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New Story!

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Glad to hear all the comments and feedback I've gotten from my Chicago story! Believe me, I was sad too to see it end. I decided to do a new story, as you could probably guess by the picture, it is a Pittsburgh story...what can I say, those Pens boys have my heart :)

The first post is up and I hope to have the next one up soon!
It's called It's All a Part of Me
(I tried to link it on here, I couldnt get it to work, but it's my only other story)

Hope ya'll check it out too! Cant wait to hear what you think!

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Over the next few years, two more weddings had happened, the first one was Kaner and Bridget, and then it was Mike and Olivia, shortly after he signed a contract extension with the Hawks. Army was still with the Hawks as well.

To say there were no more kids added to the Hawks family was a lie. Ryan Sharp was born on New Years Day 2014, and later that summer, Taylor and Savannah welcome twin boys, Blake and Brandon. Brent and Dayna had a daughter, Khloe. Mike and Olivia had a little girl, Makayla Jean.

As for Jon and I, we moved a few stories up to a two-story condo, because more room was needed for Easton…and Kellan, who was born in March of 2015, a day before Army and Mel had their daughter, Lillian.

“Baby! Do you need help before I leave?” Jon yells from downstairs
“I don’t think so, Mel is coming over with Cruise and Lilly, and we’re going to go from here,” I say from the bedroom as he’s walking in
“Ok, see you guys there,” He says, kissing me, then the boys

Tonight is game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The cup was in the building yet again, and I was praying for a win, as was everyone else. The Blackhawks won the cup that night and it was so exciting to be there again, on our home ice to take the cup and celebrate in front of the hometown fans. We spent another night celebrating at the arena, it was extra crazy with all the kids running around but we were still able to keep an eye on them. Easton just turned 2, and Kellan was 3 months old.

That was the summer that Patrick and Bridget joined the baby boom, Danielle was born first, and then Chelsea, both a year apart. Pat was excited to have 2 daughters; it didn’t faze him at all, especially since he grew up with 3 younger sisters.

We welcomed the last addition to our family in November 2016, when Emaleigh Alyse was born. The kids were so close in age, Easton was 3 years old, and Kellan was 15 months, while Emaleigh was just a few weeks old. But I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Before we knew it, we had out 10-year anniversary. I was so happy for everything that had happened, and being able to spend all these amazing years with Jon. Easton had joined a hockey team, along with Cruise and Austin, and all the other boys of the Hawks players. Jon was so proud of him for how good of a hockey player he was, and at the same time, he didn’t criticize him, he let him learn on his own and do things on his own, so that was exactly what Easton did. Kellan was slowly learning hockey too, and he loved it, it was so good to see him and Easton learning together.

Emaleigh was momma’s little gymnast, just like I told Jon our little girl would be. Her, Evie, the Kane girls and Mike’s daughter all took gymnastics class together, and they absolutely loved it.

Jon retired at the age of 34, and the Blackhawks retired his number, with a special ceremony on the new seasons opening night. He spent his time coaching the boys’ hockey team with Brent and Colby. He later returned to the United Center, where he took over as director of hockey operations. I stayed close with the girls who still lived in Chicago with their husbands and families, and continued to work with the Better Halves Organization.

We eventually moved back to Winnipeg before Easton was ready for middle school, and Kellan and Emaleigh started school too. Jon continued coaching hockey, this time with Duncs, who had his 2 boys on the team, as well as Sharpie. I got the assistant coaching job with the gym that held the girls’ gymnastics classes; it was what I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was unable to do gymnastics anymore.

*********The End!**********

***I have to thank all you lovely ladies for following my story and sticking with me. I'm glad to say that my first story was a success! I have decided to do another story....about my #1 boys and Im brainstorming some ideas and will probably have an intro chapter by the end of this week, so I hope ya'll will follow that too! I will make another post with the title of the story so ya'll will know that it is up!
Keep an eye out for the new story! :)

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Chapter 55-The Last Chapter!

***The epilogue will be up by tomorrow if its not up tonight. I have American Idol, DWTS finale AND the Vancouver its a busy night! Also-Ive started working on another story that I will be posting probably next week!
Enjoy :)

After a rough 4-game road trip, I was in the office again with Dayna and the babies when the guys got back. We heard them walking into the training room, so we picked up the boys and walked that way

“Hi baby,” Jon says before hugging and kissing me then Easton
“Hi, how was the trip?” I say, handing his son over to him
“A little stressful, but good,”
“That’s good,”
“Have you still been having that weird feeling around here?”
“Yeah, I told the girls about it too since they were here with me,”
“It’s just the feeling of someone watching you?”
“Yeah and it’s kind of happening right now,” I say
“What?” Jon asks looking around cautiously
“I don’t know, like I don’t know what to think, because I know everyone here,”
“Well, keep an eye out and if you don’t feel comfortable being alone or back here, just come watch practice,”
“Ok,” I say as he kisses my forehead,
“Are you done for the day?”
“I actually have a few more things to finish really quick,”
“Do you want me to stay and hang out?”
“Um, no, Dayna is still here, and Mike is too, he’s talking to Stan, so I’ll be fine,”
“Ok, do you want me to take Easton?”
“Yeah, can you? I wont be long I promise,”
“Ok, I love you,”
“I love you too,”

Jon puts Easton in his car seat and says bye again before heading home, so I go back to the office to finish working.

“So Jon knows?” Dayna asks as I sit back down
“Yeah, I told him again, and I had the feeling again when we were in the locker room just now,”
“That is strange girl, I’m surprised he didn’t stay here while you finish working,”
“I know, he asked if I wanted him to, but I said that your still here and so is Mike and Stan, so he said ok, and went home with Easton,”
“Ok good, we’ll be done here in no time, as soon as I get back from the bathroom,”
“Ok, I’ll be here!”

“I didn’t know you were still here,” I hear coming from the doorway


“Um, yeah, just finishing up some last minute things,” I say, praying for Dayna to come back…or for Mike or someone to walk in
“You didn’t go home with poster boy?”
“My HUSBAND went home with our son,”
“So I have you all to myself,” He says, inching closer to my desk
“No, I’m busy, and you work for my husband, he wouldn’t appreciate that,”
“Well he’s not here,” He says coming around
“Can you leave please,” I say, shaking
“No I don’t think I can,” as he grabs my hand and throws me on the ground
“What the fuck is your problem?” I scream
“Scream again and I’ll cut your throat,”
“Ah…” I try to say before he continues
“I finally have you to myself, that’s all I want,”

He tapes my mouth shut and all I can do is cry and wish that Jon stayed behind with me. He’d kill this guy and have him fired for sure. I hear footsteps coming, I thank god when I hear Dayna scream and ask what’s going on. But I don’t see anything, because the guy that is now on top of me punches me in the face a couple times before I hear some guys pulling him off me.

“What the hell are you doing asshole?” Hammer says…I didn’t know he was still here
“I want that bitch all to myself,” Danny says, that was who it was? The head trainer should know better!
“Don’t EVER talk about Jon’s wife like that, do you understand me?” Nik says as I hear Stan walk in

I finally open my eyes after being blacked out for a few minutes, when I try to sit up, I realize I’m in pain, and my shorts are on the floor across from me and I start freaking out not knowing what that bastard did to me. I try to put my shorts back on, while still shaking and crying and I see Dayna crying too.

“Holy shit, are you ok?” Mike asks as he comes near me, but I flinch
“What the fuck just happened?” I ask as I pull my knees to my chest
“JJ, he tried to rape you, he just admitted it, but he punched you when he heard Dayna walk in,”
“I knew it,” I say, crying hysterically now
“Knew what?”
“I told Jon about a weird feeling I’ve been having the past few days, that someone was watching me,”
“And you think it was Danny?”
“Yeah…with the thi…things he said to me,” I try to say

“JJ, oh my god, come here,” Nik says as he’s walks in and gives me a hug
“Thank you guys,”
“That piece of shit is lucky I didn’t kill him, are you ok?”
“No, my face hurts, my legs hurt, and I feel gross,”
“Can you get up and sit on the couch?”
“Yeah,” I say as he helps me up
“I think you might need to go to the hospital to get checked out,” Hammer says
“But he didn’t do anything,”
“I know, it might be a precautionary thing though,”
“Ugh, I hate hospitals,”
“I’m going to call Jon,” Mike says to Hammer, but I don’t even hear it

---Back at home, Jon’s watching TV with Easton sleeping in his arms---

“Hello?” I say
“Jon, hey man, you need to come to the arena right now,” Mike says, sounding out of breath
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s Jamie,”
“I fucking knew it, I knew I shouldn’t have left her there,”
“Just get here fast,”
“I’ll be right there,” I say hanging up and putting Easton into his car seat


At this point, I’m still crying and shaking, still clueless as to what’s going on. A few police officers are even here, asking questions and taking pictures of my face, as well as the bruises on my legs. Mike is sitting next to me while the cops are talking to me, and the only thing I keep asking for is to see Jon and Easton. Soon after the cop tells me they have to take me to the hospital, I hear Jon’s voice

“Oh my god,” Jon says, as he walks in with Easton in his arms, all it took was me looking at them to start crying even more
“Baby, what happened?” He says sitting down and pulling me into a hug
“Danny was the one watching me,” I finally get out
“The trainer?” He asks
“Yeah, D and I were in here, she went to the bathroom and that’s when he came in and…and…” I couldn’t finish
“Ok, baby, it’s ok, I’m right here,” as I cry more
“He taped my mouth shut, Mike said he tried to rape me, but D came back, so he started punching me, I…I don’t remember anything after that,”

“Mr. Toews, can I ask you a few questions?” an officer asks
“Sure,” Jon says, as he gets up and leaves me on the couch with Hammer and Mike

“Mr. Toews, what do you know about Mr. Patterson?” he asks
“He’s been the assistant trainer for as long as I can remember,” Jon responds
“Has he ever acted like this before?”
“Not that I am aware of,”
“And your wife told you about the weird feelings she’s been having, did you at all think it would have been him?”
“No, but I knew I shouldn’t have left her here a few hours ago,”
“Ok. He admitted that he tried to rape her, but then Mrs. Seabrook walked in, so he resorted to punching her, while he was sitting on top of her,” he says as Jon brings his hands to his head
“That douchebag,”
“He’s been taken into custody, he’ll be in jail for a while, but he seemed to be out on a mission,”
“What can be done about some sort of restraining order? I don’t want him near my wife again, or our son for that matter,”
“Well, right now he’s looking at 5-6 years in jail, but you can still do that, in fact I would recommend that you get one even though he will be in jail,”
“Ok, I need to talk to Stan too,”
“If it’s related to his job, Mr. Bowman has taken care of it, he’s been fired and is no longer allowed on the property,”
“Do you have any questions?”
“What about my wife? I know she’s scared out of her mind, I saw it on her face when I walked in, I’m scared for her but I want to do whatever I can to help,”
“Well, we will need to take her to the hospital as a precautionary, to run a few tests, even thought he didn’t do anything, it’s just what has to happen when something like this happens,”

That week was hell for me. To start off with, I had to go to the hospital again (I hate hospitals), thankfully, everything came back ok. I would get nervous every time we went to the arena and it took me a while to be ok with going back to there alone, even though I knew that Danny would never be allowed on the property ever again.

A couple months later, things were back to normal. I had returned to working normal days again, and I had always done enough work to where I was done and ready to leave at the same time as the guys.

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A note for my lovely followers***

So I wanted to let ya'll know that this is coming to an end. I have the last chapter almost finished, and I am working on the epilogue right now. Im sad to finish this story but needlessly to say, Im shocked I got it as far as I did and I love all of you for following my story! I appreciate all the comments and everything!
I would like to start another story sometime soon, but summer is starting to get busy so I will with time.
The last chapter will be posted in a few days, and the epilogue will be posted soon after, if not on the same day.
As always--cant wait to hear from ya'll and enjoy!

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Chapter 54

Preseason passed; and the first game to open the new season was against the Oilers, before the guys made the trip to Atlanta, Florida and Tampa Bay. Dayna was in the office that we shared and we were planning the red carpet opening night when Mike walks in

“Hey ladies,” he says, sitting down
“Hi Mike,” we both say
“What are ya doing?”
“Figuring out things for opening night,”
“Sounds fun, how’s Easton?” he asks, looking over at him sleeping on the new couch
“Good, getting big,”
“And Austin?”
“Good also,” D says
“So anything in particular bring you in here today?”
“Well…there’s something I wanted to talk to you about,”
“Me? Or Dayna?”
“You, but it’s not a big deal,”
“Ok, what’s going on?”
“You know that bartender at Rockit?”
“Um…maybe, I’d have to see her,”
“Well, I want to talk to her…but I don’t know,” he says, hesitating
“Does Mike Green have girl problems? And he’s coming to me?”
“What? No…” he says as I give him a look, then he continues
“Ok, fine. I’ve never had this problem before,” he finishes
“Well…we could do a group dinner there one night,”
“With me being the only single guy? Yeah, cause that’s not obvious,”
“Vic is single dummy, and so is Hammer,”
“Ok, so what about your son? That restaurant is loud as hell,”
“I can figure something out,” I say picking up Easton as he’s waking up, “And it’s only like that at night, so we could go there for lunch,”
“See! That’s why I came to you,”
“Ha, yeah, what would you do without me?”
“Probably call Brooksie,”
“Because he would know anything about places out here,”
“True, but I never see him,” he says, looking at the floor
“Aw, do you miss him,” I ask sarcastically
“Yes,” Mike says with a sad face
“Where did he go?”
“Really? I can’t stand Boston!”
“Me either, apparently he likes it though, way better then Washington,”

“Party in the office, eh?” Jon says, as him, Seabs and Vic walk in
“Always,” I say
“How’s my little champ?” Jon says to Easton as he takes him from me
“Dude, he looks more like you everyday,” Vic says
“Yeah he does, he’s your mini me…Lord, help us all” Seabs says
“Shut it, Seabs, he’s a good looking baby,”
“So what’s going on in here?”
“Mike was talking about wanting to go to lunch at Rockit,” I say, trying to not blow his cover
“Oh, that sounds good,” Vic says
“Doesn’t it? And lunch there would be better, because at night, it gets crazy loud with the music,” I say
“Yeah, it would be too loud for the boys,” Brent says

Lunch the next day at Rockit, and it’s me and Jon with Easton, Brent and Dayna with Austin, Mike, Hammer, and Vic. We get sat at a big table near the bar, and after we sit down, Mike points out the bartender to me

“That’s her,” he says, looking in her direction
“Oh, yeah I remember her now, seeing her anyways,” I say
“I’ve seen her once or twice, she’s beautiful,”
“Well why don’t you talk to her?”
“Talk to who?” Jon asks
“Shh babe, Mike wants to talk to the bartender,”
“Oh, go for it dude!”
“I’m workin’ on it,”
“Do you want me to break the ice for you? I’ve been known to be quiet the match maker,”
“Yeah dude, she’s right, look at Kaner and B, that was all J,” Jon says kissing my forehead
“Maybe…let’s see how things go, maybe ask her what drink she would recommend or something,”
“Don’t worry Greener, I got you”
“JJ, you’re the best,”

After a while, I went to talk to the bartender, Olivia. Turns out she was new to Chicago too, moved here from California over the summer. She was a sweet girl, with the personality and attitude to not deal with bullshit. So after introducing myself, I asked if she liked hockey and wanted to go to a game, which she quickly agreed to. We exchanged numbers to figure out a night for her to join us.

Mike thanked me a million times for talking to her; I said it wasn’t a problem, because I’d be helping her out too. I waved bye to her as we left and saw her catch a glimpse of Mike walking behind me.

2 weeks later was game day against San Jose, and Olivia was joining us for the game. I invited her over to the house to get ready with me, before meeting up with the other wags in the lounge.

“What if the other wags don’t like me,” she said as we drove to the UC
“Girl, they will. As long as you’re not a jersey chaser or after their men, they’ll be cool,”
“Ok, I’m nervous though. I actually grew up watching the Sharks. But I’ve converted to a Hawks fan,”
“Thata girl! I grew up a Pens fan, I still am too, always will be”
“What did Jon have to say about that?”
“He was all I know who your coming home to at the end of the day. And he’s friends with some of those guys, and I am now too, so he doesn’t care,”
“Well that’s good,”
“So we’ll probably go to dinner after the game, you should come so you can meet the guys,”
“Seriously? I’d love that!”
“Ok great!”
“Even with your baby?”
“Yeah, he’ll pass out at some point, he’s a good baby though,”
“Oh awesome,”

Olivia and all the girls got along so well, and I know she was relieved about that. The game was a close one, but to make things better, Mike continued his scoring streak, and he was on his 8th straight game with a goal or an assist. The boys won in OT and after they finished up with postgame, we made our way to Carmine’s for dinner. Olivia joined us in the car to go to dinner

“So, I’m gonna be honest with you Olivia, one of the players has wanted to meet you for a while, he’s a sweet guy and I think you’ll like him. And it was his idea for dinner tonight,” I say looking back at her in the Tahoe
“Who is it?”
“Green? No way?! Oh man, he’s amazing,”
“He’s seen you at Rockit a few times, and was pretty taken by you, so he’s excited to meet you,”
“Ah really? Oh girl, now I’m nervous!”
“You’ll be fine, he’s a good genuine guy, and I think you guys will get along great,”

Jon leaves the keys with the valet guy as I get Easton out and Olivia gets out as well, before we walk into the restaurant to see some of the guys there already. The seat on the other side of Mike happens to be empty, so I nudge Olivia in that direction to sit by him; she turns to give me a nervous smile before walking over there.

A few days after the dinner, I had heard it all from both Olivia and Mike about how much fun they had, Olivia told me that Mike asked her on a date after the guys got back from their road trip…success!

The home game before the road trip was against the Flames, and even though the girls and I were in the box with the kids, I could feel a pair of eyes on me…I brushed it off because I have been known to be in the spotlight occasionally with being married to the captain.

The next day, Easton and I went to the office before the guys went on their road trip. Dayna, Mel and I wanted to get some work done with the guys gone, so we stayed back instead of joining them.

The babies were sleeping on the couch when the girls went to get some drinks, I stayed to watch the boys for a quick few minutes, when I heard the noise of someone rushing past the office door. I looked up and didn’t see anything, then I decided to get up and check the hallway, but I saw nothing. Now I was iffy about brushing this weird feeling off.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chapter 53

***Thought I woulda gotten this up sooner but with the combo of my birthday and finals, I got super busy. Another one should be up soon. :)

Before we knew it, it was time to fly back to Chicago. The trip here and gone by so fast, but I was soon realizing more that Chicago was really my place to call home, and I loved it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The day after getting back home, Easton had another check up, Dr. K just wanted to look at him and see how he did on the trip, and he turned a month old on that day…a month old already…couldn’t even believe it!

The middle of July, it was the hottest it had been in a while and I was so glad I wasn’t pregnant during this time of year, because I knew I would be miserable. Our one-year anniversary was here and Jon had everything planned out, he sure didn’t disappoint me, but then again he never does. Patrick and Abby had watched Easton for a few hours again, while Jon took me to dinner on a riverboat he had rented for the night. He also got an anniversary band to add with my engagement ring and wedding band, which was absolutely beautiful.

Jon had been doing some work with Jake for a fundraiser that would be held during the first week of preseason, and since it wasn’t one that the Better Halves weren’t helping with, Dayna and I decided to take our boys and spend the day downtown. We were about to go for lunch when I saw Jordan and Marc walking towards us

“Why hello, Mrs. Toews!” Jordan said
“Hi Jordan! Hi Marc!” I say giving them hugs
“How’s it going? How’s the little one?” Jordan asks
“Good! He’s good too,” I say, lifting the blanket up for the guys to see
“What’s his name?” Marc asks
“And yours?” he asks Dayna
“Austin,” She replies
“Wow, handsome little boys you ladies have,”
“Thanks!” we both say
“So what are ya’ll doing out here?” I ask
“We just wanted to get away from T-Bay for a while,”
“You’re a horrible liar, you know that, Jordan?”
“That’s why you shoulda asked me! And I take it you haven’t been at the UC lately?”
“No, I asked Stan if they needed help with free agency or anything and he said he’d let me know,”
“So that explains why you didn’t know that I’m a Hawk now?”
“Are you serious??”
“Yeah, Stan picked me up on FA day, Jon didn’t tell you?”
“No, he hasn’t been there either, we went to New Mexico then we’ve been hanging out here with Easton,”
“Oh, where is he anyways?”
“At the arena actually, Jake is having a fundraiser the week of preseason, so he asked Jon and Troy to help him and Stan with everything,”
“So they wouldn’t care if we stole you for lunch for the day?”
“I doubt it, it’s not like we’re going with strangers, and Jon and Brent know both of you,”
“Ok, where should we go?”
“You guys pick,”
“You sick of the Cheesecake Factory?”
“Psh, I could never get sick of that place, what do you think, D?”
“That’s fine with me,”

Lunch with the boys was a good one, I was excited to have a Staal on the team, but was curious to know who else we added to the team and if anyone left. And with being behind on all the news, I decided to call Stan to see if he needed me, which he did, so I told him I’d be at the office the next day to help with things.

Once I had gotten home, Jon and I were laying on the couch with Easton watching TV when he had told me that Campbell got traded to Ottawa, so sad, because he was definitely a favorite, and Lauren was such a nice girl too, so it would definitely be different without them there.

The summer was coming to an end and everyone had started coming home. Marc made the move out here with his wife and their daughter, Noelle, with the help of his brothers; they bought a 3-bedroom condo in the same building as Jon and I.

Kane and Bridget had returned home as well, after spending time in Buffalo, and then Minnesota with her family. Incase I forgot to mention, Bridget is a bartender at Underground, me and her had been talking one night while she was making our drinks, and she had talked about how much she loved the guys and that Kane was her favorite player. I mentioned that we were good friends and I could talk to him. One thing led to another and after a few dates, they were official. Thanks to me ☺

There were a lot of changes over the summer, and a lot that I hadn’t noticed since Stan gave me some off time after Easton was born. I was still doing PR stuff, but I had been offered to take over Lauren’s spot as head of the Better Halves Organization, I thought Abby or someone who was there longer would have wanted it, but she turned it down, so I took it. Crawford has a few more years on his contract and Ty Conklin was picked up as the back up goalie. Kopecky and Campoli were both traded also, Kopy went to Vancouver, and Camp went to Anaheim. So there were some major changes, but we still had the core of Jon, Kaner, Sharpie, Taylor, Seabs, Hammer, Army and Greener, along with everyone else.

I was in my office for the first time the next day, and without Lauren there, it was weird being there, kind of sad too. But she gave me a picture frame with a picture of me and her with our hubby’s that I put on our desk next to the picture of Jon and I with Easton, oh yeah that was another thing we had done over the summer was take family pictures with Stephanie, who had done our engagement pictures. We spent a few hours at her studio one day just before Easton turned 2 months old; it made for a fun day.