Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chapter 36

[[This is what the tables looked like at the reception, except it was the darker red and a solid color]]

We are welcomed by cheers and clapping as we walk through the banquet hall to the table with the rest of the wedding party. Everyone sat down and got situated, and was all talking while we waited for the food to be delivered, and it wasn’t until we were sitting down that I was starving. We changed our mind not to have an open bar at the reception, we didn’t want anyone getting too drunk and ending up either in jail or dead, so we decided to just have wine.

Dinner had been eaten, and tables were being cleared as the music started for the dancing to start. The DJ announced for Jon and I to make our way to the dance floor for our first dance, we decided on “I’ll Be” By Edwin McCain. I loved it ever since I heard it in The Cinderella Story, and I always turn the radio up when it’s playing, so needlessly to say, it grew on Jon too. We did the rest of the dances at once, my dad and I danced to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland then Jon and his mom danced to a song called “A Mother’s Song”

We took a break for Ashley and David to give their maid of honor and best man speeches, both of them made me cry because they were so sweet, then after that, Jon and I thanked everyone for coming

“I think I speak for Jamie as well when I say thanks for coming out to spend this special day with us, if we could have gotten married at a courthouse after I asked her, I would have, but I know she wanted a wedding like this. And we wouldn’t have it any other way then with all of you here,” Jon says
“And, I definitely wanted to say thanks to the hockey players that came out here from their vacations, it means a lot that ya’ll made it out,” I say

Since we had the attention of everyone, we decided to cut the cake and have the cupcakes go out before dancing again. Jon and I cut into one of the small cakes that was on the table, and both feed a piece to each other, he was a little more pushy with the cake and wiped some frosting on my nose, but cleaned it off nicely. Cupcakes were handed out and about 15 minutes after that the dancing continued. I told the DJ that I had a song for him to play for Jon from me, so as he found it, I pulled him away from Nik and Elina onto the dance floor, “I Just Call You Mine” by Martina McBride started playing.

“Baby, you don’t even understand how I just want to rip that dress off you right now,”
“No way babe! Just wait, you can in a few hours, but you just can’t rip it off,”
“Ok, fine. Hey, I’ve heard this song before, right?”
“Yeah, I don’t remember where, but I remember the first time I heard it, I thought it was so cute,”
“It’s your song for me!” he said, finally snapping
“Yeah, babe, it is,”

The next few songs are faster, so Jon and I pretty much stay out there and dance with just about everyone. Jordan comes and steals me for a dance, just like he told Jon he was going to do.

“I’m so happy you could make it down here!” I tell him
“Of course! I wouldn’t want to miss this, Jon has been a good friend for a few years and I knew when I found out you’re with Jon, I knew you would be prefect for him,”
“Aw, thanks Jordan. So how are things back home?”
“Good, Eric and Tanya are getting ready for the new baby, a little sister for Parker,”
“A girl in the Staal family? I’m sure she’ll be as cute as the Staal boys,”
“Well, with my brother, you never know,”

After dancing with Jordan, we did the traditional money dance, which was becoming more common at weddings nowadays. After a couple songs, some people start leaving and not too many people were left besides family, close friends and the hockey players. We got the fun songs like the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide playing for the dances that everyone knew. I think I danced with every hockey player that was at the reception, but the most of them were like brothers to me, so the giving me a hard time part was there. But I took it, I always loved how close I was with the boys, and they knew I was good for Jon, so they looked out for both of us…yeah I think that was the basic of what each of the guys told me when I danced with them…oh those boys, gotta love them.

We danced until the early hours in the morning, I think it was 2am by the time Jon and I got up to our honeymoon suite and when to bed…ha, yeah right, not on our wedding night.

Sunday morning came, after Jon and I said bye to all the family as they left to go home. We got back to my parents house to pack smaller bags for our honeymoon, that Jon still wouldn’t say anything about. All I knew was that we had to be on a plane to get to LA by 3pm. After being in LA for a few hours and still not knowing about what we were doing, we get in a cab and go towards the pier, Jon even blindfolds me on the way over there.

"Ok, we're here baby," Jon says
"Can I take off the blindfold?" I ask
"No, I'll come around to help you out of the car,"

A few seconds later, he opens the door to grab my hand to pull me out of the cab. The cab driver gets our suitcases out of the trunk. Jon turns me around and takes off my blindfold to show me the mysterious surprise

"Oh my gosh....really babe?"
"Yes! Let's go so we don't get left behind!"


  1. I love how you put pics in the story too!

  2. whens the next chapter?

  3. thanks! i'm hoping to have it up by tomorrow night...i have mid terms then im going out of town for spring break. but i promise it will be up by the end of the day monday :)