Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 54

Preseason passed; and the first game to open the new season was against the Oilers, before the guys made the trip to Atlanta, Florida and Tampa Bay. Dayna was in the office that we shared and we were planning the red carpet opening night when Mike walks in

“Hey ladies,” he says, sitting down
“Hi Mike,” we both say
“What are ya doing?”
“Figuring out things for opening night,”
“Sounds fun, how’s Easton?” he asks, looking over at him sleeping on the new couch
“Good, getting big,”
“And Austin?”
“Good also,” D says
“So anything in particular bring you in here today?”
“Well…there’s something I wanted to talk to you about,”
“Me? Or Dayna?”
“You, but it’s not a big deal,”
“Ok, what’s going on?”
“You know that bartender at Rockit?”
“Um…maybe, I’d have to see her,”
“Well, I want to talk to her…but I don’t know,” he says, hesitating
“Does Mike Green have girl problems? And he’s coming to me?”
“What? No…” he says as I give him a look, then he continues
“Ok, fine. I’ve never had this problem before,” he finishes
“Well…we could do a group dinner there one night,”
“With me being the only single guy? Yeah, cause that’s not obvious,”
“Vic is single dummy, and so is Hammer,”
“Ok, so what about your son? That restaurant is loud as hell,”
“I can figure something out,” I say picking up Easton as he’s waking up, “And it’s only like that at night, so we could go there for lunch,”
“See! That’s why I came to you,”
“Ha, yeah, what would you do without me?”
“Probably call Brooksie,”
“Because he would know anything about places out here,”
“True, but I never see him,” he says, looking at the floor
“Aw, do you miss him,” I ask sarcastically
“Yes,” Mike says with a sad face
“Where did he go?”
“Really? I can’t stand Boston!”
“Me either, apparently he likes it though, way better then Washington,”

“Party in the office, eh?” Jon says, as him, Seabs and Vic walk in
“Always,” I say
“How’s my little champ?” Jon says to Easton as he takes him from me
“Dude, he looks more like you everyday,” Vic says
“Yeah he does, he’s your mini me…Lord, help us all” Seabs says
“Shut it, Seabs, he’s a good looking baby,”
“So what’s going on in here?”
“Mike was talking about wanting to go to lunch at Rockit,” I say, trying to not blow his cover
“Oh, that sounds good,” Vic says
“Doesn’t it? And lunch there would be better, because at night, it gets crazy loud with the music,” I say
“Yeah, it would be too loud for the boys,” Brent says

Lunch the next day at Rockit, and it’s me and Jon with Easton, Brent and Dayna with Austin, Mike, Hammer, and Vic. We get sat at a big table near the bar, and after we sit down, Mike points out the bartender to me

“That’s her,” he says, looking in her direction
“Oh, yeah I remember her now, seeing her anyways,” I say
“I’ve seen her once or twice, she’s beautiful,”
“Well why don’t you talk to her?”
“Talk to who?” Jon asks
“Shh babe, Mike wants to talk to the bartender,”
“Oh, go for it dude!”
“I’m workin’ on it,”
“Do you want me to break the ice for you? I’ve been known to be quiet the match maker,”
“Yeah dude, she’s right, look at Kaner and B, that was all J,” Jon says kissing my forehead
“Maybe…let’s see how things go, maybe ask her what drink she would recommend or something,”
“Don’t worry Greener, I got you”
“JJ, you’re the best,”

After a while, I went to talk to the bartender, Olivia. Turns out she was new to Chicago too, moved here from California over the summer. She was a sweet girl, with the personality and attitude to not deal with bullshit. So after introducing myself, I asked if she liked hockey and wanted to go to a game, which she quickly agreed to. We exchanged numbers to figure out a night for her to join us.

Mike thanked me a million times for talking to her; I said it wasn’t a problem, because I’d be helping her out too. I waved bye to her as we left and saw her catch a glimpse of Mike walking behind me.

2 weeks later was game day against San Jose, and Olivia was joining us for the game. I invited her over to the house to get ready with me, before meeting up with the other wags in the lounge.

“What if the other wags don’t like me,” she said as we drove to the UC
“Girl, they will. As long as you’re not a jersey chaser or after their men, they’ll be cool,”
“Ok, I’m nervous though. I actually grew up watching the Sharks. But I’ve converted to a Hawks fan,”
“Thata girl! I grew up a Pens fan, I still am too, always will be”
“What did Jon have to say about that?”
“He was all I know who your coming home to at the end of the day. And he’s friends with some of those guys, and I am now too, so he doesn’t care,”
“Well that’s good,”
“So we’ll probably go to dinner after the game, you should come so you can meet the guys,”
“Seriously? I’d love that!”
“Ok great!”
“Even with your baby?”
“Yeah, he’ll pass out at some point, he’s a good baby though,”
“Oh awesome,”

Olivia and all the girls got along so well, and I know she was relieved about that. The game was a close one, but to make things better, Mike continued his scoring streak, and he was on his 8th straight game with a goal or an assist. The boys won in OT and after they finished up with postgame, we made our way to Carmine’s for dinner. Olivia joined us in the car to go to dinner

“So, I’m gonna be honest with you Olivia, one of the players has wanted to meet you for a while, he’s a sweet guy and I think you’ll like him. And it was his idea for dinner tonight,” I say looking back at her in the Tahoe
“Who is it?”
“Green? No way?! Oh man, he’s amazing,”
“He’s seen you at Rockit a few times, and was pretty taken by you, so he’s excited to meet you,”
“Ah really? Oh girl, now I’m nervous!”
“You’ll be fine, he’s a good genuine guy, and I think you guys will get along great,”

Jon leaves the keys with the valet guy as I get Easton out and Olivia gets out as well, before we walk into the restaurant to see some of the guys there already. The seat on the other side of Mike happens to be empty, so I nudge Olivia in that direction to sit by him; she turns to give me a nervous smile before walking over there.

A few days after the dinner, I had heard it all from both Olivia and Mike about how much fun they had, Olivia told me that Mike asked her on a date after the guys got back from their road trip…success!

The home game before the road trip was against the Flames, and even though the girls and I were in the box with the kids, I could feel a pair of eyes on me…I brushed it off because I have been known to be in the spotlight occasionally with being married to the captain.

The next day, Easton and I went to the office before the guys went on their road trip. Dayna, Mel and I wanted to get some work done with the guys gone, so we stayed back instead of joining them.

The babies were sleeping on the couch when the girls went to get some drinks, I stayed to watch the boys for a quick few minutes, when I heard the noise of someone rushing past the office door. I looked up and didn’t see anything, then I decided to get up and check the hallway, but I saw nothing. Now I was iffy about brushing this weird feeling off.

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