Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chapter 4

**Short update, but I figured I need a little Jonny fix after the game tonight....wish them and the Pens woulda won...oh well, its only the 1st game...enjoy!

“Jamie, wake up” Laura says as she shakes me
“No” I respond with a pillow over my head…these morning people…geez.
“Come on, get up”
“Do I have to?”
“Yes! You have a date with your lover boy tonight and we have a shopping date with Abby!”
I jumped out of bed like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. I look to the clock and see it’s 10:30 so I decide to text Abby first to make sure I don’t wake her up, I knew right away that I didn’t when she called me.
“Good morning!” She says sounding very awake
“Oh man, I’m surrounded by morning people!” I say with a chuckle
“Oh girl, I’ve been up since like 7, I’m up with Patrick. Besides we have to get you ready for your hot date!”
“Ok, why don’t you head over here in about an hour, I just need to shower”
“ Ok sounds fabulous, see you girls soon!” before Abby hangs up.

After showering and drying my hair, I throw on some clothes and brush my teeth… there’s no point in getting ready now if I’m just going to have to get ready again in a few hours. Laura and I are watching an old hockey game to kill time when my phone goes off, with a text from Mr. Toews…

Be ready for the best night ever. I can’t wait to see you tonight. –Jon

Best night ever, eh? I’m excited! Can’t wait to see you. –Jamie

Aww, he’s so sweet…a million thoughts are running through my head as I notice that Abby is calling me, I tell her we will be right down as Laura and I head out the door.

Abby hollers at us from a silver Escalade (don’t think that’s what her or Sharpie really drive, if anyone knows, feel free to correct me.) parked out front. “Hey!” I say as we climb into the car.
“Hello ladies! You ready to find the hottest outfit ever for tonight?” Abby says
“Heck yeah! I’m so nervous”
“Don’t be, Jon is by far one of the sweetest guys I know, and he’s clearly grown a liking for you,” she says with a smile
“Really?” I say like a giddy 13-year-old
“Yes, even I can see it!” Laura says from the back seat
“Don’t even worry girl, you’ll be looking hot, he wont be able to take his eyes off of you!”

A few hours and countless stores later, we get to Charlotte Russe, one of my favorite stores… I think I’m bound to find something there. And sure enough, it seemed like fate as a shirt popped out at me, went to grab it and tried it on.
I immediately fall in love with it and walk out to show the girls, and get the seal of approval before I even open my mouth.
“Ok, so skinny jeans, but what shoes?” I ask with my hands on my hips
“Oh! Hold on I saw some really cute ones that will go perfect, what size do you wear?” I tell her an 8 ½ and she’s out of the dressing room, and comes back with these
“Oh my gosh those are so cute!” so I start to put them on
“Jon is tall so you want to be tall to, and guys love girls in heels, it shows confidence.” Abby tells me. I get them on and stand in the mirror, and I’m happy with my decision. So I make my purchases and we’re walking out the door when Jon calls me, causing me to smile from ear to ear.
“Hello?” I say trying to contain my excitement
“Hey beautiful, how much trouble are you ladies causing?” Jon asks
“Oh none at all just some retail therapy”
“Ha ha nice one. Ok so I will pick you up at 6:00, we have dinner reservations at 6:30 at Volare; it’s a really nice Italian restaurant. And I got a bottle of some of the best tasting wine in Chicago.”
“Oooh…Jonathan Toews is a wine drinker?”
“Shhh, don’t say that too loud, no just kidding, yeah occasionally, but tonight is a special occasion” I swear I can see the boy smiling through the phone, so I play along
“Special occasion, huh?”
“Yeah I figured, after dinner, we could have a glass of wine or 2 at my place. I what to know more about you”
“Sounds fabulous” Now I cannot stop smiling
“Ok, well you ladies stay out of trouble, I will see you at 6:00”
“I’m looking forward to it, bye Jon”
“Bye, J”

Abby and Laura ask where he’s taking me so I tell them, Abby says it’s one of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago.
“Well, if he’s getting you at 6:00 we better get a move on and get you lookin’ beautiful! Come on, let’s grab a small lunch and head back to the hotel.”

I walk out with a smile always on my face because it’s starting to hit me…I’m going on a date with Jonathan Toews…. Jonathan freakin’ Toews! I’m sure plenty of girls would kill to be in my spot…but NOPE lucky little me from middle of nowhere New Mexico gets to go on a date with him. I am on cloud right now.


  1. awww cute!! loved it, can't wait for more!!!

  2. Eeeep!
    Happy times to see an update*

    This is precious and I can't wait for dinner! I mean, not that I'm going... ugh, you know what I meant*

  3. ha ha yes i know what you mean! thanks ladies :)