Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Over the next few years, two more weddings had happened, the first one was Kaner and Bridget, and then it was Mike and Olivia, shortly after he signed a contract extension with the Hawks. Army was still with the Hawks as well.

To say there were no more kids added to the Hawks family was a lie. Ryan Sharp was born on New Years Day 2014, and later that summer, Taylor and Savannah welcome twin boys, Blake and Brandon. Brent and Dayna had a daughter, Khloe. Mike and Olivia had a little girl, Makayla Jean.

As for Jon and I, we moved a few stories up to a two-story condo, because more room was needed for Easton…and Kellan, who was born in March of 2015, a day before Army and Mel had their daughter, Lillian.

“Baby! Do you need help before I leave?” Jon yells from downstairs
“I don’t think so, Mel is coming over with Cruise and Lilly, and we’re going to go from here,” I say from the bedroom as he’s walking in
“Ok, see you guys there,” He says, kissing me, then the boys

Tonight is game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The cup was in the building yet again, and I was praying for a win, as was everyone else. The Blackhawks won the cup that night and it was so exciting to be there again, on our home ice to take the cup and celebrate in front of the hometown fans. We spent another night celebrating at the arena, it was extra crazy with all the kids running around but we were still able to keep an eye on them. Easton just turned 2, and Kellan was 3 months old.

That was the summer that Patrick and Bridget joined the baby boom, Danielle was born first, and then Chelsea, both a year apart. Pat was excited to have 2 daughters; it didn’t faze him at all, especially since he grew up with 3 younger sisters.

We welcomed the last addition to our family in November 2016, when Emaleigh Alyse was born. The kids were so close in age, Easton was 3 years old, and Kellan was 15 months, while Emaleigh was just a few weeks old. But I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Before we knew it, we had out 10-year anniversary. I was so happy for everything that had happened, and being able to spend all these amazing years with Jon. Easton had joined a hockey team, along with Cruise and Austin, and all the other boys of the Hawks players. Jon was so proud of him for how good of a hockey player he was, and at the same time, he didn’t criticize him, he let him learn on his own and do things on his own, so that was exactly what Easton did. Kellan was slowly learning hockey too, and he loved it, it was so good to see him and Easton learning together.

Emaleigh was momma’s little gymnast, just like I told Jon our little girl would be. Her, Evie, the Kane girls and Mike’s daughter all took gymnastics class together, and they absolutely loved it.

Jon retired at the age of 34, and the Blackhawks retired his number, with a special ceremony on the new seasons opening night. He spent his time coaching the boys’ hockey team with Brent and Colby. He later returned to the United Center, where he took over as director of hockey operations. I stayed close with the girls who still lived in Chicago with their husbands and families, and continued to work with the Better Halves Organization.

We eventually moved back to Winnipeg before Easton was ready for middle school, and Kellan and Emaleigh started school too. Jon continued coaching hockey, this time with Duncs, who had his 2 boys on the team, as well as Sharpie. I got the assistant coaching job with the gym that held the girls’ gymnastics classes; it was what I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was unable to do gymnastics anymore.

*********The End!**********

***I have to thank all you lovely ladies for following my story and sticking with me. I'm glad to say that my first story was a success! I have decided to do another story....about my #1 boys and Im brainstorming some ideas and will probably have an intro chapter by the end of this week, so I hope ya'll will follow that too! I will make another post with the title of the story so ya'll will know that it is up!
Keep an eye out for the new story! :)

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  1. Congrats on finishing the story! Even though I haven't been commenting, I've definitely still been following and reading. I love how everything worked out so well. Johnny would be adorable with kids, and I'd imagine if he ever has a daughter, she'll have him wrapped around her little finger. I've got to admit though, I hope Toews doesn't retire at 34! I'm hoping to see him play for a little longer than that ;)