Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 39

**Didnt think I was going to get this up. Little short, but it's what I could do...another one will be up soon. Oh and I have an added inspiration that will be making some more appearances in the he is :)

After the game, the girls and I waited in the lounge for the guys. We wanted to celebrate, Abby and Patrick didn’t want to go out, she didn’t want rumors to go around about her being at a bar while pregnant, so she volunteered to watch Briar and Cruise, and both Bailey and Mel trusted her with the kids. Underground, here we come!

The guys didn’t get too crazy, but we all still had fun. We danced a lot throughout the night, mostly me, Jon and Bailey and Jack. Jack was so sweet with her and nothing made me happier then to see how happy she was after everything she had been through with her daughter’s dad. After a few hours, we were all exhausted from everything that happened that day, so we turned in early. Bailey and I promised to have a breakfast date with Briar and the guys before Jack took her to the airport.

Another few weeks had gone by, the WAGS and I had organized another night on the river boat, this time it was going to be the night after the Leafs game and before the guys head out on their first road trip, to Florida and Carolina, with a stop in Atlanta in between.

The team get together nights were always so much fun, especially to see all the guys really hang out and let loose and not be so serious. Abby and I arranged with the same people as we did last year for the food and music. Mel did a lot of help too, she found a photographer to hire for the evening to take pictures and he even put all the photos on cd’s to give to the players.

I was in my office the next day after the successful 3-0 road trip with Mel and Dayna when Ashley, one of my good friends from back home, called me.

“Hey!” she says right away
“Hey girl, what’s goin on?” I ask
“Not much, have you talked to Laura lately?”
“Not really, probably sometime after the wedding, why?”
“Well, she was in town this past week, we met up for lunch so she could see Brooklyn and she was talking so much shit about you”
“Seriously? What was she saying?”
“She was talking about how she hated the fact that you and Jon were so perfect for each other, and she wished that her relationship with Patrick was like that,”
“Oh my god, she always said that, especially when they got into a fight,”
“Yeah, then she was saying something about how you wanted to get Nik away from his girlfriend because she’s such a slut, and he deserved to know what she did behind his back,”
“Ugh! Ok, let me clarify that. I said that WAY before we met the boys, and it was a complete joke! I would never do something like that to anybody. She needs to get her shit straight, did she say anything else?”
“She said you’ve turned into a complete bitch and your using all his money, and your so close with the guys that your sleeping with them,”
“Really? I can’t believe her! And she doesn’t even have the nerve to say that to my face!”
“Yeah, and she’s obviously not smart telling me, because I’m obviously going to tell you, you have a right to know,”
“Yeah no kidding, well thanks for telling me. I can’t believe she would say all of that. After EVERYTHING I did for that girl!”
“I have the text messages, I’ll forward them to you if you want,”
“Yes, please do. I’m going to call her and put her in line,”
“Ok, let me know how it goes,”
“I will girl, thanks for telling me!”
“Of course, I’ll talk you later,”

“What was that all about?” Dayna asks
“Apparently Laura has been talking shit about me, and to one of my best friends back home,” I say
“Laura, that was dating Kane for a while?” She asks again
“Yeah, we’ve been best friends for so long, and then I hear about all of this? No way”
“What did she say?” Mel asked
“That I was sleeping with the guys on the team, that I wanted to break up Nik and Elina because I wanted him, that I’m a gold-digger and I just want Jon for his money,”
“Wow, I can’t believe that,”
“I know, it’s all bullshit! And you know why she’s saying it all? Because she was in love with Patrick and he didn’t want to be with her, so she was jealous because I’m with Jon and we’re happy and all she got was a disappointment.”
“I never woulda expected that from her” Dayna says
“Oh, I would, she’s always been jealous of me and Jon. I’ll be right back,” I say as I go out to the hallway

“Hello?” Laura says after the 3rd ring
“Talking shit about me, really?” I say, not even saying hi
“Hi to you too, what are you talking about?” She asks
“Oh don’t be dumb. Ashley called me and told me about ya’lls lunch date last week, and she said you were talking crap about me,”
“I can explain,”
“I dont want to hear it, you will listen. I can’t believe you would say all of that, and don’t try and change the story; I have the text messages from Ashley. I thought you were one of my best friends, but seriously, saying all that about Hammer? Saying I’m only with Jon for his money? That is all bullshit and you know it!”
“No! If all your going to be doing is talking shit then I don’t need a friend like you in my life,”
“And telling Ashley? Seriously, that was the stupidest thing you coulda done, when you know she would tell me!”
“I didn’t think she would say anything,”
“Well your stupid for thinking that. So you better keep your story straight the next time you decide to talk shit. Have a nice life.” I say hanging up

“How’d it go?” Mel asks as I walk back into the office
“I just told her I don’t need people like her in my life who do nothing but talk shit about me, and she was stupid for saying all those lies. Then I said have a nice life, and hung up,” I said
“Dang! Good job girl,”

It was October before we knew it and the guys were doing amazingly well. Over the next 2 weeks, we had the Phoenix/Dallas road trip, Brian’s poker tournament, and then Abby’s baby shower…things were going to be a little crazy to say the least. Dayna, Savannah and I decided to take a break before things got crazy, and joined the boys on their short road trip, Abby wanted to come, but she got uncomfortable with flying while being pregnant, so she stayed behind in Chicago.

A few nights before we were going to leave for Phoenix, the boys played an amazing game against the Flames, and Crawford earned the shutout, with a score of 5-0. So we decided to go to Roof for a while.

“Does anyone know why Nik and Elina are fighting?” She asks as we turn to look
“Oh man, Nik looks pissed,” I say from where were sitting
“Probably cause she’s always gone,” Kaner says
“Yeah that girl goes out of town as much as we do,” Jon says
“But she leaves the country too and goes to Sweden and London all the time,” Jordan adds
“Guess we’ll see. It looks like she’s crying.” Dayna says
“Should we check on them?” I ask
“No, let them fight and get it out,” Dayna says again

The night ends with Nik and Elina still yelling at each other, and it’s clearly not good, because Elina goes home with Chelsea and Jordan to stay at their house…uh oh!


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