Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 55-The Last Chapter!

***The epilogue will be up by tomorrow if its not up tonight. I have American Idol, DWTS finale AND the Vancouver game...so its a busy night! Also-Ive started working on another story that I will be posting probably next week!
Enjoy :)

After a rough 4-game road trip, I was in the office again with Dayna and the babies when the guys got back. We heard them walking into the training room, so we picked up the boys and walked that way

“Hi baby,” Jon says before hugging and kissing me then Easton
“Hi, how was the trip?” I say, handing his son over to him
“A little stressful, but good,”
“That’s good,”
“Have you still been having that weird feeling around here?”
“Yeah, I told the girls about it too since they were here with me,”
“It’s just the feeling of someone watching you?”
“Yeah and it’s kind of happening right now,” I say
“What?” Jon asks looking around cautiously
“I don’t know, like I don’t know what to think, because I know everyone here,”
“Well, keep an eye out and if you don’t feel comfortable being alone or back here, just come watch practice,”
“Ok,” I say as he kisses my forehead,
“Are you done for the day?”
“I actually have a few more things to finish really quick,”
“Do you want me to stay and hang out?”
“Um, no, Dayna is still here, and Mike is too, he’s talking to Stan, so I’ll be fine,”
“Ok, do you want me to take Easton?”
“Yeah, can you? I wont be long I promise,”
“Ok, I love you,”
“I love you too,”

Jon puts Easton in his car seat and says bye again before heading home, so I go back to the office to finish working.

“So Jon knows?” Dayna asks as I sit back down
“Yeah, I told him again, and I had the feeling again when we were in the locker room just now,”
“That is strange girl, I’m surprised he didn’t stay here while you finish working,”
“I know, he asked if I wanted him to, but I said that your still here and so is Mike and Stan, so he said ok, and went home with Easton,”
“Ok good, we’ll be done here in no time, as soon as I get back from the bathroom,”
“Ok, I’ll be here!”

“I didn’t know you were still here,” I hear coming from the doorway


“Um, yeah, just finishing up some last minute things,” I say, praying for Dayna to come back…or for Mike or someone to walk in
“You didn’t go home with poster boy?”
“My HUSBAND went home with our son,”
“So I have you all to myself,” He says, inching closer to my desk
“No, I’m busy, and you work for my husband, he wouldn’t appreciate that,”
“Well he’s not here,” He says coming around
“Can you leave please,” I say, shaking
“No I don’t think I can,” as he grabs my hand and throws me on the ground
“What the fuck is your problem?” I scream
“Scream again and I’ll cut your throat,”
“Ah…” I try to say before he continues
“I finally have you to myself, that’s all I want,”

He tapes my mouth shut and all I can do is cry and wish that Jon stayed behind with me. He’d kill this guy and have him fired for sure. I hear footsteps coming, I thank god when I hear Dayna scream and ask what’s going on. But I don’t see anything, because the guy that is now on top of me punches me in the face a couple times before I hear some guys pulling him off me.

“What the hell are you doing asshole?” Hammer says…I didn’t know he was still here
“I want that bitch all to myself,” Danny says, that was who it was? The head trainer should know better!
“Don’t EVER talk about Jon’s wife like that, do you understand me?” Nik says as I hear Stan walk in

I finally open my eyes after being blacked out for a few minutes, when I try to sit up, I realize I’m in pain, and my shorts are on the floor across from me and I start freaking out not knowing what that bastard did to me. I try to put my shorts back on, while still shaking and crying and I see Dayna crying too.

“Holy shit, are you ok?” Mike asks as he comes near me, but I flinch
“What the fuck just happened?” I ask as I pull my knees to my chest
“JJ, he tried to rape you, he just admitted it, but he punched you when he heard Dayna walk in,”
“I knew it,” I say, crying hysterically now
“Knew what?”
“I told Jon about a weird feeling I’ve been having the past few days, that someone was watching me,”
“And you think it was Danny?”
“Yeah…with the thi…things he said to me,” I try to say

“JJ, oh my god, come here,” Nik says as he’s walks in and gives me a hug
“Thank you guys,”
“That piece of shit is lucky I didn’t kill him, are you ok?”
“No, my face hurts, my legs hurt, and I feel gross,”
“Can you get up and sit on the couch?”
“Yeah,” I say as he helps me up
“I think you might need to go to the hospital to get checked out,” Hammer says
“But he didn’t do anything,”
“I know, it might be a precautionary thing though,”
“Ugh, I hate hospitals,”
“I’m going to call Jon,” Mike says to Hammer, but I don’t even hear it

---Back at home, Jon’s watching TV with Easton sleeping in his arms---

“Hello?” I say
“Jon, hey man, you need to come to the arena right now,” Mike says, sounding out of breath
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s Jamie,”
“I fucking knew it, I knew I shouldn’t have left her there,”
“Just get here fast,”
“I’ll be right there,” I say hanging up and putting Easton into his car seat


At this point, I’m still crying and shaking, still clueless as to what’s going on. A few police officers are even here, asking questions and taking pictures of my face, as well as the bruises on my legs. Mike is sitting next to me while the cops are talking to me, and the only thing I keep asking for is to see Jon and Easton. Soon after the cop tells me they have to take me to the hospital, I hear Jon’s voice

“Oh my god,” Jon says, as he walks in with Easton in his arms, all it took was me looking at them to start crying even more
“Baby, what happened?” He says sitting down and pulling me into a hug
“Danny was the one watching me,” I finally get out
“The trainer?” He asks
“Yeah, D and I were in here, she went to the bathroom and that’s when he came in and…and…” I couldn’t finish
“Ok, baby, it’s ok, I’m right here,” as I cry more
“He taped my mouth shut, Mike said he tried to rape me, but D came back, so he started punching me, I…I don’t remember anything after that,”

“Mr. Toews, can I ask you a few questions?” an officer asks
“Sure,” Jon says, as he gets up and leaves me on the couch with Hammer and Mike

“Mr. Toews, what do you know about Mr. Patterson?” he asks
“He’s been the assistant trainer for as long as I can remember,” Jon responds
“Has he ever acted like this before?”
“Not that I am aware of,”
“And your wife told you about the weird feelings she’s been having, did you at all think it would have been him?”
“No, but I knew I shouldn’t have left her here a few hours ago,”
“Ok. He admitted that he tried to rape her, but then Mrs. Seabrook walked in, so he resorted to punching her, while he was sitting on top of her,” he says as Jon brings his hands to his head
“That douchebag,”
“He’s been taken into custody, he’ll be in jail for a while, but he seemed to be out on a mission,”
“What can be done about some sort of restraining order? I don’t want him near my wife again, or our son for that matter,”
“Well, right now he’s looking at 5-6 years in jail, but you can still do that, in fact I would recommend that you get one even though he will be in jail,”
“Ok, I need to talk to Stan too,”
“If it’s related to his job, Mr. Bowman has taken care of it, he’s been fired and is no longer allowed on the property,”
“Do you have any questions?”
“What about my wife? I know she’s scared out of her mind, I saw it on her face when I walked in, I’m scared for her but I want to do whatever I can to help,”
“Well, we will need to take her to the hospital as a precautionary, to run a few tests, even thought he didn’t do anything, it’s just what has to happen when something like this happens,”

That week was hell for me. To start off with, I had to go to the hospital again (I hate hospitals), thankfully, everything came back ok. I would get nervous every time we went to the arena and it took me a while to be ok with going back to there alone, even though I knew that Danny would never be allowed on the property ever again.

A couple months later, things were back to normal. I had returned to working normal days again, and I had always done enough work to where I was done and ready to leave at the same time as the guys.


  1. I guess all good things must come to an end....

  2. i know and im sad to see it end too :/ thanks for following! hope youll check out my next story when i get it started! :)

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