Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chapter 35

My mom came in the room at 8am on the dot to wake us up. The girls and I take showers and get ready and eat an amazing breakfast that my mom and sister made for all of us. I talked to Bailey and Laura; they would be meeting us at the hair salon. I also talked to Julianne; she would be meeting us at the house after our hair and makeup appointments. We left a few minutes before 9 to make a pit stop at Starbucks before we get to the salon.

“Hey Jamie!” the receptionist says
“Hey Julie! How are you?” I ask as we all walk in
“Good, I hear Rachel and Natalie are doing hair and makeup for your wedding?”
“Yes ma’am!”
“Congratulations! Let me see your ring!”
“Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful!” Natalie says as her and Rachel walks up
“So who do you want to do what?” Rachel asks
“Um it doesn’t really matter, I still can’t decide if I want my hair up or down,”
“Did you bring the veil?”
“Yeah, it’s in the car actually,”
“Ok, do you want to go get it, that can help decide how we can do your hair,”

Natalie starts the makeup on Bailey, and Rachel starts on Ashley’s hair. The girls all do up-do, while I have Nat curl my hair and leave it down but pulled back with the veil, so it will still look good when I take that off. We leave the salon a little after 2pm, and made a stop at the hotel so Bailey and Laura could drop off their cars.

Julianne is at the house when we get there, and is ready to take pictures all day long. The girls and I ate a light lunch before getting dressed. The girls get their dresses on and then help me get on my dress after I get my designated wedding day lingerie on. This is definitely making it feel real, and it’s the most amazing feeling ever. I had my something old-my shoes, something new-my dress, something borrowed-my mom’s jewelry and something blue- the garter that Jon will toss. After getting dressed and taking some pictures of everyone, it’s 3pm and we all start piling into cars to go to the church.

Jon and the guys are already at the church, so Bailey goes ahead to make sure they are inside where Jon wont be able to see me. After she gives us the thumbs up, we walk into the church and go to the choir room where we will hang out until its time for the ceremony to start. The girls and I are sitting in the room when my mom comes in with Andree and Bryan.

“Oh, honey, you look absolutely beautiful!” Andree says
“I couldn’t agree more, Jamie, you look great,” Bryan says with hugs from them
“Thank you!” I say
“How are you feeling?” Andree asks
“Great! Excited and nervous,”
“Don’t be nervous sweetie, you will do great, and I couldn’t be happier for you and Jon,”
“Thanks!” I say trying to shake my nerves
“Here, you might need these,” She says as she hands me a few Kleenex’s
“Yeah, I might need them starting now,”
“We’ll see you in there, ok?” Bryan says
“Ok, thanks for coming by,”

A few minutes later, Jack walks in, after repeating that Jon isn’t with him.

“JJ, wow, you look amazing!” He says as he gives me a hug
“Thanks, Jack, I’m so glad you could make it down,” I say as he gives the other girls hugs.
“Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world,”
“Where are the guys?”
“They are hanging out by the doors, Jon’s a little nervous,”
“Well, he’s not the only one,” I say with a laugh
“I figured, but I just wanted to say hi, I’ll see you in a few,”
“Ok, bye,” I say as he gives me a kiss on the cheek

I know it’s near time to start when my dad walks in

“Look at my little girl, all grown up!” he says
“Stop dad, you’re going to make me cry,”
“How are you doing?”
“Good, ready to get the show on the road,”
“Well your in luck, my que to come in here is the que to start,”
“It’s already 4?”
“Yeah, so girls, why don’t you head out and meet up with the men? Then Ashley, when Dayna and Brent are about to walk in, come get us, ok?”
“Ok,” Ashley says, as everyone files out of the room.

Bailey and Sharpie walk in first, being at the end, followed by Laura and Kaner, Brent and Dayna, and lastly Ashley and David. Then finally, it was my turn. My dad and I are at the doors ready to walk in as he gives me a quick kiss on my forehead while Julianne is snapping away. The music plays as we walk through the doors to start down the isle. Jon is the first person I see after we walk in, his face lit up, and I’m sure mine did as well.

My dad gives my hand to Jon after giving me a hug then sits down, and the pastor starts the ceremony. After the unity candle was lit, Jon and I said our vows, and that was when I started getting teary-eyed, as Jon was holding my hand, he was rubbing the top of it with his thumb. We exchanged rings and then he announced us as husband and wife before he gave Jon the OK to give his new wife a kiss.

“I love you so much baby!” Jon says after breaking the kiss
“I love you too!” I say back
“We’re finally married!” He says

We walk back down the isle, with everyone standing and Julianne taking pictures as we’re walking towards the doors with the wedding party following behind us so we can do the line up for the greetings. Jordan and Kris are the first few walking out.

“You make a beautiful bride! Congratulations!” Jordan says as he picks me up in a hug
“Yeah, you look amazing Jamie!” Kris says as they shake hands with Jon
“Thanks guys! I’m so glad ya’ll could make it!” I say after giving Kris a hug too
“Definitely! We’ll see you at the reception, Jon, I may have to steal her for a dance,”
“Not a problem buddy, see you guys soon!”

Eventually we said hi to everyone that came and then started on the pictures. The first picture we took was of us signing our marriage license. Then, thankfully, between Jon and I, we made a list of the shots we wanted hoping it would narrow down some time. We started with the family pictures so they didn’t have to wait around. Those took like 15 minutes, and then we did the wedding party pictures. After taking almost 100 pictures already, my eyes were hurting from the flashes. We wanted a few pictures with all the teammates before they headed to the hotel, so in addition to the groomsmen, the other 12 players joined us for a few poses, one with Jon and the guys, one with me and the guys and then a few with Jon and I plus the guys…they were so fun to be around when they were all joking around.

After about an hour of pictures, we all say bye to the pastor and pile into the limo to go to the hotel for the reception. I took my camera that my mom had during the ceremony to take pictures in the limo. Duncs broke out a few bottles of champagne on the way up there so we started the party a little early. The ride up there was so crazy, and the guys kept joking with Kaner about not getting any crazy limo pictures on the Internet.

I had the girls help me pin up my dress, and had Bailey take my veil off and gave it to her to take to the table as we were walking into the hotel. Kristin greeted us with congratulatory hugs as we walked thru the lobby and I was so thankful to have her help with all the planning. She goes to tell the DJ that we’re at the door so he can announce us in as “I Cross My Heart” starts playing

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome for their first public appearance…Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Toews!”