Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chapter 3

----A few hours later----

“What hotel are you staying at?” Patrick asks and Laura tells him the Drake. “Ok well why don’t we separate ways so we can all get ready for dinner tonight, then me and Tazer will come back here at 7 to walk to the Cheesecake Factory”, “Yeah that sounds good, call me when ya’ll get back here later” I tell Jonathan; after we exchange phone numbers and say our goodbyes, Laura and I head up to our room. “Oh my god… I can’t believe we’re going to dinner with Pat and Jon and some of the Hawks players!” Laura says, “I can’t believe we just spent the whole day with the 2 of them! And now going to dinner on top of it? Can you say AMAZING??” I say as we get into our hotel room. “Ahh, ok I’m going to jump in the shower really quick, what time is it?” “A little after 5” Laura says. “Ok” I say as I run to jump in the shower. “I don’t know what to wear!” I say as I’m practically throwing everything out of my suitcase, “Well it’s still pretty cold outside…so something that will keep you warm” she says “Pshh, that’s what Jonathan is for!” I say with a laugh. “Wow no comment. Speaking of him…I saw him kiss you!” she says, probably as I’m turning 5 different shades of red. “Ha yeah, well he knew I got upset when those girls called me a slut, and he was like if people are going to talk, we might as well give them something to talk about.” I told her. “Yeah, Patrick saw it first and was like wow Tazer’s not wasting any time!” she responds. “Ah ha! Found what I’m going to wear. “What did you decide on?” she asks, so I hold up my skinny jeans with this shirt
and my black Uggs. “Perfect! Jonny won’t know what hit him when he sees you!” Laura says with a laugh. It’s about 6:45 when my phone starts ringing; I pick it up to see that it’s Jonathan calling,
“Hello?” I say with a smile
“Hey beautiful, so I know it’s not quiet 7 yet, but we’re walking up to the hotel now”
“Oh ok, we’re basically ready, we’re in room 307, if you want to just come up.”
“Ok, see you girls in a few minutes”
“Ok great, bye!” and I hang up
“They are walking up to the hotel right now” I yell to Laura as I’m putting my boots on, “Ok, I’m ready” as she walks out…with her hair up in a ponytail. “Heck no, come here leave your hair down, it looks better,” I tell her as I’m pushing her back to the bathroom and turn my straightener back on. Laura’s hair was done, and there was a knock on the door, I run to open it to see 2 sharply dressed men. “Well hello boys!” I say as they walk into our room, “You look beautiful” Jonathan says as he gives me a kiss on the cheek, “Thanks! You clean up pretty nice yourself, so do you Pat” I say, “Oh well thanks, I do try sometimes, you ladies ready?” he responds with a smile. “Yeah, let’s go” Laura says.

As we’re walking to the restaurant, I was a little nervous to meet some of the other guys and their girlfriends, and I think Jonathan picked up on that, so he kissed my forehead which helped, because I honestly didn’t know why I was nervous, but I soon ran out of time to worry about it as we walked into the Cheesecake Factory, and met up with Patrick Sharp and his wife, Abby. “Hey guys, hi Jamie, its nice to meet you! This is my wife, Abby”, we exchanged hellos, and I talked to Abby for a few minutes, she was really sweet. A few minutes later, Brent Seabrook and his girlfriend, Dayna walk up, we say hi to them as we are walking to our table. Jonathan and I sat on one side next to Abby and Patrick, while Laura, Patrick, Brent and Dayna sat across from us. Abby and I clicked right away; we were talking about everything from school to our hometowns. “I thought about doing public relations, but I decided to go into nursing instead,” Abby tells me, “but I hear it’s a fun industry to work in” “Yeah and so far it has been, I like all the classes I’ve had to take for it so I’m looking forward to finding a career in it” I say, “And I hear that you want to work with sports, are you going to do that back in New Mexico or will it require a move?” Patrick asks. “Well, where I’m from, we’re not known for sports nor do we have any professional teams, so I will have to move out of state, most likely Pittsburgh, or here” I tell him as Abby chimes in and says “Oh, Pittsburgh is a beautiful city”. We continue our conversation and I add that I will be graduating in May. Dinner went great, better than I thought actually; Abby, Dayna and Laura and I already planned a shopping day while we’re out here. During dessert, Jonathan grabbed my hand and said, “I want to ask you something really quick before I forget”, so I say ok and he continues, “I would like to take you out on a date.” “Oh yeah?” I say, trying not to blush too much. “Yes, just me and you dinner, wine and desert, the whole nine yards” he said, “Ok, that sounds fun!” I responded. “Ok, well how about tomorrow night? Since we have a game on Monday night”, “Yeah that works” and some how in all of this, Abby over hears something and says “Oh perfect excuse to go shopping!” I just laugh and say ok.

We all decide to say our goodbyes for the night. “Ill call you in the morning to come get you and we’ll go shopping for your date tomorrow night” Abby tells me as we exchange phone numbers. “Ok, sounds perfect, talk to you tomorrow!” The four of us walk back towards the Drake, the boys walk us up to our room and say goodnight, as Jonathan tells me he’ll talk to me in the morning about our date. I’m pretty sure I went to bed with a smile on my face because I had the best day ever.


  1. Hey look... new follower*
    I like this. I do!
    Sometimes I'm a snob, I'll admit, and won't read other team fanfic... but Taser/Tazer (I don't know yet which one is correct) grows on you in story form* LOL
    And I just wanted to reiterate what someone else said in a comment...
    It's your story, so just go with it. Loyal followers don't judge chapter lengths or time in-between chapters*
    It's quality over quantity girl!
    Keep up with this, because it's a good start!!

  2. yay a new follower! makes me happy :) ha yeah i found a site somewhere with fan fics of guys from all over the nhl so i've read a lot...heck ive even read a brooks laich/mike green one and im sorry to all the caps fans but i HATE the caps! yeah tazer stories grow on me too! maybe cause i love him haha.
    thanks girl! greatly appreciated :)

  3. another great chapter! really loving your story already! Jonathan really does grow on you quite quickly, he just likeable. and i agree, i HATE the caps, philly too for me lol. great post, you're doing great, keep it up girly!

  4. thanks so much lileannee! i know lol, i love it tho ha ha. yes and i especially hate the caps cause they beat us thanks! :)

  5. Hey, I'm likin' the story so far! Personally, I'm a Toews fan, he's a great hockey player and he's easy on the eyes (oh the perks of being a female hockey fan) so you definitely have my interest peaked with this story. Keep up the good work!

  6. ha yes definitely a plus of bein a female hockey fan is to look and all the hot boys! ha ha and to watch the game of course. thanks! :)