Monday, October 25, 2010

Chapter 8

**This is kind of a filler chapter to end spring break. The next chapter will have a little bit of being back in New Mexico before the move, then it will continue onto moving to Chicago...enjoy! :)

Wow, this week flew by like nothing, I can’t believe we’re going back home tonight. Laura and I wake up semi early so we can be ready to leave for the airport after saying bye to the boys and their girlfriends or wives. I’m throwing things into my suitcase when I hear my phone ring, I walk over to take it off the charger and answer it, without even looking at it.

“Hey gorgeous, what’s up,” Jon says
“Hi, ugh nothing just packing.” I say, a little sad
“Well take a break, me and Pat are kidnapping you and Laura to go to lunch with us”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, be ready in 20 minutes, we’ll be there.” He says
“Ok, who’s all going?”
“The 4 of us, Sharpie & Abby, Nik & Elina, Seabs & Dayna, Jordan and Chelsea”
“Oh wow, ok cool, we will be ready!”
“Ok, see you soon” he says

“Laura, get ready!” I yell to the bathroom
“Because the boys are coming to get us, we’re all going to lunch before we leave.”
“Oh ok, so should we be ready to check out and take our bags?”
“I guess, yeah, we don’t have to be at the airport for like 3 hours but we’ll probably hang out and talk for that long.”

20 minutes later, there’s a knock on the door, I run to open it to Jon and Pat standing there, and I move over and let them in.

“So, we figured you ladies should have everything ready and check out now, so after we’re done, we’ll just take you to the airport.” Pat says
“Yeah, that’s what we were thinking” Laura says
“Where are we going to lunch?”
“We were thinking the Cheesecake Factory, since it was our first group dinner, so it could be our last…well temporarily.” Jon says with a wink
“Yeah, sounds good.”

Laura and I check out of the hotel and throw our suitcases into the back of Pat’s hummer and then get in to go to lunch. I’m taking random pictures of all of us in the car, so I have something to remember this exciting trip and a happy reminder that I’ll be moving out here in a few short months. Jon can see that I’m sad to be leaving already so he grabs my hand and laces our fingers together, and pulls my face towards to him to give me a kiss right as Laura snaps the camera…picture perfect.

“Aw, guys that was cute!” She says as she shows us
“Dang, we look good!” Jon says
“I know, it came out good” I say
“Want to make a copy and send it to me?”
“Yeah, I think I could do that”
“Good, because I need pictures of me and my gorgeous girlfriend in my house” he says with another kiss

We walk into the Cheesecake Factory to see that Jordan, Chelsea, Seabs and Dayna already got a table, we all get situated and talk until everyone else comes. About 5 minutes later, all 12 of us are sitting around the table talking and laughing. Brent clinks his glass with a spoon to get our attention.

“So I have to say first of all, good job Tazer for finding a girl like Jamie, she’s a great girl and lord knows we all need another person to keep you in line” He says, we all laugh
“But in all seriousness, Jamie, I want to congratulate you on getting a job with the Hawks, it’s a fun industry to work in, especially with all of us goofballs, who you are stuck with now, so it will definitely be worth it. Glad your going to be calling Chicago home.”
“Aww…Brent that was sweet! I think I might cry”
“Geez, Seabs don’t make my girl cry” Jon says

Conversations keep flowing; the girls and me exchange numbers so we can keep in touch. We finish eating and are standing outside saying our goodbyes and take a few pictures, knowing it wont be too much longer until I am out here for good.
The last person I hug is Sharpie, he’s probably one of the guys I’ve become the closest with, next to Kaner.

“Good luck with school, and congrats on graduating!” he says into the hug
“Thanks Patrick, keep Jon in line for me, will ya?”
“You got it kid” he says as we all part ways to leave

The drive to the airport was a little more emotional then I expected. My eyes got a teary when we pulled up to the drop off area. We all got out of the car to get our luggage and say our goodbyes.

“J, don’t cry. It will be May before you know it and it’ll be time to move out here,” Jon says as he pulls me into a hug. I just melt as the embrace of being in his strong arms, and to think this is what I'm leaving behind.
“I know but this week went by so fast, and it’s changed my life a lot,”
“You’re going to love it though, you have me and all the guys to help you. The girls love you, it might take a while to get used to, but it will be worth it”
“Ok,” I say with a smile, before Jon closes the distance between us and gives me a long kiss
“Call me when you land?” He says, rubbing his thumb on my cheek,
“I will,” I say, trying to smile
“Ok, ok, let me get in here and say bye to her” Pat says

“Oh Patrick…I might worry about you sometimes” I say with a smile
“Yeah, I think we all do,”
“Well, I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t met you guys, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, because I have a job now and I’m so excited to move out here”
“Good, it’s going to be so much fun, you’ll be out here for the playoffs, and then summer time when we can just go crazy!”
“Can’t wait!”
“Ok, well you girls better go so you don’t miss your flight”
“Ok, bye Patrick, see you in a few months”

Jon and I say bye one more time before walking into the airport. We check in our luggage and make our way through security to our gate. I look at all the pictures that I’ve taken over the week and I think it finally hit me that this is going to be my new home, and that I have a new family out here. I’m brought out of my thoughts when my phone goes off

J, this week has been amazing. I’m so thankful for the day that we ran into each other at Starbucks. I knew right away that you were a great girl that I wanted to get to know better. Thank you for letting us spend time with you girls and thank you for letting me take you out. The nights I have spent with you have been the best times I’ve had in a long time, and you showed me that. I can’t wait until you move out here so we can have so many adventures together and create more memories and build our relationship. Call me when you land in New Mexico. Xoxo-Jon

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chapter 7

***A/N: 1) I'm going to probably post a short chapter soon finishing up spring break then fast forward to May-ish, but I'll indicate it so ya'll don't get confused and 2) Im sayin' sorry now for any of ya'll that are Capitals fans...I for sure hate them so I kinda bashed on them, so I don't mean to offend anyone! oh and incase I didn't already say, this is happening during the 2010-2011 season, and I switched a few games around to make it work

So, here's the new chapter...enjoy!

The sun shines through the windows in our hotel windows, I have no idea how I woke up or why I’m awake, especially when it is almost 7AM and I was sleeping very comfortably with Jon…yeah definitely going back to sleep. 4 hours later I wake up again, for good this time. Pat is still asleep and I hear water running so that leaves Laura to be in the shower, because Jon is awake also.

“Good morning” he says with a kiss
“Morning” I say, still half asleep
“How did you sleep?”
“Good, I was out in like 5 minutes after we got into bed”
“Yeah me too, I have a killer headache” He says while pinching at his nose right between his eyes
“Me too, and I didn’t even drink that much”
“Whatever, you kept taking shots of patron”
“Well, when it comes to me and patron, there’s no joking around, I love it” I say as he laughs at me
“Tazer shut up,” Pat says as he rolls over to face us
“Dude, it’s 11 o’clock, get your ass up” Jon says as he throws a pillow at him
“Your so loud!” he responds as he throws it back
“What are ya’ll laughing at” Laura asks as she walks out of the bathroom
“Kane is hung-over” Jon tells her as she sits on the bed
“Yeah aren’t we all” she says with a laugh
“Yes, ugh stop yelling” Pat says again
“Um, we’re not yelling, you just think we are” I tell him
“So, no practice, thank god; what should we do today?” Pat asks, while rubbing his eyes then looking at us
“How about Dave & Busters?” Laura suggests
“Oh yeah that would be so much fun!” the boys say
“Ok well, I have to shower and get ready,” I say
“Ok, why don’t we go home and shower then we’ll come back and pick you girls up,” Jon says as he’s getting out of bed
“Sounds good” I tell him
“Maybe I’ll call Seabs and Sharpie, see if them and the girls want to come?” Pat adds
“Yeah!” I tell him as the boys are walking to the door
“We’ll be back in like an hour ok” Jon tells me ask he gives me a kiss
“Ok, bye boys” I say as I close the door behind them.

It was an hour right on the dot that there was a knock on the door, Laura goes to get it as I walk out of the bathroom. We head out to Pat’s hummer to go to Dave & Busters

“Woah Kaner, nice Hummer!” I tell him as Jon and I jump in the back seat
“Yeah it’s basically amazing. So Seabs, Dayna, Sharpie and Abby are coming.” He says as he reaches across the console and grabs Laura’s hand. Yeah Kaner, it’s about time you grow a pair! Pulling into the parking lot, we run into Sharpie and Abby on the way. We all say hi, and continue to walk in.

“Man, I haven’t been here in forever!” Kane says, as he gets a little excited to be there, still holding Laura's hand, which causes me to give her a 'good job' smile as we walk into the arcade room and grab a table. Shortly after, a waiter comes up to us, and takes our order. The boys run off a second later to see what games to play and whose going to beat who.

“Boys will be boys,” Abby says with a laugh
“”Right, and competitive, as always,” I add
“So, when are you going to move out here?” Abby asks
“Well, Stan wants me to be back out here by June 1, I graduate May 14 and my grad party is the next weekend, so as soon as possible after that.”
“Oh that’s great! Have you looked at places to live yet?”
“No, I was going to look at apartments online later today or tomorrow.” I say as Jon walks up
“What about apartments?” he asks
“Well, I need some place to live when I move out here” I tell him
“Oh, yeah I wanted to talk to you about that” he says as the ‘serious’ look appears on his face
“But maybe we should discuss it later, when it’s just the two of us?”
“Yeah, that’s fine”
“Ok” he says with a kiss on the cheek
“Where’s the DDR game? I want to do that!” Laura says

We had all had so much fun spending hours at D&B that we didn’t even realize that it was almost 6:00. Jon, Pat, Laura and I had said bye to the rest of the group as Abby tells me we’ll meet up in the players lounge before the game tomorrow night. With that we all get into Pat’s Hummer.

“I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a long time!” Laura says
“I know, too bad New Mexico sucks and will never get a D&B out there,” I add
“Yeah, but you’re moving out here so it wont even matter,”
“So true!”
“So what do you ladies want to do?” Pat asks as we’re leaving the parking lot
“I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m down for hanging out at the pool” I say
“That sounds like a good idea”

We all get up to the hotel to change and are heading back downstairs a few minutes later going towards the pool. Pat drops is things to run and jump in the empty pool, thank god no one else is in here. Him and Laura join Jon and me in the hot tub a few minutes later, although we are already in a conversation

“So about the whole apartment deal…” Jon says, getting the serious look again
“Yeah, I should start looking,” I say, not knowing where this is going
“Well, I was thinking, and you don’t have to agree if you don’t want to; but I was going to tell you that if you didn’t find anything, you can stay with me if you want to until you find something, or if you want to stay in my house anyways…”
“Yeah, I won’t lie, it sucks trying to find some place to live out here, and I figured I could help make your transition a little easier, and like I said you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but the offer stands”
“I don’t want to be like in your way or anything or crashing your bachelor pad”
“No, you wouldn’t be at all, I wouldn’t mind the company, and plus, I was thinking about it, and I would want my girlfriend to live with me in a new city”
“Well, that could work…wait, did you say girlfriend?”
“Yes, I want you to be my girlfriend. J, I have never met another girl like you, and the thing I like the most about you is that you like me for me, not for my last name, I want to show you a good time out here and I want to spend so much time with you too.”
“Aww, Jon, that’s so sweet. And trust me, I would never go after someone for their money or anything, I was raised to know better” I say with a smile
“So is that a yes?”
I just shake my head with a smile on it as his face inches closer to mine when he puts his hands on my face and close the gap between us
“Hey, get a room!” Pat says as he splashes water at us
“Well, I would love to take my girlfriend to a room” he says
“Girlfriend??” Pat and Laura say in unison
“Yep!” I say proudly
“Thata boy Tazer, I woulda killed ya if you didn’t ask her, she’s a keeper!” He says
“And SHE is right here” I say as Pat looks at me
“I know, and I’m glad it’s you that he’s with, now we have another person to keep him in line” he says as he gives me a hug

We stay in the hot tub for a little longer before we call it a night and head up to our room. The guys change and we say our goodbyes and good nights, as they are heading out the door

“Goodnight beautiful, we’ll see you tomorrow” Jon says
“Definitely” I say with a smile and give him a kiss
“I’ll call you and we will come get you ladies for the game” he says as they walk out the door.

Abby and Elina, Hammer’s girlfriend, came and hung out with us at the hotel; we ordered room service and talked about everything, including how I had gotten their approval the day they met me and are so glad Jon and I are together. The girls had left, and before we knew it, we were getting ready for the game. 4:30 came around with a phone call from Jon saying they were on their way and would call again when they were downstairs; and 15 minutes later, we were in Jon’s Tahoe and heading to the arena.

“I’m so excited for the game tonight, I hate the Caps!” I say as we’re driving
“Yeah, except for Brooks Laich” Laura says. I turned around so fast and I’m pretty sure if looks could kill she would be dead
“Laura!” I yell
“You like Laich or something?” Pat asks as Jon looks at me
“Ugh! Ok you caught me! I don’t like him, I just think he’s good looking” Jon just laughs
“Well he is a fan favorite of being the most attractive on the team,” he says
“Really? I thought it would have been Ovechkin,” I say sarcastically
“Yeah, if you like monkeys” Pat throws in
“Sorry James,” Laura says
“It’s cool dude, they would probably find out anyways, besides; I already have a super hot boyfriend. Laich is probably too busy with Mike Green anyways,” I say as the boys laugh
“Yeah, those two are always together, they live together, I’m pretty sure they are worse then Ovie and Semin” Pat says as we get out of the truck.

We’re walking through the arena towards the boy’s locker room and lounge. Pat and Jon go to the locker room to get ready after we meet up with Abby, Elina and some of the other wags

“Go kick some Caps ass for me” I tell Jon
“Oh, we will, I’ll even score a goal for you” He says as he kisses my cheek and walks away

Us girls sit in the lounge and talk until it’s time to go to our seats, which are about 4 rows behind the Hawks bench. We continue our conversations, until Abby says,

“So the people around us are generally nice, but we sometimes have to be careful of what we say, because people sometimes eavesdrop, and we don’t need rumors and shit going on the Internet”
“Yeah, there was one time, some girl was sitting behind us and I was telling Abby and Chelsea, Jordan’s girlfriend, about how my friend caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and the girl opened her mouth and told someone and for the longest time, people thought that Nik cheated on me, it was awful” Elina says
“She’s right, ya know, these girls don’t care who your talking about, they try and live through us,” Chelsea adds as she sits down and introduces herself to me and Laura
“So you’re the captain’s girlfriend, I’ve heard a lot about you,” She tells me with a smile
“Uh oh, hopefully good”
“Oh girl, from what I have heard, not a bad thing could have been said! I also heard you’re moving out here too! You’re going to love it,”

The puck drops and the game is underway; it’s exactly how I’ve seen it on TV, trash talking, hard hits, and of course…fights! About 5 minutes in, and 2 minutes after Sharp gets the Hawks on the board first, the first fight is between David Steckel and Nick Boynton, and it was actually Nick who starting talking with Ovie when he dropped his gloves, but the Steckel came in the middle; go figure, Ovie never fights! They fight for a good 4 or 5 minutes, the fight was about even but Nick got some better punches before the linesmen separated them and sent them to their respective penalty boxes. Needlessly, the fight pumped up both teams and it ended with a win going to the Hawks by a score of 7-5…the Caps didn’t stand a chance!

Post game interviews are crazy, all the boys are excited to get the win over the Caps. Even with the big win, the boys decide to not go out and get crazy, which a lot of them are thankful for, due to the hangovers yesterday. The 4 of us leave after deciding that the boys wanted to hang out and stay with us at the hotel since we’re leaving the next day. The Capitals bus is still there and as we’re walking out, we happen to run into…none other then Brooks Laich, and Alex Ovechkin, great. The boys exchange glances, or I guess I should say Ovechkin is giving Pat and Jon the looks of death, before he looks at me up and down, probably undressing me with his eyes, what a perv! We get into the car and go a few feet when the boys decide to stop and take autographs. About 10 minutes later, they come back and we drive off.

“Well what do ya know Jamie, we ran into Brooks, it’s fate!” Pat jokes as he taps my shoulder; I turn to him and say,
“Ha ha, I got a glance at him but then I felt like I was going to vomit when I noticed Ovie staring me up and down, he’s so gross! And he’s even uglier in person!”

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chapter 6

We stay out lying on the balcony for a bit longer before we decide to go to bed for the night. I decide to send a text to Laura telling her that I won’t be back at the hotel tonight. She responds like 2 seconds later almost freaking out, but I tell her not to worry I’d be fine. Besides with the way that Jon has been since we met yesterday, I can tell that he’s not the kind of 'wam bam thank you ma’am' kind of guy. Getting into his room after we turn off all the lights and he locks the doors. He gives me a pair of black sweats and a Hawks t-shirt that I take with me to the bathroom to wash my face and change. As I’m walking out of the bathroom I practically knock him over when he’s walking out of the closet, and then I get caught staring at him in his boxers…I mean, come on, the man is gorgeous! Lying in bed with him is the most amazing and comfortable feeling I’ve had in a while, he puts his hand under my chin to pull my face up to his, and says
“I’m so glad I got to take you out tonight, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time, nor have I met a truly genuine girl like you, and I really like that about you.” He tells me
“I’m really happy you asked me, I never would have imagined something like this to happen and I had such an amazing time.”
With that he kisses me and we say goodnight as I get comfortable in his arms, I laid my head on his chest and was out within 5 minutes.

I wake up to the alarm clock going off, and I’m about to cuss at Laura for setting it so early, when I actually open my eyes to see that I’m not at the hotel. ‘Oh yeah, I stayed with Jon last night’ I tell myself, as I look over where he was sleeping. I hear the water running in the bathroom so I lay back down. A few minutes later he comes out and over to the bed.

“Good morning sleepy head” he says with a kiss on the cheek
He lays back next to me and plants kisses all over my face
“Is this your attempt to get me out of bed” I ask as I kiss him back
“If I didn’t have morning skate then no it wouldn’t be…but sadly it is.”
“Ugh, ok I’m up.”
“Or do you want to just stay here and sleep and I can take you to the hotel later?”
“No, Laura will probably kill me”
“Ha, ok so I can take you to the hotel on my way to the arena?”
I just nod my head
“You girls are coming to the game tonight, right?” he asks as we’re walking to the door.
“Yeah, we have glass seats next to the goal where ya’ll shoot twice” I say proudly
“Sweet, how did you score those?”
“Stub Hub, surprisingly”

We get down to his car and get in and head to the hotel. He grabs my hand that’s in my lap and intertwines his fingers with mine and kisses it before he puts our hands on the center consul. We don’t talk too much, but it’s not like it’s an awkward silence, it’s almost near perfect. Few minutes later we pull up to the hotel, sad to leave, I turn to him when he grabs my face to kiss me.

“Want me to call you when I’m heading back to the arena for the game and I can pick you girls up?”
“Well we were just planning on getting a taxi over.” I tell him
“Nonsense, me and Kaner usually carpool anyways, so we’ll just swing by on our way.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, of course. Then you can hang out in the lounge with some of the girls until ya’ll are ready to go to your seats, because the wags usually sit in their suite. And then we can give you passes to go back down there after the game.”
“Ok sounds perfect then.”
“Ok” he says as he smiles and leans into kiss me, but not before he gets out to come and open my door for me…he sure is racking up points in my book. I get out and he pulls me into a hug and gives me a kiss, before we go separate ways.
“I’ll call you later, ok?”

I make my way up the our hotel room quietly, although I have no clue why, I’m positive Laura is awake by now, the girl doesn’t sleep past 6am. I slide the key into the door and open it, and find her sitting on the bed with a “you better tell me what happened” look on her face

“Hey” I say
“Hey” she says, practically glaring at me
“What’s with the daggers your throwing at me for?”
“Oh I just want to know what happened last night.” She says. So I tell her everything that happened, and how much of a gentleman he is, and I also threw in that I told him about Zach.
“You really told him about Zach?” she asks
“Yeah, it was one of those awkward conversations that was brought up at dinner but I said I didn’t want to talk about it at dinner, so I told him when we were back at his condo, which was set up so cute by the way, he had Seabs go before and light some candles and lay out some blankets and stuff on his balcony.”
“Aww, how cute!”
“Yeah. Oh and him and Kane are coming to get us for the game tonight”
“Ok, cool” She says
“Speaking of Kane…”
She was just about to respond when my phone went off, and it’s none other than Mrs. Sharp

“Hey!” I say
“Hey girl, how did your date go?” she asks excitedly
“Oh my gosh, it was amazing, absolutely perfect!”
“That’s good! See, I told you not to worry about anything! So you and Laura are coming to the game tonight?”
“Yes, we got tickets a while ago on the glass, oh and the boys are picking us up on their way”
“Oh ok, well if you girls don’t have plans on Wednesday, I have 2 extra tickets for the game against the Capitals, if you want to come and sit with me and Dayna and some other wags”
“Oh, really? Yeah that would be amazing!”
“Ok, fabulous, I’ll see you tonight then!”
“Ok, bye girl!” I say as we hang up

“Got plans for Wednesday!” I tell Laura
“Oh yeah?”
“Yep, Abby has 2 extra tickets for Wednesday’s game against the Capitals and she invited us!”
“That should be sweet! Especially since you hate the Caps!”
“Yeah, no kidding! But I might have a little crush on Brooks Laich…. So shhh!”
“Brooks who?” Laura asks
“Oh man, Google him! Don’t get me wrong about Jon, but Brooks Laich is one sexy man”

She’s looking at pictures of him as well as other Caps players,
“Yeah, he is pretty good looking” she tells me
“Right? Jon doesn’t know cause he hates them too, so I wasn’t going to say anything. Although I doubt he’ll care”
“Oh geez, ok.”

An hour later, we’re out exploring the city again. Laura was telling me about how her and Patrick had talked until almost 2am; she said they both learned a lot about each other.

“Has he asked you to hang out or anything?” I ask as we’re walking past in and out of stores
“Not really, I don’t know if we’ll just hang out when we are all in a group or what”
“Oh, yeah. Last night when ya’ll were talking I was about to text him and tell him to grow a pair and ask you to dinner, but then I decided against it…if he wants to, he will.”
“Kinda running out of time here though” she says
“Oh whatever we’re here until Thursday” I tell her as I direct her towards the Chanel store…a store I knew I shouldn’t have set foot in. Patrick is still the topic of conversation as were walking through the store and I’m trying on sunglasses when my phone rings

“Hey you, what’s going on?” Jon says
“Not much just shopping with Laura”
“Sounds fun. So I just got out of practice, and I have some news for you”
“Uh oh…” I say, kind of nervous
“No, no it’s good” so I say ok and let him continue
“Stan pulled me into his office a little bit ago and mentioned if I knew anyone that was interested in an internship with the team, so I asked what kind of internship, like job wise; and he said media and event stuff, I asked if a soon to be public relations graduate would count and he said yes…so I hope you don’t mind but I told him about you and doing PR stuff and looking for a career opportunity, and he said he would love to talk you.” WOW all that info made me stop dead in my tracks…was he serious?
“Are you kidding me right now?” I saw causing Laura to give me a questioning look
“No, I’m being serious right now”
“Oh gosh, this is like…so amazing, I’m almost speechless”
“Well, it’s a huge opportunity, and he said he would like to meet with you before he looks for anyone else, because I also told him about how much you love hockey.”
“Wow, Jon, this is amazing, I would love to! But when?”
“Well I told him that you were coming to the game tonight, he said that would work and you guys could talk and plan something else if needed.”
“Tonight?” I say kinda freaking out
“Yes, tonight, but you’ll be fine, I know you can do it”
“Oh man, ok I’ll do it! Do I need to bring anything?”
“Not that I know of, he just wants to meet you tonight”
“Ahh oh geez, ok. So I’ll just talk to him after we get to the arena with you and Pat?”
“Yeah, you can come down to the players lounge and I’ll get him”
“Ok, sounds good.”
“You’ll be fine J, I know he’s gonna love you! And plus if you get a job with the team, that means I get to see you more”
“Spending more time with Jonathan Toews? Yeah I don’t know about that one…just kidding that would be amazing!”
“Ok, I’m going to take a nap, I’ll call you in a while ok”
“Ok, bye!”

“Oh. My. God. Guess what.” I tell Laura as we’re walking out of Chanel.
“Stan Bowman told Jon that he has an internship with the team to do public and media events for the team and Jon told him about me and he said he wants to talk to me and see about offering me the internship!”
“Shut up? That’s pretty freakin’ sweet that Jon mentioned you!” she says
“Oh man, I know! So I’m going to talk to Stan when we get to the arena tonight, Jon said he just wants to meet me, and then we can set up a meeting or something to talk more.”
“That’s awesome!”
“Ahh, I know! And Jon was all then I get to see you more cause you’ll move out here!”
“Aww, yay!”

After a few hours of walking down the mile, we head back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready. And I decide to call my mom and tell her the news

“So, if you get this internship, you are going to move to Chicago?” she asks
“Yep, I don’t know when everything will happen because I haven’t talked to Stan yet, but things will be figured out probably tonight and maybe tomorrow I’m thinking and we will have to see” I tell her
“Well that sounds exciting! It will be a good experience for you”
“Yeah, and I know it’s not Pittsburgh but, hey it’s a step closer to my dream job!”

While we’re talking, I tell her too about my date the other night, as Jon as nearly won her approval before meeting him because ‘he sounds like such a gentleman’. I make a promise to call her after things are figured out. Laura and I are getting ready when I realize that it’s 4:30 and my phone is going off with a message from Jon saying that he will call me when him and Kaner are outside of the hotel at 5pm sharp. I tell Laura and we finish up getting ready and before we know it, Jon is calling me and we’re walking out of the hotel towards Jon’s Tahoe, and jump in the back seat.

We all say our hellos, and don’t talk about too much on the way to the arena, Jon keeps glaring back at me and says
“J, you’ll be fine. Stan is one of the nicest guys and he’s no where near intimidating.” He tells me
“Yeah, he’s a chill guy, you got nothing to worry about.” Pat tells me
“Ok, I’m taking your guys’ word for it, because there’s an internship on the line here” I tell him as we’re pulling up to the arena. We get out of the car and right away Jon comes and grabs my hand as we’re walking into the U.C. We’re walking towards the locker room when we stop in the players lounge; Laura and I stop and talk to Abby and Dayna while the guys go get ready for the game. They had heard the news about this internship before me so they knew I was nervous; they were telling me to calm down and not worry when I hear Jon, so I turn around to see him and is introduced to Stan Bowman.

“It’s very nice to meet you Jamie, Jon has told me so much about you,” he says with a handshake
“It’s nice to meet you too”
“Let’s go step into my office” He says. I turn to look at Jon; he whispers good luck and gives me a kiss on the cheek as I turn to Stan’s office.

Stan asks me to tell him about myself, so I tell him about growing up in New Mexico, going to school, wanting to have some kind of career with sports as well as how much I love hockey. He asks if I have questions and I just ask him what I would be doing if I got the internship,

“Well, my wife Diana is in charge of all the public and media relations stuff, so you will be working under her, you will also be working with Brandon and Adam; who are the directors of the public and media relations. So you will be working with them if they have to schedule media events for the team or public appearances. I might also have you do some work for me when it comes to needing articles to being written for the website.”
I say ok while he takes a pause before he continues
“Now, Jonathan tells me that you are just here until Thursday?”
“Yes sir”
“And you are graduating from the university in May?”
“So when would the soonest be that you could be out here? Because I am thinking that we could use this summer to see where you fit in best in the offices and around the arena. So I would have you do some public and media stuff, or have you write articles or even have you help with equipment stuff, basically have you help with a little of everything and see where you fit the best.”
“Ok that sounds good. Let’s see, I graduate the 14th of May, my graduation party is the next weekend, so I can basically leave any time after that.”
“Ok great, so can you maybe plan on being back out here by June 1?”
“Yes, that will work fine, it will give me some time to drive out here with stuff”
“We will cover the cost of a hotel for you to stay in needed until you find something,” he says before another pause
“But I couldn’t help but notice that you and Mr. Toews have been getting close. Maybe he will show a little hospitality.” He says with a smile
“Yeah, I’m sure I would be able to talk to him about it”
“Great, oh and I know you guys are young, don’t worry about any agreements to give you about not dating one of the Hawks, we only have that agreement between the players and the ice girls. But please don’t let it interfere with either of your respective responsibilities”
“Yes sir, we won't cause any problems” I respond
He gets a few papers put together, telling me to fill them and asking for a copy of my resume, which of course I don’t have; he says I can email it to him before I tell him that I can bring it with me to the game on Wednesday; and he adds that I can bring the few papers back with me then.

“Well I appreciate the opportunity to meet you and I’m happy to bring you on board with the Blackhawks organization, and congratulations on graduating.”
“Thank you, and thanks so much for giving me this opportunity”
“Oh your welcome! Jonathan spoke very highly of you, so I have good faith. I will be emailing you soon with more information,” and adds that I won’t need to worry about more paper work until I am out there. I thank him again and walk out to the players lounge with a smile ear to ear.
Patrick calls me and the other girls into the locker room for a few minutes before they hit the ice for warm ups. I tell him the news and he congratulates me and says I’m stuck with the boys now. I walk over to Jon’s stall and he turns to see me so happy and knows right away why I’m smiling and pulls me into a hug and gives me a kiss. We talk for a few minutes before we get kicked out of the locker room and Laura and I decide to head to our seats.

“Look, there’s Niemi!” she points to him as we get to the glass
“Aww, I wish he was still a Hawk, it’s his first game against them, I wonder how it will be” as we take our seats. The game is a quick start with Jon scoring 30 seconds in and Jordan Hendry scoring a minute later. We talking again for a few minutes when we hear “Chelsea Dagger” start playing once again, Brian Campbell scored a shorthanded goal; the boys were on fire tonight. The game ends with a big win of 6-2, Jon had a 3-point night and Hossa got a Gordie Howe hat trick.

After getting down to the locker room and waiting for the media to leave, we all talk to the guys and girls when Seabs decides to stand on the bench and yell that we’re going to the Underground to celebrate. About an hour later, after we park Jon’s car at our hotel and get a cab, we get to the club and make a beeline to the back door where the guys go in. We’re dancing, having some drinks, doing what normal 22 and 23 year olds do.

“Shots! Shots! Shots!” Kane yells as he’s following a bartender who has a tray full of shots to give us, he tells us that they are shots of Patron. “Thata boy!” I yell to him as he hands a shot to me, Jon and Laura. Jon scrunches his nose up before looking at me,
“I can’t believe you drink this!”
“Oh, it’s so good though!” He’s about to say something before Kane gets everyone’s attention

“Ok! So first I want to welcome Jamie and Laura to Chicago because we’re showing them how the partying is done. I also want to say good job to Hossa for beating the shit out of Corey Perry. And finally, I have to congratulate Jamie on getting an internship with the Hawks and will be moving out here in a few months,” he pauses and looks at me
“You’re stuck with us now, but I’m glad Jon mentioned you to Stan, because you’re perfect for the job, so cheers!”

Last call comes sooner than I thought and we were all pretty drunk when we get into the cab to go to the hotel. Patrick pays the driver as we all get out and head to the door when I hear keys rattling, yeah because ANY of us are in the right state to drive. Jon practically has to catch me from falling as I walk to the door.

“Stay here tonight,” Um; wow I guess I’m a little forward when I’m drunk
“I was kind of planning on it, Kaner is more drunk then I am and I don’t want to drive home like this, are you kidding me.” he says
“Ok good, because I don’t want any of us driving, and there is plenty of space in our room.”

“I’m glad we went out tonight, it was a lot of fun.” Jon says as we’re getting into the bed
“Me too, I can’t believe I have an internship with the team. I owe you big time!”
“We’ll work on something,” he tells me as he kisses me and we all say good night.
“Thank god we don’t have practice in the morning” Kane says before he dozes off, yeah no kidding, these boys would be worthless!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chapter 5

***A little longer I think, and hard to write, not because I didn't know where to go with it, because the part where I'm telling him about an ex-bf is true, so it was a little hard, and a little emotional for me to write...there also might be a few mistakes, but enjoy! :)

We get back to the hotel and decide to call for room service while we figured out how I was going to do my hair and makeup. I had 2 hours to work with until Jon was picking me up.
“Well, I don’t want to cake my make up on and look like a slut, nor do I want to look all scary with dark makeup…ugh!” I say as I plug in my curling iron.
“Here, let me do your hair, my cousin showed me how to curl it way cute” Abby says as I stand in the bathroom leaning against the sink, I’m in such a zone that I don’t even realize Laura is handing me my phone that had been ringing, and it’s my mother.
“Hi mom”
“Hey kiddo, how’s Chicago?” she asks
“So far so good, but you’ll never guess what I’m doing tonight”
“What are you doing tonight?”
“Going on a date with Jonathan Toews!”
“Hmmm, Jona…oooh! Him! Woah how did you manage that?”
“Long story, but I have to get ready, he’s picking me up soon”
“Oh ok call me tomorrow then, bye!”

Abby starts curling my hair as I decide to do my makeup when Patrick decides to call her, she talks to him for a few minutes, as Laura is texting Kane, geez makes me feel like I need to be on my phone. Abby hangs up and says that Patrick wishes me luck…ha yeah no pressure or anything here

“Geez, I feel old, I haven’t been on a date in so long, I’m nervous,” I say
“You have nothing to be nervous about! Obviously, Jon found something special about you yesterday when you guys met, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing this, and he’s not the type to ask random girls out…so your clearly something special.” Abby says
“Yeah, and you’ll have fun for both of us!” Laura adds
“What? Well why don’t you ask Kane what he’s doing, maybe ya’ll can hang out”
“No, I don’t want to look desperate here”
“Ok, just a suggestion”

About 10 minutes before 6, I take a final look in the mirror and decide that I’m ready and don’t want to fix anything because then I’ll end up over doing something. Abby decides to leave so she can go make dinner for her and her hubby, but not before giving me a good luck hug and saying bye. So I decide to kill time and just talk to Laura about Patrick…I swear his ears must have been burning because her phone rang and was surprised because he was calling her. I was happy for her because I thought he may want to take her out tonight or something…turns out they were just talking…I was about to text him and tell him to man up and ask her out when there was a knock on the door…dun dun dun. Here goes nothing! I open the door to see Jon in dress pants, and I nice button up shirt, I have to admit, the boy can clean up. I grab my clutch and say bye to Laura as we head out the door.

“You look amazing tonight,” he says giving me a kiss on the cheek
“Thank you, your looking quiet handsome yourself,” I tell him as we get out to his car and he opened the door for me, aww such a gentleman. We drive to the restaurant, talking a little bit, I ask him about his family and he asks about mine and before I know it, we arrive at Volare; and again, he runs over to open the door for me.

“Reservation for Toews” Jon tells the hostess, she takes us back to a table towards the back.
We take our seats and order the beginning of the meal and go on with our conversation. He asks about stuff in New Mexico, and I tell him it’s pretty boring, because there’s not much to do. We talk about out high schools, he tells me about getting along with the guys. It went really smoothly, and I realized that I really was nervous for nothing. But I kind of hesitate when we begin to talk about previous relationships, he tells me that he was with his last girlfriend 3 years ago, for 6 months; I begin to tell him about mine when I get choked up…

“If you don’t want to tell me, I’ll understand,” he says
“No, I will, but just not here. But it has a lot to do with how I’ve become stronger, so I will tell you, just when it’s the two of us.” I tell him, as he gives me a reassuring nod.

He grabs the check as were finishing and he tells me that he has desert planned for us at his house. So we get up and head out towards his house. We pull into the parking garage next to his condo and walk up. Jon gets a little shaky as were in the elevator, but I was just thinking that he is a little nervous too. We get off the elevator to the only door in front of us; I guess his condo is pretty big; it’s on a floor by itself, pretty nice. As he opens the door, I hear a sign of relief, wondering what it’s all about; I follow him in, only to see a couple candles lit on the coffee table, and his balcony door open. I look at him curiously as I set my clutch and coat on the table.

“I wanted to surprise you, and not have it so plain, so I had Seabs come and set up the candles and blankets on the balcony,” he tells me
“Aww, Jon this is so cute!” I tell him as he leads me out to the balcony for me to see a little table with a bottle of wine, a red rose, and chocolate-covered strawberries; as well as a couple blankets and pillows in the corner so we can sit out. Quite romantic.
“Wow, this is amazing”
“Well, I wanted it to be special” Jon says as we sit down on the blankets.
It’s a little chilly out so he has an extra blanket to wrap around us after he pours 2 glasses of wine for us; I take a sip and prepare to tell him what I told him I was holding off on at dinner, and he picks up on my senses.

“J, you really don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I’ll understand”
“No, I will, but just a forewarning, I might get a little emotional”
“Well I’m here for you”
“Ok, so junior year in high school, me and my family take a trip out to Wilmington, North Carolina. I met the guy at the front desk after we caught eyes when he was recommending restaurants to us. Long story short, we start talking later that night and completely hit it off. After vacation, he comes to visit me in New Mexico and I visit him in Fort Bragg, where he’s from. Still going strong 2 years later and then right after new years in 2008 he tells me he’s getting deployed to Iraq for 18 months. We talk on the phone everyday up until he’s about to leave for Iraq at the end of January, he tells me “This isn’t good bye, it’s Ill see you later, I love you” and that was the last time I ever talked to him.” I take a pause as I feel my eyes tearing up, and Jon starts rubbing my back.

“I remember one night I was driving home from hanging out with friends, when his mom calls me, being almost midnight, I knew something wasn’t right, so I answer it and she tells me that the Lieutenant came to her door to tell her that Zach had been listed as a POW, and they are doing everything possible to find him. I didn’t sleep at all that night, all I could think about was how badly I wanted him back safely. The next day I call my manager to see if I can work a double because I know that no matter what, Zach wouldn’t want me sitting around worrying about him. So to keep positive thoughts, I keep a picture of him and the only email I got from him with me in my apron.” I pause again as I get to the hard part, and am already crying.

“Later towards the end of my shift, a couple of my friends come visit me and my best friend asks if I have heard anything, right as I say no, my phone rings, I look into my apron and see that its Zach’s mom, so I run to the bathroom to answer it. She isn’t even talking, she’s crying; she doesn’t even have to say anything, because I knew right then that Zach wasn’t coming home. She was finally able to calm down a little bit to tell me that his squad leader found his body a few hours ago. I couldn’t even say anything, we were both just crying for a few minutes, I promise to call her right after I get off work and walk back into the restaurant towards where my friends were sitting; I don’t even have to say anything, my best friend gets up right away and pulls me into a hug and I can’t hold it in anymore. i just keep crying and try to tell her that Zach is dead, but I couldn't stop crying" I bring my self to calm down from crying again, Jon kisses my forehead and pulls me into a hug.

“J, I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine ever going through that”
“I didn’t either, it was the hardest thing ever, and it’s still hard”
“Yeah, I can only imagine” he says as he wipes tears off my cheeks.

We sit in complete silence for a few minutes before Jon asks if there’s anything he can do.

“Your doing it now, your being here, your listening to me, and your letting me cry on your shoulder, I couldn’t ask for anything more” I tell him.

Right then I can feel his face getting closer to mine, a million thoughts are going through my head but nothing stops me from moving a little closer as his lips crash on mine; it’s a long but sweet kiss; he pulls back a bit and just stares into my eyes, and smiles. I can’t help but think how amazing he is. We talk a little more then change the subject, because he doesn’t want to see his beautiful date crying.

“I think you are a very strong woman to have to deal with something like that, so life changing. I know losing a loved one is hard, but I do believe it can make someone stronger, and I can see that in you, and I really admire that in you.”
“Thank you, and thank you for listening too, I don’t talk about it to a lot of people and it is still hard, but it helps me.”

We continue to talk for a while longer when Jon asks me what I want to do, I sit and kind of think for a few minutes, because right now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“Would you want to stay here tonight with me?” He asks. I don’t even respond, I just kiss him, I can tell he’s smiling into it before he looks back at me, he doesn’t even need a response, he can see it in my eyes that I’m telling him yes.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chapter 4

**Short update, but I figured I need a little Jonny fix after the game tonight....wish them and the Pens woulda won...oh well, its only the 1st game...enjoy!

“Jamie, wake up” Laura says as she shakes me
“No” I respond with a pillow over my head…these morning people…geez.
“Come on, get up”
“Do I have to?”
“Yes! You have a date with your lover boy tonight and we have a shopping date with Abby!”
I jumped out of bed like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. I look to the clock and see it’s 10:30 so I decide to text Abby first to make sure I don’t wake her up, I knew right away that I didn’t when she called me.
“Good morning!” She says sounding very awake
“Oh man, I’m surrounded by morning people!” I say with a chuckle
“Oh girl, I’ve been up since like 7, I’m up with Patrick. Besides we have to get you ready for your hot date!”
“Ok, why don’t you head over here in about an hour, I just need to shower”
“ Ok sounds fabulous, see you girls soon!” before Abby hangs up.

After showering and drying my hair, I throw on some clothes and brush my teeth… there’s no point in getting ready now if I’m just going to have to get ready again in a few hours. Laura and I are watching an old hockey game to kill time when my phone goes off, with a text from Mr. Toews…

Be ready for the best night ever. I can’t wait to see you tonight. –Jon

Best night ever, eh? I’m excited! Can’t wait to see you. –Jamie

Aww, he’s so sweet…a million thoughts are running through my head as I notice that Abby is calling me, I tell her we will be right down as Laura and I head out the door.

Abby hollers at us from a silver Escalade (don’t think that’s what her or Sharpie really drive, if anyone knows, feel free to correct me.) parked out front. “Hey!” I say as we climb into the car.
“Hello ladies! You ready to find the hottest outfit ever for tonight?” Abby says
“Heck yeah! I’m so nervous”
“Don’t be, Jon is by far one of the sweetest guys I know, and he’s clearly grown a liking for you,” she says with a smile
“Really?” I say like a giddy 13-year-old
“Yes, even I can see it!” Laura says from the back seat
“Don’t even worry girl, you’ll be looking hot, he wont be able to take his eyes off of you!”

A few hours and countless stores later, we get to Charlotte Russe, one of my favorite stores… I think I’m bound to find something there. And sure enough, it seemed like fate as a shirt popped out at me, went to grab it and tried it on.
I immediately fall in love with it and walk out to show the girls, and get the seal of approval before I even open my mouth.
“Ok, so skinny jeans, but what shoes?” I ask with my hands on my hips
“Oh! Hold on I saw some really cute ones that will go perfect, what size do you wear?” I tell her an 8 ½ and she’s out of the dressing room, and comes back with these
“Oh my gosh those are so cute!” so I start to put them on
“Jon is tall so you want to be tall to, and guys love girls in heels, it shows confidence.” Abby tells me. I get them on and stand in the mirror, and I’m happy with my decision. So I make my purchases and we’re walking out the door when Jon calls me, causing me to smile from ear to ear.
“Hello?” I say trying to contain my excitement
“Hey beautiful, how much trouble are you ladies causing?” Jon asks
“Oh none at all just some retail therapy”
“Ha ha nice one. Ok so I will pick you up at 6:00, we have dinner reservations at 6:30 at Volare; it’s a really nice Italian restaurant. And I got a bottle of some of the best tasting wine in Chicago.”
“Oooh…Jonathan Toews is a wine drinker?”
“Shhh, don’t say that too loud, no just kidding, yeah occasionally, but tonight is a special occasion” I swear I can see the boy smiling through the phone, so I play along
“Special occasion, huh?”
“Yeah I figured, after dinner, we could have a glass of wine or 2 at my place. I what to know more about you”
“Sounds fabulous” Now I cannot stop smiling
“Ok, well you ladies stay out of trouble, I will see you at 6:00”
“I’m looking forward to it, bye Jon”
“Bye, J”

Abby and Laura ask where he’s taking me so I tell them, Abby says it’s one of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago.
“Well, if he’s getting you at 6:00 we better get a move on and get you lookin’ beautiful! Come on, let’s grab a small lunch and head back to the hotel.”

I walk out with a smile always on my face because it’s starting to hit me…I’m going on a date with Jonathan Toews…. Jonathan freakin’ Toews! I’m sure plenty of girls would kill to be in my spot…but NOPE lucky little me from middle of nowhere New Mexico gets to go on a date with him. I am on cloud right now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chapter 3

----A few hours later----

“What hotel are you staying at?” Patrick asks and Laura tells him the Drake. “Ok well why don’t we separate ways so we can all get ready for dinner tonight, then me and Tazer will come back here at 7 to walk to the Cheesecake Factory”, “Yeah that sounds good, call me when ya’ll get back here later” I tell Jonathan; after we exchange phone numbers and say our goodbyes, Laura and I head up to our room. “Oh my god… I can’t believe we’re going to dinner with Pat and Jon and some of the Hawks players!” Laura says, “I can’t believe we just spent the whole day with the 2 of them! And now going to dinner on top of it? Can you say AMAZING??” I say as we get into our hotel room. “Ahh, ok I’m going to jump in the shower really quick, what time is it?” “A little after 5” Laura says. “Ok” I say as I run to jump in the shower. “I don’t know what to wear!” I say as I’m practically throwing everything out of my suitcase, “Well it’s still pretty cold outside…so something that will keep you warm” she says “Pshh, that’s what Jonathan is for!” I say with a laugh. “Wow no comment. Speaking of him…I saw him kiss you!” she says, probably as I’m turning 5 different shades of red. “Ha yeah, well he knew I got upset when those girls called me a slut, and he was like if people are going to talk, we might as well give them something to talk about.” I told her. “Yeah, Patrick saw it first and was like wow Tazer’s not wasting any time!” she responds. “Ah ha! Found what I’m going to wear. “What did you decide on?” she asks, so I hold up my skinny jeans with this shirt
and my black Uggs. “Perfect! Jonny won’t know what hit him when he sees you!” Laura says with a laugh. It’s about 6:45 when my phone starts ringing; I pick it up to see that it’s Jonathan calling,
“Hello?” I say with a smile
“Hey beautiful, so I know it’s not quiet 7 yet, but we’re walking up to the hotel now”
“Oh ok, we’re basically ready, we’re in room 307, if you want to just come up.”
“Ok, see you girls in a few minutes”
“Ok great, bye!” and I hang up
“They are walking up to the hotel right now” I yell to Laura as I’m putting my boots on, “Ok, I’m ready” as she walks out…with her hair up in a ponytail. “Heck no, come here leave your hair down, it looks better,” I tell her as I’m pushing her back to the bathroom and turn my straightener back on. Laura’s hair was done, and there was a knock on the door, I run to open it to see 2 sharply dressed men. “Well hello boys!” I say as they walk into our room, “You look beautiful” Jonathan says as he gives me a kiss on the cheek, “Thanks! You clean up pretty nice yourself, so do you Pat” I say, “Oh well thanks, I do try sometimes, you ladies ready?” he responds with a smile. “Yeah, let’s go” Laura says.

As we’re walking to the restaurant, I was a little nervous to meet some of the other guys and their girlfriends, and I think Jonathan picked up on that, so he kissed my forehead which helped, because I honestly didn’t know why I was nervous, but I soon ran out of time to worry about it as we walked into the Cheesecake Factory, and met up with Patrick Sharp and his wife, Abby. “Hey guys, hi Jamie, its nice to meet you! This is my wife, Abby”, we exchanged hellos, and I talked to Abby for a few minutes, she was really sweet. A few minutes later, Brent Seabrook and his girlfriend, Dayna walk up, we say hi to them as we are walking to our table. Jonathan and I sat on one side next to Abby and Patrick, while Laura, Patrick, Brent and Dayna sat across from us. Abby and I clicked right away; we were talking about everything from school to our hometowns. “I thought about doing public relations, but I decided to go into nursing instead,” Abby tells me, “but I hear it’s a fun industry to work in” “Yeah and so far it has been, I like all the classes I’ve had to take for it so I’m looking forward to finding a career in it” I say, “And I hear that you want to work with sports, are you going to do that back in New Mexico or will it require a move?” Patrick asks. “Well, where I’m from, we’re not known for sports nor do we have any professional teams, so I will have to move out of state, most likely Pittsburgh, or here” I tell him as Abby chimes in and says “Oh, Pittsburgh is a beautiful city”. We continue our conversation and I add that I will be graduating in May. Dinner went great, better than I thought actually; Abby, Dayna and Laura and I already planned a shopping day while we’re out here. During dessert, Jonathan grabbed my hand and said, “I want to ask you something really quick before I forget”, so I say ok and he continues, “I would like to take you out on a date.” “Oh yeah?” I say, trying not to blush too much. “Yes, just me and you dinner, wine and desert, the whole nine yards” he said, “Ok, that sounds fun!” I responded. “Ok, well how about tomorrow night? Since we have a game on Monday night”, “Yeah that works” and some how in all of this, Abby over hears something and says “Oh perfect excuse to go shopping!” I just laugh and say ok.

We all decide to say our goodbyes for the night. “Ill call you in the morning to come get you and we’ll go shopping for your date tomorrow night” Abby tells me as we exchange phone numbers. “Ok, sounds perfect, talk to you tomorrow!” The four of us walk back towards the Drake, the boys walk us up to our room and say goodnight, as Jonathan tells me he’ll talk to me in the morning about our date. I’m pretty sure I went to bed with a smile on my face because I had the best day ever.

Chapter 2

**A/N: Still tryin to figure all this out! lol hope yall like it, any feedback would be great! :)

We continue our walk in the direction to the restaurant, continuing our conversations with the guys, and noticing that Patrick is making Laura laugh, which is a good sign, because I know she likes him…I mean he’s Patrick freakin Kane…what’s not to like?! “I’ve never been to Canada,” I tell Jonathan as he finishes telling me about his hometown and childhood in Winnipeg. “Really? It’s definitely a fun place to go”. Not a minute later, Patrick’s phone starts ringing, he half way chuckles as he answers it and says “Hey Sharpie”, Laura looks back at me with a questioning look, then Jonathan asks, “What do you think of Kaner?” “He’s really nice, and so funny” she says, I’m about to say something to him when Patrick looks at me and says, “Sharpie wants to talk to you” “Me? Really?” I say, “Yes” Patrick responds and hands me the phone.
“Hey Jamie, its Patrick Sharp”
“So how you girls like hanging out with the guys?”
“It’s fun, we’re walking to some pizza place now and they have been showing us around town”
“Oh well that’s nice of them…so would you mind if I ask you a few questions?”
“Ha ha no that’s fine” –as I give Kane a questioning look, he then holds his hands up in defense. After about 10 minutes of Sharpie asking me a bunch of questions, mostly hockey related, he says “Ok, you seem like a nice young lady, and I wanted to make sure that you weren’t a puck slut going after these gentlemen, so tell me…which of the guys are you interested in?” “Um…I think you can guess and trust me I’m far from a puck slut”. I say causing both guys to turn and look at me. “Umm…Mr. Toe-ezz?” he says with a laugh, so I respond with a yes. “Ok, well here’s the deal, we’re all going to go to dinner tonight, I want to meet you and your friend, Ill invite some of the guys too, and since you girls aren’t from here, you pick the restaurant, ok?” Sharpie says, “Ok the Cheesecake Factory then”, “Ok, be there at 7:30 sharp.” He says “Yes sir, see you later” as I hang up and hand the phone back to Kane. “What has that all about?” he asks, “Sharpie wants to meet us, so we’re all going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner at 7:30, and I guess he’s inviting some of the guys.” I tell the guys and look at Laura when she says “Oh how exciting!” Patrick gets on his phone to text Sharpie to confirm these plans he told me.
“Here we are” Jonathan says as he opens the door to the restaurant for all of us. “Oh this place looks good”, “Yeah, I’m starving” us girls say as we are walked back to a booth. Laura and Patrick continue their conversation, as do Jonathan and I until the waitress, annoyed to see us sitting with the boys, interrupts us to take our food and drink order. “Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed” Laura said. “Nah, she’s probably just jealous that we have 2 beautiful girls sitting with us, and she’s not one of them,” Jonathan points out. The 4 of us join in our conversations for a while, Patrick asks what I’m going to school for, “Public relations with a minor in psychology” I tell him, “Nice! What do you want to do with that?” “I don’t know; anything with sports would be awesome.” Patrick widens his eyes at me and says “Wow that’s cool, there’s not many women working in the sports industry unless they are athletes, but that’s cool that you like sports enough to make it your career.” We talked a more before our conversation broke apart again.

Not long after we finished eating, the guys decided they wanted to show us around town more. As before, Laura and Patrick were walking in front of Jonathan and I. “So you said you girls are from New Mexico.” Jonathan asks, “Yeah sadly” I sarcastically reply. Jonathan’s about to ask another question when a group of girls walk buy us and all I hear out of their mouths is “Wow, what a slut”…seriously? Did those random girls just call me a slut? Jonathan catches on and asks if I’m ok, I simply respond yes and keep walking; that’s when Jonathan stops me and pulls me to the side, “Listen, I know we just met a few hours ago, but I can tell that your not really ok” he says with a smile. “Is everything ok?” Patrick asks as him and Laura stop “Yeah, we’ll catch up with you guys”. Jonathan says before he looks back at me with his signature ‘serious’ face. “Ok, you caught me, I’m just upset that those girls called me a slut. I mean, it’s not the first time I’ve been called that, but by random girls, that’s irritating” I reply. “Yeah I can imagine what it’s like, and you know it’s because your walking with me, they are just jealous that it’s not them, I’m gonna tell you now, from what I know about you I’m beginning to like you, and if people want to talk, then we might as well give them something to talk about.” And with that, he put his hands on my face and kissed me, causing a few “awws” and “ooohs” around us but I clearly didn’t care. All I could do was smile as he smiled back and grabbed my hand so we could catch up with Laura and Patrick.