Friday, December 10, 2010

Chapter 15

The next weekend was when we were having the team night on the riverboat. The wags and I had sent out flyers a few weeks before to remind everyone, even though most of the guys knew. It was a black and white themed party, so thankfully I had picked up a dress a few weeks ago while me and Dayna were shopping, it was white dress with a black bow across the middle and black along the bottom, I had another black dress that I let Laura borrow so she had a dress to wear, since Kaner had asked her to go with him. Her, Dayna and I had all hung out at the house to get ready while the guys were there too getting dressed and then playing video games until we were done. Us girls were joking around while getting ready and taking goofy pictures, but it was pretty typical of us lately. We had taken about 2 hours to get ready, knowing that this was one of the big events for the Hawks and there was going to be a lot of press there. Abby and I had talked to Stan and Diana a few weeks before and given her the idea of renting a party bus for the guys and wags so we wouldn’t have to worry about driving; they said that it was a fabulous and smart idea.

After we were all ready, Jon had gotten the call from Sharpie that the bus was outside, so we all left the house and walked out the door towards the bus. Sharpie, Abby, Nik and Elina, Jordan, Chelsea, Brian, Lauren and Taylor and Savannah were already on the bus.

“Heeeeey!” Sharpie said as we walked on the bus
“Hi Sharpie, hey Abby!” I say with hugs all around
“So are we ready to get this party started??” Sharpie asks
“Sharpie, are you drunk already?” Jon asks
“Toes, don’t you worry about it,” he says, as Abby shakes her head yes
“Ok, Sharpie, whatever you say,” Jon says with a laugh

“Savannah, how do you like Chicago so far?” I ask as I sit next to her
“Definitely different, but so far it’s nice,” She responds
“Yeah, you’ll get used to it, and thankfully you know you’ll be here for 2 years at least with Taylors contract,” I say
“Yeah, hopefully, I’ve only lived in Phoenix so it will be an interesting change to get used to, how long have you been here?”
“Since the end of May, so almost 4 months,”
“Oh wow, and your Jonathan’s girlfriend right?”
“Yeah, how long have you and Taylor been together?”
“It will be a year in February, so have you guys been together for 4 months, or longer?”
“Well technically, we became official in March when I was out here for spring break, so almost 6 months. Jon and I were dating when I got the job offer with the team, so after I graduated, I moved out here,”
“Oh, nice, well that’s cool that you had a job out here. I’m hoping to either find a job or maybe go back to school,”
“Yeah, I was thinking about grad school, but when I got the job with the team, I decided to wait on school,”

The bus had arrived at the dock for the boat that was all lit and ready for the ride. Coach Q and his wife were already there, the Bowman’s were going to come but they were watching the grandkids so they stayed in. The party bus had quickly unloaded, when another one pulled up with the rest of the guys on the team, once we were all on the boat it took off a few minutes later. Abby had dealt with the catering company and I arranged everything for the DJ. Coach Q had welcomed us all on the boat and said a little something about the new team members and the upcoming season, and then it was time for dinner. Jon and I sat at one of the tables with Laura, Pat, Brent, Dayna, Taylor, and Savannah. Savannah was a really sweet girl and I knew she wouldn’t have a problem getting along with any of the girls…or so I thought. I could see Amanda, Jeremy’s date, giving her dirty looks the whole time and I was hoping she would quit because she was such a rude girl and had the worst attitude.

After dinner, the dance started, which is always fun because the guys goof around so much on the dance floor so it makes it pretty entertaining. Jon had specifically asked the DJ to play “I Get Carried Away” by George Strait, and pulled me onto the dance floor

“You remembered,” I told him as we were dancing
“That George Strait is your favorite country singer? How could I forget?” he said
“His songs are always amazing”
“Just like my girlfriend,”
“Aww,” he deserved a kiss for that one
“I mean it though, J. You have been amazing in everything you’ve done and I honestly thank god everyday for bringing you to me, you’re so beautiful and all the work you’ve done for the team and helping me through things has been awesome” he says with a smile and continues
“You really got me to open up a lot and every time we’re together it’s always amazing, I look forward to spending everyday with you. I love you, J.”
“Jon, that was probably one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. I love you too,” he pulled my face up closer and gave me a kiss after he wiped a tear off my cheek
“Those are happy tears, right?” he asks, halfway laughing
“Of course they are. I couldn’t be more happy right now, the decisions I have made in the past few months have been the best and I’m glad that you have been a part of them and that you are a big part of my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I say
“Ok, good. I’m so happy that we found each other, J.”
“Me too, Jon.” We share one more kiss on the dance floor as the song is ending, then we go back to our seats
We’re all talking with the rest of the group at our table and dance a few more times before we hear someone yelling and stumbling out the doors, it’s Amanda, clearly drunk, and yelling.

“YOU! Why the hell are you here? You’re a stupid slut!” Amanda says to Savannah as she walks towards our table
“What are you talking about?” Savannah asks calmly
“Who do you think you are, just waltzing in here and being friendly with all the girls? Nobody wants you here,”
“Amanda, I think you need to leave,” I say as I stand between her and Savannah
“This has nothing to do with you, so stay out of it!” she says while trying to push me
“No, you are the one that is drunk and causing drama. You don’t even know her, you have no reason to come over here yelling at her,”
“It’s because she’s a gold digging whore!”
“Woah, seriously Amanda, this is a team event, you need to calm down and stop calling her names!” I tell her just before I feel a fist go across my face
“Amanda! What is wrong with you?” Jeremy yells to her

She doesn’t even have time to answer because of the guys that are pulling her away from me and to another part of the deck while Jon pulls me up off the floor,

“Babe, are you ok?” he asks me as Sharpie hands him a bag with ice to put on my cheek
“Yeah, she didn’t punch me that hard, and it’s not the first time anyone’s punched me either,”
“Jamie, I am so sorry,” Savannah says
“Oh, don’t apologize Savannah, it’s not your fault,”
“I know but I feel bad,”
“No, it’s ok, I was trying to calm things down and that apparently didn’t work out,”
“She’s in one of the rooms on the lower level, and she wont be allowed back up here until we get back to the dock,” Taylor says as he sits down
“Thanks Taylor,”
“Of course, how’s your cheek?”
“Burns a little bit, but I’ll survive,” I say with a smile
“She’s a champ,” Jon says
“Jonathan, you mind if I steal her for a dance?” Taylor asks
“Oh please, call me Jon and yeah you can as long as you return her to me,”

“So how did you meet Jon?” He asks as we get to the dance floor
“Me and Laura were out here for spring break in march and we ran into him and Patrick at Starbucks and started talking, they ended up showing us around town and then we all went to dinner that night with some of the other guys, and the rest just kind of happened,”
“From what I know, he’s a pretty cool guy. When I got the offer to come play with the Hawks, I was really excited,”
“Yeah, the guys are great, and they are all really looking forward to the season. What about you, how did you and Savannah meet?”
“We met at a Coyotes event one night at a restaurant by the arena, she was a waitress and she just caught my eye, and the rest is history,”
“Aw, well you guys are cute for each other, and she is so sweet too,”
“Thanks, I’m really looking forward to starting a life together out here,”

A few hours later, the last songs had been played and we were nearing the pier again, signaling the night was coming to an end. Once we got off the boat, we got back onto the bus and went home, without another sight of Amanda. Jon and I got home and got ready for bed; I was taking off my makeup when the pretty shiner was more visible. Jon kissed it a few times, before he couldn’t even keep his hands off me. Clothes were all over the place before we got into the bed. Other then the fact of me getting punched in the face, tonight was by far one of the most amazing nights I’ve had since I moved out here.