Friday, October 15, 2010

Chapter 6

We stay out lying on the balcony for a bit longer before we decide to go to bed for the night. I decide to send a text to Laura telling her that I won’t be back at the hotel tonight. She responds like 2 seconds later almost freaking out, but I tell her not to worry I’d be fine. Besides with the way that Jon has been since we met yesterday, I can tell that he’s not the kind of 'wam bam thank you ma’am' kind of guy. Getting into his room after we turn off all the lights and he locks the doors. He gives me a pair of black sweats and a Hawks t-shirt that I take with me to the bathroom to wash my face and change. As I’m walking out of the bathroom I practically knock him over when he’s walking out of the closet, and then I get caught staring at him in his boxers…I mean, come on, the man is gorgeous! Lying in bed with him is the most amazing and comfortable feeling I’ve had in a while, he puts his hand under my chin to pull my face up to his, and says
“I’m so glad I got to take you out tonight, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time, nor have I met a truly genuine girl like you, and I really like that about you.” He tells me
“I’m really happy you asked me, I never would have imagined something like this to happen and I had such an amazing time.”
With that he kisses me and we say goodnight as I get comfortable in his arms, I laid my head on his chest and was out within 5 minutes.

I wake up to the alarm clock going off, and I’m about to cuss at Laura for setting it so early, when I actually open my eyes to see that I’m not at the hotel. ‘Oh yeah, I stayed with Jon last night’ I tell myself, as I look over where he was sleeping. I hear the water running in the bathroom so I lay back down. A few minutes later he comes out and over to the bed.

“Good morning sleepy head” he says with a kiss on the cheek
He lays back next to me and plants kisses all over my face
“Is this your attempt to get me out of bed” I ask as I kiss him back
“If I didn’t have morning skate then no it wouldn’t be…but sadly it is.”
“Ugh, ok I’m up.”
“Or do you want to just stay here and sleep and I can take you to the hotel later?”
“No, Laura will probably kill me”
“Ha, ok so I can take you to the hotel on my way to the arena?”
I just nod my head
“You girls are coming to the game tonight, right?” he asks as we’re walking to the door.
“Yeah, we have glass seats next to the goal where ya’ll shoot twice” I say proudly
“Sweet, how did you score those?”
“Stub Hub, surprisingly”

We get down to his car and get in and head to the hotel. He grabs my hand that’s in my lap and intertwines his fingers with mine and kisses it before he puts our hands on the center consul. We don’t talk too much, but it’s not like it’s an awkward silence, it’s almost near perfect. Few minutes later we pull up to the hotel, sad to leave, I turn to him when he grabs my face to kiss me.

“Want me to call you when I’m heading back to the arena for the game and I can pick you girls up?”
“Well we were just planning on getting a taxi over.” I tell him
“Nonsense, me and Kaner usually carpool anyways, so we’ll just swing by on our way.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, of course. Then you can hang out in the lounge with some of the girls until ya’ll are ready to go to your seats, because the wags usually sit in their suite. And then we can give you passes to go back down there after the game.”
“Ok sounds perfect then.”
“Ok” he says as he smiles and leans into kiss me, but not before he gets out to come and open my door for me…he sure is racking up points in my book. I get out and he pulls me into a hug and gives me a kiss, before we go separate ways.
“I’ll call you later, ok?”

I make my way up the our hotel room quietly, although I have no clue why, I’m positive Laura is awake by now, the girl doesn’t sleep past 6am. I slide the key into the door and open it, and find her sitting on the bed with a “you better tell me what happened” look on her face

“Hey” I say
“Hey” she says, practically glaring at me
“What’s with the daggers your throwing at me for?”
“Oh I just want to know what happened last night.” She says. So I tell her everything that happened, and how much of a gentleman he is, and I also threw in that I told him about Zach.
“You really told him about Zach?” she asks
“Yeah, it was one of those awkward conversations that was brought up at dinner but I said I didn’t want to talk about it at dinner, so I told him when we were back at his condo, which was set up so cute by the way, he had Seabs go before and light some candles and lay out some blankets and stuff on his balcony.”
“Aww, how cute!”
“Yeah. Oh and him and Kane are coming to get us for the game tonight”
“Ok, cool” She says
“Speaking of Kane…”
She was just about to respond when my phone went off, and it’s none other than Mrs. Sharp

“Hey!” I say
“Hey girl, how did your date go?” she asks excitedly
“Oh my gosh, it was amazing, absolutely perfect!”
“That’s good! See, I told you not to worry about anything! So you and Laura are coming to the game tonight?”
“Yes, we got tickets a while ago on the glass, oh and the boys are picking us up on their way”
“Oh ok, well if you girls don’t have plans on Wednesday, I have 2 extra tickets for the game against the Capitals, if you want to come and sit with me and Dayna and some other wags”
“Oh, really? Yeah that would be amazing!”
“Ok, fabulous, I’ll see you tonight then!”
“Ok, bye girl!” I say as we hang up

“Got plans for Wednesday!” I tell Laura
“Oh yeah?”
“Yep, Abby has 2 extra tickets for Wednesday’s game against the Capitals and she invited us!”
“That should be sweet! Especially since you hate the Caps!”
“Yeah, no kidding! But I might have a little crush on Brooks Laich…. So shhh!”
“Brooks who?” Laura asks
“Oh man, Google him! Don’t get me wrong about Jon, but Brooks Laich is one sexy man”

She’s looking at pictures of him as well as other Caps players,
“Yeah, he is pretty good looking” she tells me
“Right? Jon doesn’t know cause he hates them too, so I wasn’t going to say anything. Although I doubt he’ll care”
“Oh geez, ok.”

An hour later, we’re out exploring the city again. Laura was telling me about how her and Patrick had talked until almost 2am; she said they both learned a lot about each other.

“Has he asked you to hang out or anything?” I ask as we’re walking past in and out of stores
“Not really, I don’t know if we’ll just hang out when we are all in a group or what”
“Oh, yeah. Last night when ya’ll were talking I was about to text him and tell him to grow a pair and ask you to dinner, but then I decided against it…if he wants to, he will.”
“Kinda running out of time here though” she says
“Oh whatever we’re here until Thursday” I tell her as I direct her towards the Chanel store…a store I knew I shouldn’t have set foot in. Patrick is still the topic of conversation as were walking through the store and I’m trying on sunglasses when my phone rings

“Hey you, what’s going on?” Jon says
“Not much just shopping with Laura”
“Sounds fun. So I just got out of practice, and I have some news for you”
“Uh oh…” I say, kind of nervous
“No, no it’s good” so I say ok and let him continue
“Stan pulled me into his office a little bit ago and mentioned if I knew anyone that was interested in an internship with the team, so I asked what kind of internship, like job wise; and he said media and event stuff, I asked if a soon to be public relations graduate would count and he said yes…so I hope you don’t mind but I told him about you and doing PR stuff and looking for a career opportunity, and he said he would love to talk you.” WOW all that info made me stop dead in my tracks…was he serious?
“Are you kidding me right now?” I saw causing Laura to give me a questioning look
“No, I’m being serious right now”
“Oh gosh, this is like…so amazing, I’m almost speechless”
“Well, it’s a huge opportunity, and he said he would like to meet with you before he looks for anyone else, because I also told him about how much you love hockey.”
“Wow, Jon, this is amazing, I would love to! But when?”
“Well I told him that you were coming to the game tonight, he said that would work and you guys could talk and plan something else if needed.”
“Tonight?” I say kinda freaking out
“Yes, tonight, but you’ll be fine, I know you can do it”
“Oh man, ok I’ll do it! Do I need to bring anything?”
“Not that I know of, he just wants to meet you tonight”
“Ahh oh geez, ok. So I’ll just talk to him after we get to the arena with you and Pat?”
“Yeah, you can come down to the players lounge and I’ll get him”
“Ok, sounds good.”
“You’ll be fine J, I know he’s gonna love you! And plus if you get a job with the team, that means I get to see you more”
“Spending more time with Jonathan Toews? Yeah I don’t know about that one…just kidding that would be amazing!”
“Ok, I’m going to take a nap, I’ll call you in a while ok”
“Ok, bye!”

“Oh. My. God. Guess what.” I tell Laura as we’re walking out of Chanel.
“Stan Bowman told Jon that he has an internship with the team to do public and media events for the team and Jon told him about me and he said he wants to talk to me and see about offering me the internship!”
“Shut up? That’s pretty freakin’ sweet that Jon mentioned you!” she says
“Oh man, I know! So I’m going to talk to Stan when we get to the arena tonight, Jon said he just wants to meet me, and then we can set up a meeting or something to talk more.”
“That’s awesome!”
“Ahh, I know! And Jon was all then I get to see you more cause you’ll move out here!”
“Aww, yay!”

After a few hours of walking down the mile, we head back to the hotel to freshen up and get ready. And I decide to call my mom and tell her the news

“So, if you get this internship, you are going to move to Chicago?” she asks
“Yep, I don’t know when everything will happen because I haven’t talked to Stan yet, but things will be figured out probably tonight and maybe tomorrow I’m thinking and we will have to see” I tell her
“Well that sounds exciting! It will be a good experience for you”
“Yeah, and I know it’s not Pittsburgh but, hey it’s a step closer to my dream job!”

While we’re talking, I tell her too about my date the other night, as Jon as nearly won her approval before meeting him because ‘he sounds like such a gentleman’. I make a promise to call her after things are figured out. Laura and I are getting ready when I realize that it’s 4:30 and my phone is going off with a message from Jon saying that he will call me when him and Kaner are outside of the hotel at 5pm sharp. I tell Laura and we finish up getting ready and before we know it, Jon is calling me and we’re walking out of the hotel towards Jon’s Tahoe, and jump in the back seat.

We all say our hellos, and don’t talk about too much on the way to the arena, Jon keeps glaring back at me and says
“J, you’ll be fine. Stan is one of the nicest guys and he’s no where near intimidating.” He tells me
“Yeah, he’s a chill guy, you got nothing to worry about.” Pat tells me
“Ok, I’m taking your guys’ word for it, because there’s an internship on the line here” I tell him as we’re pulling up to the arena. We get out of the car and right away Jon comes and grabs my hand as we’re walking into the U.C. We’re walking towards the locker room when we stop in the players lounge; Laura and I stop and talk to Abby and Dayna while the guys go get ready for the game. They had heard the news about this internship before me so they knew I was nervous; they were telling me to calm down and not worry when I hear Jon, so I turn around to see him and is introduced to Stan Bowman.

“It’s very nice to meet you Jamie, Jon has told me so much about you,” he says with a handshake
“It’s nice to meet you too”
“Let’s go step into my office” He says. I turn to look at Jon; he whispers good luck and gives me a kiss on the cheek as I turn to Stan’s office.

Stan asks me to tell him about myself, so I tell him about growing up in New Mexico, going to school, wanting to have some kind of career with sports as well as how much I love hockey. He asks if I have questions and I just ask him what I would be doing if I got the internship,

“Well, my wife Diana is in charge of all the public and media relations stuff, so you will be working under her, you will also be working with Brandon and Adam; who are the directors of the public and media relations. So you will be working with them if they have to schedule media events for the team or public appearances. I might also have you do some work for me when it comes to needing articles to being written for the website.”
I say ok while he takes a pause before he continues
“Now, Jonathan tells me that you are just here until Thursday?”
“Yes sir”
“And you are graduating from the university in May?”
“So when would the soonest be that you could be out here? Because I am thinking that we could use this summer to see where you fit in best in the offices and around the arena. So I would have you do some public and media stuff, or have you write articles or even have you help with equipment stuff, basically have you help with a little of everything and see where you fit the best.”
“Ok that sounds good. Let’s see, I graduate the 14th of May, my graduation party is the next weekend, so I can basically leave any time after that.”
“Ok great, so can you maybe plan on being back out here by June 1?”
“Yes, that will work fine, it will give me some time to drive out here with stuff”
“We will cover the cost of a hotel for you to stay in needed until you find something,” he says before another pause
“But I couldn’t help but notice that you and Mr. Toews have been getting close. Maybe he will show a little hospitality.” He says with a smile
“Yeah, I’m sure I would be able to talk to him about it”
“Great, oh and I know you guys are young, don’t worry about any agreements to give you about not dating one of the Hawks, we only have that agreement between the players and the ice girls. But please don’t let it interfere with either of your respective responsibilities”
“Yes sir, we won't cause any problems” I respond
He gets a few papers put together, telling me to fill them and asking for a copy of my resume, which of course I don’t have; he says I can email it to him before I tell him that I can bring it with me to the game on Wednesday; and he adds that I can bring the few papers back with me then.

“Well I appreciate the opportunity to meet you and I’m happy to bring you on board with the Blackhawks organization, and congratulations on graduating.”
“Thank you, and thanks so much for giving me this opportunity”
“Oh your welcome! Jonathan spoke very highly of you, so I have good faith. I will be emailing you soon with more information,” and adds that I won’t need to worry about more paper work until I am out there. I thank him again and walk out to the players lounge with a smile ear to ear.
Patrick calls me and the other girls into the locker room for a few minutes before they hit the ice for warm ups. I tell him the news and he congratulates me and says I’m stuck with the boys now. I walk over to Jon’s stall and he turns to see me so happy and knows right away why I’m smiling and pulls me into a hug and gives me a kiss. We talk for a few minutes before we get kicked out of the locker room and Laura and I decide to head to our seats.

“Look, there’s Niemi!” she points to him as we get to the glass
“Aww, I wish he was still a Hawk, it’s his first game against them, I wonder how it will be” as we take our seats. The game is a quick start with Jon scoring 30 seconds in and Jordan Hendry scoring a minute later. We talking again for a few minutes when we hear “Chelsea Dagger” start playing once again, Brian Campbell scored a shorthanded goal; the boys were on fire tonight. The game ends with a big win of 6-2, Jon had a 3-point night and Hossa got a Gordie Howe hat trick.

After getting down to the locker room and waiting for the media to leave, we all talk to the guys and girls when Seabs decides to stand on the bench and yell that we’re going to the Underground to celebrate. About an hour later, after we park Jon’s car at our hotel and get a cab, we get to the club and make a beeline to the back door where the guys go in. We’re dancing, having some drinks, doing what normal 22 and 23 year olds do.

“Shots! Shots! Shots!” Kane yells as he’s following a bartender who has a tray full of shots to give us, he tells us that they are shots of Patron. “Thata boy!” I yell to him as he hands a shot to me, Jon and Laura. Jon scrunches his nose up before looking at me,
“I can’t believe you drink this!”
“Oh, it’s so good though!” He’s about to say something before Kane gets everyone’s attention

“Ok! So first I want to welcome Jamie and Laura to Chicago because we’re showing them how the partying is done. I also want to say good job to Hossa for beating the shit out of Corey Perry. And finally, I have to congratulate Jamie on getting an internship with the Hawks and will be moving out here in a few months,” he pauses and looks at me
“You’re stuck with us now, but I’m glad Jon mentioned you to Stan, because you’re perfect for the job, so cheers!”

Last call comes sooner than I thought and we were all pretty drunk when we get into the cab to go to the hotel. Patrick pays the driver as we all get out and head to the door when I hear keys rattling, yeah because ANY of us are in the right state to drive. Jon practically has to catch me from falling as I walk to the door.

“Stay here tonight,” Um; wow I guess I’m a little forward when I’m drunk
“I was kind of planning on it, Kaner is more drunk then I am and I don’t want to drive home like this, are you kidding me.” he says
“Ok good, because I don’t want any of us driving, and there is plenty of space in our room.”

“I’m glad we went out tonight, it was a lot of fun.” Jon says as we’re getting into the bed
“Me too, I can’t believe I have an internship with the team. I owe you big time!”
“We’ll work on something,” he tells me as he kisses me and we all say good night.
“Thank god we don’t have practice in the morning” Kane says before he dozes off, yeah no kidding, these boys would be worthless!


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