with an empty netter from Seabs, final score 4-2. Thankfully, with the win, Jon was in a good mood, and was excited to be going to dinner with my parents and I since neither of us had seen them since after our honeymoon.

Dinner with my parents was a good one, they were happy to see us happy and doing well and they couldn’t wait to visit Chicago again. Coach Q gave the team the day off once we landed in Dallas, so we decided to grab an early dinner at a steakhouse near the arena before walking around town and did some shopping.

Morning of game day the guys went to the arena for morning skate, the girls and I hung out at the hotel pool and worked on our tan a little bit, since it was starting to get cold back home. We did our own thing on game day while the guys did theirs, which was usually how it was when we were on the road with them; because back home, it was a whole other story.

The girls and I had our own pregame dinner at Victory Tavern, and then walked over to the American Airlines Center. I was secretly hoping I wouldn’t run into Laura, I didn’t want to have to deal with anything she wanted to say, and I also didn’t want to be the crazy hockey wife that would get kicked out of the arena for fighting. The 3 of us linked arms to keep from getting separated, and sure enough, we walk right past Laura standing near the team store with the 3 girls I hate the most. Dayna and Savannah both see her, give her the dirtiest looks I have ever seen, and we keep walking…while hearing “bitch” and “slut” coming out of their mouths. Yeah, real mature girls!

We make it to the suite that Stan and Diana invited us to for the game. Drinks and chips came around while the guys skated out onto the ice for warm ups. The game starts a little bit later, and it’s pretty fast paced, you can tell the guys are hungry for another win. Adam is the first to score for us, and the arena is filled with boos as he skates along the bench, getting fist bumps from the rest of the guys.

The guys keep the lead through the rest of the first. The second period is under way, and that’s when it happens. All our eyes are on the other side of the ice when the arena is silent.

“We have an injured Hawks player out on the ice…” is all we hear to get us out of our seats to look

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 39

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After the game, the girls and I waited in the lounge for the guys. We wanted to celebrate, Abby and Patrick didn’t want to go out, she didn’t want rumors to go around about her being at a bar while pregnant, so she volunteered to watch Briar and Cruise, and both Bailey and Mel trusted her with the kids. Underground, here we come!

The guys didn’t get too crazy, but we all still had fun. We danced a lot throughout the night, mostly me, Jon and Bailey and Jack. Jack was so sweet with her and nothing made me happier then to see how happy she was after everything she had been through with her daughter’s dad. After a few hours, we were all exhausted from everything that happened that day, so we turned in early. Bailey and I promised to have a breakfast date with Briar and the guys before Jack took her to the airport.

Another few weeks had gone by, the WAGS and I had organized another night on the river boat, this time it was going to be the night after the Leafs game and before the guys head out on their first road trip, to Florida and Carolina, with a stop in Atlanta in between.

The team get together nights were always so much fun, especially to see all the guys really hang out and let loose and not be so serious. Abby and I arranged with the same people as we did last year for the food and music. Mel did a lot of help too, she found a photographer to hire for the evening to take pictures and he even put all the photos on cd’s to give to the players.

I was in my office the next day after the successful 3-0 road trip with Mel and Dayna when Ashley, one of my good friends from back home, called me.

“Hey!” she says right away
“Hey girl, what’s goin on?” I ask
“Not much, have you talked to Laura lately?”
“Not really, probably sometime after the wedding, why?”
“Well, she was in town this past week, we met up for lunch so she could see Brooklyn and she was talking so much shit about you”
“Seriously? What was she saying?”
“She was talking about how she hated the fact that you and Jon were so perfect for each other, and she wished that her relationship with Patrick was like that,”
“Oh my god, she always said that, especially when they got into a fight,”
“Yeah, then she was saying something about how you wanted to get Nik away from his girlfriend because she’s such a slut, and he deserved to know what she did behind his back,”
“Ugh! Ok, let me clarify that. I said that WAY before we met the boys, and it was a complete joke! I would never do something like that to anybody. She needs to get her shit straight, did she say anything else?”
“She said you’ve turned into a complete bitch and your using all his money, and your so close with the guys that your sleeping with them,”
“Really? I can’t believe her! And she doesn’t even have the nerve to say that to my face!”
“Yeah, and she’s obviously not smart telling me, because I’m obviously going to tell you, you have a right to know,”
“Yeah no kidding, well thanks for telling me. I can’t believe she would say all of that. After EVERYTHING I did for that girl!”
“I have the text messages, I’ll forward them to you if you want,”
“Yes, please do. I’m going to call her and put her in line,”
“Ok, let me know how it goes,”
“I will girl, thanks for telling me!”
“Of course, I’ll talk you later,”

“What was that all about?” Dayna asks
“Apparently Laura has been talking shit about me, and to one of my best friends back home,” I say
“Laura, that was dating Kane for a while?” She asks again
“Yeah, we’ve been best friends for so long, and then I hear about all of this? No way”
“What did she say?” Mel asked
“That I was sleeping with the guys on the team, that I wanted to break up Nik and Elina because I wanted him, that I’m a gold-digger and I just want Jon for his money,”
“Wow, I can’t believe that,”
“I know, it’s all bullshit! And you know why she’s saying it all? Because she was in love with Patrick and he didn’t want to be with her, so she was jealous because I’m with Jon and we’re happy and all she got was a disappointment.”
“I never woulda expected that from her” Dayna says
“Oh, I would, she’s always been jealous of me and Jon. I’ll be right back,” I say as I go out to the hallway

“Hello?” Laura says after the 3rd ring
“Talking shit about me, really?” I say, not even saying hi
“Hi to you too, what are you talking about?” She asks
“Oh don’t be dumb. Ashley called me and told me about ya’lls lunch date last week, and she said you were talking crap about me,”
“I can explain,”
“I dont want to hear it, you will listen. I can’t believe you would say all of that, and don’t try and change the story; I have the text messages from Ashley. I thought you were one of my best friends, but seriously, saying all that about Hammer? Saying I’m only with Jon for his money? That is all bullshit and you know it!”
“No! If all your going to be doing is talking shit then I don’t need a friend like you in my life,”
“And telling Ashley? Seriously, that was the stupidest thing you coulda done, when you know she would tell me!”
“I didn’t think she would say anything,”
“Well your stupid for thinking that. So you better keep your story straight the next time you decide to talk shit. Have a nice life.” I say hanging up

“How’d it go?” Mel asks as I walk back into the office
“I just told her I don’t need people like her in my life who do nothing but talk shit about me, and she was stupid for saying all those lies. Then I said have a nice life, and hung up,” I said
“Dang! Good job girl,”

It was October before we knew it and the guys were doing amazingly well. Over the next 2 weeks, we had the Phoenix/Dallas road trip, Brian’s poker tournament, and then Abby’s baby shower…things were going to be a little crazy to say the least. Dayna, Savannah and I decided to take a break before things got crazy, and joined the boys on their short road trip, Abby wanted to come, but she got uncomfortable with flying while being pregnant, so she stayed behind in Chicago.

A few nights before we were going to leave for Phoenix, the boys played an amazing game against the Flames, and Crawford earned the shutout, with a score of 5-0. So we decided to go to Roof for a while.

“Does anyone know why Nik and Elina are fighting?” She asks as we turn to look
“Oh man, Nik looks pissed,” I say from where were sitting
“Probably cause she’s always gone,” Kaner says
“Yeah that girl goes out of town as much as we do,” Jon says
“But she leaves the country too and goes to Sweden and London all the time,” Jordan adds
“Guess we’ll see. It looks like she’s crying.” Dayna says
“Should we check on them?” I ask
“No, let them fight and get it out,” Dayna says again

The night ends with Nik and Elina still yelling at each other, and it’s clearly not good, because Elina goes home with Chelsea and Jordan to stay at their house…uh oh!

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Spring Break***

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Chapter 38

Not a minute later, Briar runs into the office, with Bailey not far behind her.

“AH! Are you serious right now?!” I say getting up
“Hey girl! B and I thought we would surprise you!” Bailey says
“Oh my gosh, this is amazing! How did you do this?”
“We’ve been talking since the wedding!” Jack says
“And why is this the first I’m hearing of it?” I asked surprised
“Um, because it’s been long distance,” Bailey says
“Oh, how did you manage to get off work?”
“I’m between schools right now, so it’s like a short vacation,”
“We’ll that’s awesome! So are ya’ll staying with Jack?”
“What do you think of Briar?” I ask him
“Oh she’s such a good kid! She was shy at first but she got used to me,”
“Aw, yay I’m glad you got to make it out here, this is an amazing surprise!”
“I figured, and I wanted to bring Briar out here this time, especially since she’s a little older too”
“For sure! Well why don’t ya’ll hang out here while the guys practice, then we can go to lunch or something?”
“Sounds good, I’ll tell Tazer. See you girls later,” Jack says as he leaves

“Girl, I didn’t know that you and Jack were still talking!” I tell Bailey as she joins Lauren and I around the desk
“Yeah! Well we spent the night together after the reception,” She says
“Oh really?”
“Yes, but not like that! We stayed up almost all night talking, then we went to breakfast the next morning, and he didn’t leave until that Monday, so we hung out more around town and the house,”
“Have your parents met him?”
“Yeah, mom loves him! Dad thinks he’s great, and plus he likes that he’s a professional hockey player, my dad knew I didn’t follow hockey often, so I told him that Jack and I met through you,”
“Oh yeah, those hockey players just have some sort of charm,”
“Yeah, and somehow we all get sucked into it,” Mel says
“No kidding,”
“So what’s going on with you guys? Ya’ll dating…more serious?”
“Well just dating and talking for now, it’s hard because it’s long distance. I like him a lot though, he’s someone I could see myself with,”
“Aww, my little Bay is growing up!”
“I know, shut up,”
“So, realistically, if ya’ll became more serious, and he asked you to move out here, would you?”
“I don’t know, that would be something that I would really have to think about, plus, things would have to be worked out again with Jason and that stuff,”
“Yeah, true, would you ever consider it?”
"Yeah, maybe, it would be nice to get out of New Mexico for a while, but the whole changing teams all the time could be stressful,"
"I know what you mean, well kinda. But I see it all the time,"

We talk for a little more while working, after finishing up what we had scheduled for that day, Bailey and Briar join Mel, Cruise and I to watch the guys practice, as Lauren leaves to pick up the kids from Brian’s sister. We’re the only ones there, so we sit at the glass right behind the team bench.

“Uncle Jonny!” Briar yells as she points to him skating around
“Yeah, B, there’s Uncle Jonny! Do you see Jack?” I say with her on my lap
“No, that’s Kaner,”
“I see him!” she says pointing to Jack
“Good job!”

The guys practice for about 30 more minutes when Colby sees all of us and skates right up to the ice, Cruise’s eyes light up so big

“Dada!” he says
“Hi buddy! Hey ladies,” he says, trying to work his charm yet again
“Hi Colby,”

So after the boys change, we say bye to all the guys, then Jon and I head to lunch at the Rainforest Café with Bailey, Briar and Jack. It was so good to see Bailey happy again, and I liked that it was Jack who was putting the smile on her face; not to mention how good he was with Briar…picture perfect!

The next day is game day for the final preseason game…that happens to be against the Penguins. Bailey and Briar are with me at the office again, Jack didn’t want them to be bored alone at his house while he was a practice, so they came with him. We were walking back out to the ice to watch them practice again when we ran into Jordan, Max and Deryk Engelland.

“J! How’s it going?” Jordan asks
“Hey Jordie! It’s pretty good!” I say before I introduce Bailey and Briar to the guys
“That’s good, how was your summer?”
“Good, short, but good!”
“So uh, J, when are there going to be little Tazer juniors running around?” Max asks
“Your like the 10th person to ask! But probably not for a while,”
“Wait…Tazer, your married to Toews?” Deryk asks
“Yes sir,”
“Wow, congrats!” He says
“Thanks, what about you guys? No ladies for ya?”
“HA! You know how I roll,” Max says with a smirk
“Yeah, no one for me. And big D over here is a married man,” Jordan says
“Then give him a hard time for kids running around!” I say
“Oh we do!”
“Well, should we catch up with our men?” Bailey asks
“Yes, lets. It was good seeing you boys! Good luck tonight,”
“Thanks!” They say after giving hugs then walking back to the visiting locker room

“Wait…let me guess. You ran into the boys, eh?” Jon asks as we get into the locker room
“You know me too well,” I say sitting next to him, smiling
“Who this time?”
“Jordan, Max and Deryk,”
“What, no Sid??” Colby yells
“I didn’t see him, but I thought you kept better track of him then me,” I say
“Yeah, sometimes, but we don’t talk as often anymore, and he’s got that fiancée of his,”
“Aw, is poor Colby sad because he’s being replaced?”
“Yes, it’s so sad,” He says with a puppy dogface

The girls and I got back to the arena later that night and sat in our normal seats on the glass, with the addition of Mel, Cruise, Bailey and Briar. Our section of seats was now a crowded one, but no one seemed to mind, because we all got to sit together and gossip. Abby and Elina came together, along with Abby’s baby bump that was still growing each day, but the baby girl she was carrying was healthy as can be and would be making her debut in a few short months.

Colby scored his first goal as a Hawk, the game winner after Jon and Campbell scored in the second period, and the guys went on to win their final preseason game, 3-1. The team had a few days off before the regular season started, which was a 3 game stretch at home against the Red Wings, the Sharks and the Maple Leafs.

The first regular season game was against the Red Wings, and it was a special one, because they were raising the championship banner, and the Stanley Cup was back in the building, with the new names etched on it. The guys skated out to the ice, Jon being at the end, with the cup in his hands. He lifts it up right as his skate hits the ice and the arena erupted in cheers. The momentum from the ceremony sticks with the boys throughout the game; the guys benefited from it and beat the Wings 3-2.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chapter 37

[[our suite room on the cruise ship]]

So, Jon planned an AMAZING honeymoon trip, and did a good job at keeping quiet about it, because he’s never been good at that. We went on a carnival cruise that started in LA, made stops in Long Beach, Catalina and Ensenada before going back to LA. I had never been on a cruise and it was always something I wanted to do, so Jon earned major points by doing that.

It was so nice to hang out on the ship and lay out at the pool then hanging out on the beaches. There were nice big dinners and nights with dancing. A handful of people recognized Jon, but they were nice and respectful of him and our privacy, which was nice.

The 4-day cruise went by so fast and before we knew it, we were back at LAX to fly back to New Mexico. We spent a few extra days with my family before we did the long drive back to Chicago…and that was when reality set in. It seemed that there were extra reporters, and Jon was getting a little more attention then usual since we got married. But we brushed it off.

August and September came and went in a flash, and the new season of training camp was underway, with a couple new faces also. Stan did a trade with Toronto, he sent John Scott and out there and in return we got Colby Armstrong, both goaltenders were locked up for a few more years, and so were a few other players. Oh! And we also got Burish back on a trade for a draft pick, Jack was pretty stoked about that to say the least, their bromance had been rekindled.

As a new wife and taking over for Abby while she takes it easy as her due date gets closer (the official date is December 5th), it was my job to welcome Colby, his wife Mel and their little boy Cruise to Chicago and help them get situated if needed. The guys helped Colby move stuff in, while I stole Mel and the baby for the day to spend time around the city and on the Mag Mile, to do what we do

“Thank you so much for all your help, Jamie,” Mel says as were walking around
“Of course! I love helping people, I did this too when Taylor and his fiancée moved out here too. Abby and Dayna helped me a lot when I first moved out here, so I don’t mind it at all,”
“Well good! So you do stuff with the Better Halves?”
“Yeah, I help organize team events. And I also do media relations stuff for the team, like I’ll help with player appearances, or press conferences, basically any team events,”
“That sounds fun! I always tried to do that and get involved with the wags of the teams Colby has been with, but by the time I get used to everything, we’ve moved,”
“Yeah, I bet that’s stressful too. So far I’ve been so used to being out here with Jon, and I’m so used to everything, I don’t know what I would do if he got traded,”
“Yeah, but he’s locked up with the guys isn’t he?”
“Yeah, his contract is until the ’19-’20 season, he wants to retire as a Hawk,”
“I think the hardest for Colby was when he got traded from Pittsburgh, he was devastated!”
“Oh I bet, I was even devastated! He’s been one of my favorite players since he was with the Penguins; he was such a fun player to watch. And I didn’t like Hossa for the longest time since the Penguins got him for Colby, but now I like him,”
“Yeah, he kept trying to go back to Pitt, him and the Thrashers coach didn’t get along very well, then he had fun in TO while it lasted. But when he told me about getting traded here, he was so excited,”
“That’s good, I think he’ll be good for the team! I was my office with Lauren Campbell when Stan came in and said we have a new player to introduce tomorrow, then he said Colby and I was so excited! Stan was like really?”
“That’s funny, yeah he was definitely a fan favorite in Pitt, and hopefully he will be here too,”

Mel was an easy girl to get along with, being the wife of an NHL player, we usually hear how friendly the other wives are, and I had heard a few things that she wasn’t a nice person, but I didn’t believe any of it, and I disagreed with it after meeting her and hanging out around downtown with her.

After spending the day with Mel and Cruise, we picked up a bunch of food to take back to the house for the busy guys moving stuff, and ended up spending a few more hours at the Armstrong’s new house.

Preseason was underway, and it started with some away games for the boys, they went to Dallas first, who had some bitter fans since losing Burish again, but hey, that’s the game of hockey. They beat the Stars before shutting out the Avs 3-4, and dropped their next two games to the Blue Jackets and Coyotes.

Before their last preseason game, I was in the office organizing the WAGS silent auction and dinner with Lauren and Mel when Jack was standing in the door way

“Hey ladies, am I interrupting anything?” He asks as he leans against the door
“Kinda, but not really, what’s going on?” Lauren says
“I have a surprise for Jamie,”
“Really? What is it?” I ask

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chapter 36

[[This is what the tables looked like at the reception, except it was the darker red and a solid color]]

We are welcomed by cheers and clapping as we walk through the banquet hall to the table with the rest of the wedding party. Everyone sat down and got situated, and was all talking while we waited for the food to be delivered, and it wasn’t until we were sitting down that I was starving. We changed our mind not to have an open bar at the reception, we didn’t want anyone getting too drunk and ending up either in jail or dead, so we decided to just have wine.

Dinner had been eaten, and tables were being cleared as the music started for the dancing to start. The DJ announced for Jon and I to make our way to the dance floor for our first dance, we decided on “I’ll Be” By Edwin McCain. I loved it ever since I heard it in The Cinderella Story, and I always turn the radio up when it’s playing, so needlessly to say, it grew on Jon too. We did the rest of the dances at once, my dad and I danced to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland then Jon and his mom danced to a song called “A Mother’s Song”

We took a break for Ashley and David to give their maid of honor and best man speeches, both of them made me cry because they were so sweet, then after that, Jon and I thanked everyone for coming

“I think I speak for Jamie as well when I say thanks for coming out to spend this special day with us, if we could have gotten married at a courthouse after I asked her, I would have, but I know she wanted a wedding like this. And we wouldn’t have it any other way then with all of you here,” Jon says
“And, I definitely wanted to say thanks to the hockey players that came out here from their vacations, it means a lot that ya’ll made it out,” I say

Since we had the attention of everyone, we decided to cut the cake and have the cupcakes go out before dancing again. Jon and I cut into one of the small cakes that was on the table, and both feed a piece to each other, he was a little more pushy with the cake and wiped some frosting on my nose, but cleaned it off nicely. Cupcakes were handed out and about 15 minutes after that the dancing continued. I told the DJ that I had a song for him to play for Jon from me, so as he found it, I pulled him away from Nik and Elina onto the dance floor, “I Just Call You Mine” by Martina McBride started playing.

“Baby, you don’t even understand how I just want to rip that dress off you right now,”
“No way babe! Just wait, you can in a few hours, but you just can’t rip it off,”
“Ok, fine. Hey, I’ve heard this song before, right?”
“Yeah, I don’t remember where, but I remember the first time I heard it, I thought it was so cute,”
“It’s your song for me!” he said, finally snapping
“Yeah, babe, it is,”

The next few songs are faster, so Jon and I pretty much stay out there and dance with just about everyone. Jordan comes and steals me for a dance, just like he told Jon he was going to do.

“I’m so happy you could make it down here!” I tell him
“Of course! I wouldn’t want to miss this, Jon has been a good friend for a few years and I knew when I found out you’re with Jon, I knew you would be prefect for him,”
“Aw, thanks Jordan. So how are things back home?”
“Good, Eric and Tanya are getting ready for the new baby, a little sister for Parker,”
“A girl in the Staal family? I’m sure she’ll be as cute as the Staal boys,”
“Well, with my brother, you never know,”

After dancing with Jordan, we did the traditional money dance, which was becoming more common at weddings nowadays. After a couple songs, some people start leaving and not too many people were left besides family, close friends and the hockey players. We got the fun songs like the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide playing for the dances that everyone knew. I think I danced with every hockey player that was at the reception, but the most of them were like brothers to me, so the giving me a hard time part was there. But I took it, I always loved how close I was with the boys, and they knew I was good for Jon, so they looked out for both of us…yeah I think that was the basic of what each of the guys told me when I danced with them…oh those boys, gotta love them.

We danced until the early hours in the morning, I think it was 2am by the time Jon and I got up to our honeymoon suite and when to bed…ha, yeah right, not on our wedding night.

Sunday morning came, after Jon and I said bye to all the family as they left to go home. We got back to my parents house to pack smaller bags for our honeymoon, that Jon still wouldn’t say anything about. All I knew was that we had to be on a plane to get to LA by 3pm. After being in LA for a few hours and still not knowing about what we were doing, we get in a cab and go towards the pier, Jon even blindfolds me on the way over there.

"Ok, we're here baby," Jon says
"Can I take off the blindfold?" I ask
"No, I'll come around to help you out of the car,"

A few seconds later, he opens the door to grab my hand to pull me out of the cab. The cab driver gets our suitcases out of the trunk. Jon turns me around and takes off my blindfold to show me the mysterious surprise

"Oh my gosh....really babe?"
"Yes! Let's go so we don't get left behind!"