Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chapter 7

***A/N: 1) I'm going to probably post a short chapter soon finishing up spring break then fast forward to May-ish, but I'll indicate it so ya'll don't get confused and 2) Im sayin' sorry now for any of ya'll that are Capitals fans...I for sure hate them so I kinda bashed on them, so I don't mean to offend anyone! oh and incase I didn't already say, this is happening during the 2010-2011 season, and I switched a few games around to make it work

So, here's the new chapter...enjoy!

The sun shines through the windows in our hotel windows, I have no idea how I woke up or why I’m awake, especially when it is almost 7AM and I was sleeping very comfortably with Jon…yeah definitely going back to sleep. 4 hours later I wake up again, for good this time. Pat is still asleep and I hear water running so that leaves Laura to be in the shower, because Jon is awake also.

“Good morning” he says with a kiss
“Morning” I say, still half asleep
“How did you sleep?”
“Good, I was out in like 5 minutes after we got into bed”
“Yeah me too, I have a killer headache” He says while pinching at his nose right between his eyes
“Me too, and I didn’t even drink that much”
“Whatever, you kept taking shots of patron”
“Well, when it comes to me and patron, there’s no joking around, I love it” I say as he laughs at me
“Tazer shut up,” Pat says as he rolls over to face us
“Dude, it’s 11 o’clock, get your ass up” Jon says as he throws a pillow at him
“Your so loud!” he responds as he throws it back
“What are ya’ll laughing at” Laura asks as she walks out of the bathroom
“Kane is hung-over” Jon tells her as she sits on the bed
“Yeah aren’t we all” she says with a laugh
“Yes, ugh stop yelling” Pat says again
“Um, we’re not yelling, you just think we are” I tell him
“So, no practice, thank god; what should we do today?” Pat asks, while rubbing his eyes then looking at us
“How about Dave & Busters?” Laura suggests
“Oh yeah that would be so much fun!” the boys say
“Ok well, I have to shower and get ready,” I say
“Ok, why don’t we go home and shower then we’ll come back and pick you girls up,” Jon says as he’s getting out of bed
“Sounds good” I tell him
“Maybe I’ll call Seabs and Sharpie, see if them and the girls want to come?” Pat adds
“Yeah!” I tell him as the boys are walking to the door
“We’ll be back in like an hour ok” Jon tells me ask he gives me a kiss
“Ok, bye boys” I say as I close the door behind them.

It was an hour right on the dot that there was a knock on the door, Laura goes to get it as I walk out of the bathroom. We head out to Pat’s hummer to go to Dave & Busters

“Woah Kaner, nice Hummer!” I tell him as Jon and I jump in the back seat
“Yeah it’s basically amazing. So Seabs, Dayna, Sharpie and Abby are coming.” He says as he reaches across the console and grabs Laura’s hand. Yeah Kaner, it’s about time you grow a pair! Pulling into the parking lot, we run into Sharpie and Abby on the way. We all say hi, and continue to walk in.

“Man, I haven’t been here in forever!” Kane says, as he gets a little excited to be there, still holding Laura's hand, which causes me to give her a 'good job' smile as we walk into the arcade room and grab a table. Shortly after, a waiter comes up to us, and takes our order. The boys run off a second later to see what games to play and whose going to beat who.

“Boys will be boys,” Abby says with a laugh
“”Right, and competitive, as always,” I add
“So, when are you going to move out here?” Abby asks
“Well, Stan wants me to be back out here by June 1, I graduate May 14 and my grad party is the next weekend, so as soon as possible after that.”
“Oh that’s great! Have you looked at places to live yet?”
“No, I was going to look at apartments online later today or tomorrow.” I say as Jon walks up
“What about apartments?” he asks
“Well, I need some place to live when I move out here” I tell him
“Oh, yeah I wanted to talk to you about that” he says as the ‘serious’ look appears on his face
“But maybe we should discuss it later, when it’s just the two of us?”
“Yeah, that’s fine”
“Ok” he says with a kiss on the cheek
“Where’s the DDR game? I want to do that!” Laura says

We had all had so much fun spending hours at D&B that we didn’t even realize that it was almost 6:00. Jon, Pat, Laura and I had said bye to the rest of the group as Abby tells me we’ll meet up in the players lounge before the game tomorrow night. With that we all get into Pat’s Hummer.

“I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a long time!” Laura says
“I know, too bad New Mexico sucks and will never get a D&B out there,” I add
“Yeah, but you’re moving out here so it wont even matter,”
“So true!”
“So what do you ladies want to do?” Pat asks as we’re leaving the parking lot
“I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m down for hanging out at the pool” I say
“That sounds like a good idea”

We all get up to the hotel to change and are heading back downstairs a few minutes later going towards the pool. Pat drops is things to run and jump in the empty pool, thank god no one else is in here. Him and Laura join Jon and me in the hot tub a few minutes later, although we are already in a conversation

“So about the whole apartment deal…” Jon says, getting the serious look again
“Yeah, I should start looking,” I say, not knowing where this is going
“Well, I was thinking, and you don’t have to agree if you don’t want to; but I was going to tell you that if you didn’t find anything, you can stay with me if you want to until you find something, or if you want to stay in my house anyways…”
“Yeah, I won’t lie, it sucks trying to find some place to live out here, and I figured I could help make your transition a little easier, and like I said you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but the offer stands”
“I don’t want to be like in your way or anything or crashing your bachelor pad”
“No, you wouldn’t be at all, I wouldn’t mind the company, and plus, I was thinking about it, and I would want my girlfriend to live with me in a new city”
“Well, that could work…wait, did you say girlfriend?”
“Yes, I want you to be my girlfriend. J, I have never met another girl like you, and the thing I like the most about you is that you like me for me, not for my last name, I want to show you a good time out here and I want to spend so much time with you too.”
“Aww, Jon, that’s so sweet. And trust me, I would never go after someone for their money or anything, I was raised to know better” I say with a smile
“So is that a yes?”
I just shake my head with a smile on it as his face inches closer to mine when he puts his hands on my face and close the gap between us
“Hey, get a room!” Pat says as he splashes water at us
“Well, I would love to take my girlfriend to a room” he says
“Girlfriend??” Pat and Laura say in unison
“Yep!” I say proudly
“Thata boy Tazer, I woulda killed ya if you didn’t ask her, she’s a keeper!” He says
“And SHE is right here” I say as Pat looks at me
“I know, and I’m glad it’s you that he’s with, now we have another person to keep him in line” he says as he gives me a hug

We stay in the hot tub for a little longer before we call it a night and head up to our room. The guys change and we say our goodbyes and good nights, as they are heading out the door

“Goodnight beautiful, we’ll see you tomorrow” Jon says
“Definitely” I say with a smile and give him a kiss
“I’ll call you and we will come get you ladies for the game” he says as they walk out the door.

Abby and Elina, Hammer’s girlfriend, came and hung out with us at the hotel; we ordered room service and talked about everything, including how I had gotten their approval the day they met me and are so glad Jon and I are together. The girls had left, and before we knew it, we were getting ready for the game. 4:30 came around with a phone call from Jon saying they were on their way and would call again when they were downstairs; and 15 minutes later, we were in Jon’s Tahoe and heading to the arena.

“I’m so excited for the game tonight, I hate the Caps!” I say as we’re driving
“Yeah, except for Brooks Laich” Laura says. I turned around so fast and I’m pretty sure if looks could kill she would be dead
“Laura!” I yell
“You like Laich or something?” Pat asks as Jon looks at me
“Ugh! Ok you caught me! I don’t like him, I just think he’s good looking” Jon just laughs
“Well he is a fan favorite of being the most attractive on the team,” he says
“Really? I thought it would have been Ovechkin,” I say sarcastically
“Yeah, if you like monkeys” Pat throws in
“Sorry James,” Laura says
“It’s cool dude, they would probably find out anyways, besides; I already have a super hot boyfriend. Laich is probably too busy with Mike Green anyways,” I say as the boys laugh
“Yeah, those two are always together, they live together, I’m pretty sure they are worse then Ovie and Semin” Pat says as we get out of the truck.

We’re walking through the arena towards the boy’s locker room and lounge. Pat and Jon go to the locker room to get ready after we meet up with Abby, Elina and some of the other wags

“Go kick some Caps ass for me” I tell Jon
“Oh, we will, I’ll even score a goal for you” He says as he kisses my cheek and walks away

Us girls sit in the lounge and talk until it’s time to go to our seats, which are about 4 rows behind the Hawks bench. We continue our conversations, until Abby says,

“So the people around us are generally nice, but we sometimes have to be careful of what we say, because people sometimes eavesdrop, and we don’t need rumors and shit going on the Internet”
“Yeah, there was one time, some girl was sitting behind us and I was telling Abby and Chelsea, Jordan’s girlfriend, about how my friend caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and the girl opened her mouth and told someone and for the longest time, people thought that Nik cheated on me, it was awful” Elina says
“She’s right, ya know, these girls don’t care who your talking about, they try and live through us,” Chelsea adds as she sits down and introduces herself to me and Laura
“So you’re the captain’s girlfriend, I’ve heard a lot about you,” She tells me with a smile
“Uh oh, hopefully good”
“Oh girl, from what I have heard, not a bad thing could have been said! I also heard you’re moving out here too! You’re going to love it,”

The puck drops and the game is underway; it’s exactly how I’ve seen it on TV, trash talking, hard hits, and of course…fights! About 5 minutes in, and 2 minutes after Sharp gets the Hawks on the board first, the first fight is between David Steckel and Nick Boynton, and it was actually Nick who starting talking with Ovie when he dropped his gloves, but the Steckel came in the middle; go figure, Ovie never fights! They fight for a good 4 or 5 minutes, the fight was about even but Nick got some better punches before the linesmen separated them and sent them to their respective penalty boxes. Needlessly, the fight pumped up both teams and it ended with a win going to the Hawks by a score of 7-5…the Caps didn’t stand a chance!

Post game interviews are crazy, all the boys are excited to get the win over the Caps. Even with the big win, the boys decide to not go out and get crazy, which a lot of them are thankful for, due to the hangovers yesterday. The 4 of us leave after deciding that the boys wanted to hang out and stay with us at the hotel since we’re leaving the next day. The Capitals bus is still there and as we’re walking out, we happen to run into…none other then Brooks Laich, and Alex Ovechkin, great. The boys exchange glances, or I guess I should say Ovechkin is giving Pat and Jon the looks of death, before he looks at me up and down, probably undressing me with his eyes, what a perv! We get into the car and go a few feet when the boys decide to stop and take autographs. About 10 minutes later, they come back and we drive off.

“Well what do ya know Jamie, we ran into Brooks, it’s fate!” Pat jokes as he taps my shoulder; I turn to him and say,
“Ha ha, I got a glance at him but then I felt like I was going to vomit when I noticed Ovie staring me up and down, he’s so gross! And he’s even uglier in person!”


  1. aww super cute! they're a couple, i love it! and i totally agree with you, i HATE the caps, they're rotten! this story is adorable, i love it, keep it up!!

  2. Agreed - NOT a fan of the Caps at all, though a little partial to Brooks Laich from time to time.
    Aww she's moving to Chicago - I'm worried things are moving kind of fast for them... LOVE it :)

  3. ha ha yeah him and i kind of have a little soft spot for Mike Green too, but because of what he does outside of hockey. dont worry India, it'll be at a good pace :) thanks ladies!

  4. Great story. I love it so far!!

    I read your comments previously and I'm having soo much trouble writing my story. It's pieced together and runs so much more smoothly in my head. So im just writing a few chapters out and re-reading/proofing them before i post anything. But im nervous about posting.

  5. Thanks Miranda! I totally know what you mean when you say it runs more smoothly in your head, I have that problem so much! So I do the same thing now, I re read it a few times before I post it. What story are you writing now? Id love to check it out!

  6. Im kinda working on two. A Seabrook one and a Kane one. The Kane one is coming along easier then the Seabs but i havent posted any of either yet. Maybe i will sometime this week. ill let you know.

  7. ok cool, i look forward to reading them!