Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chapter 2

**A/N: Still tryin to figure all this out! lol hope yall like it, any feedback would be great! :)

We continue our walk in the direction to the restaurant, continuing our conversations with the guys, and noticing that Patrick is making Laura laugh, which is a good sign, because I know she likes him…I mean he’s Patrick freakin Kane…what’s not to like?! “I’ve never been to Canada,” I tell Jonathan as he finishes telling me about his hometown and childhood in Winnipeg. “Really? It’s definitely a fun place to go”. Not a minute later, Patrick’s phone starts ringing, he half way chuckles as he answers it and says “Hey Sharpie”, Laura looks back at me with a questioning look, then Jonathan asks, “What do you think of Kaner?” “He’s really nice, and so funny” she says, I’m about to say something to him when Patrick looks at me and says, “Sharpie wants to talk to you” “Me? Really?” I say, “Yes” Patrick responds and hands me the phone.
“Hey Jamie, its Patrick Sharp”
“So how you girls like hanging out with the guys?”
“It’s fun, we’re walking to some pizza place now and they have been showing us around town”
“Oh well that’s nice of them…so would you mind if I ask you a few questions?”
“Ha ha no that’s fine” –as I give Kane a questioning look, he then holds his hands up in defense. After about 10 minutes of Sharpie asking me a bunch of questions, mostly hockey related, he says “Ok, you seem like a nice young lady, and I wanted to make sure that you weren’t a puck slut going after these gentlemen, so tell me…which of the guys are you interested in?” “Um…I think you can guess and trust me I’m far from a puck slut”. I say causing both guys to turn and look at me. “Umm…Mr. Toe-ezz?” he says with a laugh, so I respond with a yes. “Ok, well here’s the deal, we’re all going to go to dinner tonight, I want to meet you and your friend, Ill invite some of the guys too, and since you girls aren’t from here, you pick the restaurant, ok?” Sharpie says, “Ok the Cheesecake Factory then”, “Ok, be there at 7:30 sharp.” He says “Yes sir, see you later” as I hang up and hand the phone back to Kane. “What has that all about?” he asks, “Sharpie wants to meet us, so we’re all going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner at 7:30, and I guess he’s inviting some of the guys.” I tell the guys and look at Laura when she says “Oh how exciting!” Patrick gets on his phone to text Sharpie to confirm these plans he told me.
“Here we are” Jonathan says as he opens the door to the restaurant for all of us. “Oh this place looks good”, “Yeah, I’m starving” us girls say as we are walked back to a booth. Laura and Patrick continue their conversation, as do Jonathan and I until the waitress, annoyed to see us sitting with the boys, interrupts us to take our food and drink order. “Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed” Laura said. “Nah, she’s probably just jealous that we have 2 beautiful girls sitting with us, and she’s not one of them,” Jonathan points out. The 4 of us join in our conversations for a while, Patrick asks what I’m going to school for, “Public relations with a minor in psychology” I tell him, “Nice! What do you want to do with that?” “I don’t know; anything with sports would be awesome.” Patrick widens his eyes at me and says “Wow that’s cool, there’s not many women working in the sports industry unless they are athletes, but that’s cool that you like sports enough to make it your career.” We talked a more before our conversation broke apart again.

Not long after we finished eating, the guys decided they wanted to show us around town more. As before, Laura and Patrick were walking in front of Jonathan and I. “So you said you girls are from New Mexico.” Jonathan asks, “Yeah sadly” I sarcastically reply. Jonathan’s about to ask another question when a group of girls walk buy us and all I hear out of their mouths is “Wow, what a slut”…seriously? Did those random girls just call me a slut? Jonathan catches on and asks if I’m ok, I simply respond yes and keep walking; that’s when Jonathan stops me and pulls me to the side, “Listen, I know we just met a few hours ago, but I can tell that your not really ok” he says with a smile. “Is everything ok?” Patrick asks as him and Laura stop “Yeah, we’ll catch up with you guys”. Jonathan says before he looks back at me with his signature ‘serious’ face. “Ok, you caught me, I’m just upset that those girls called me a slut. I mean, it’s not the first time I’ve been called that, but by random girls, that’s irritating” I reply. “Yeah I can imagine what it’s like, and you know it’s because your walking with me, they are just jealous that it’s not them, I’m gonna tell you now, from what I know about you I’m beginning to like you, and if people want to talk, then we might as well give them something to talk about.” And with that, he put his hands on my face and kissed me, causing a few “awws” and “ooohs” around us but I clearly didn’t care. All I could do was smile as he smiled back and grabbed my hand so we could catch up with Laura and Patrick.


  1. Hey girl!. Thanks for the comment!. I hope u read the whole thing lol
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  2. yes your story is so good! thanks for the comment i really appreciate it!

  3. I've just read your story, and it's pretty good. Keep going.

  4. really great chapter, super sweet! another tip, just write whatever comes to you, don't over think things or worry about peoples reactions, if they're loyal to your story, they'll trust you and stick with whatever you decide to put in it. and you're doing a really great job so far! oh and don't worry about one chapter being massively long then the next super short, a chapter is a chapter, length isn't really important. its the content that counts. keep it up!! :)

  5. thanks girls! yeah lileannee, it sometimes goes long or short, mainly cause i dont always know where to stop it. but thank you! i might get another chapter up tonight, cause with the pens and hawks both playin tomorrow night, i wont get much done.