Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chapter 19

**Pretty short and mostly dialogue, but I know ya'll have been waiting to see what happens with the Kane here it is! I havent had time to write ahead like I was tryin to do so Ill try to write more tonight and have a new chapter up by like Tuesday at the latest....enjoy! :)

Jon heads home while I finish up at the office. I get home to him taking a nap so I decide to start cooking something for dinner when my phone rings…Kaner.

“Hey, are you busy?”
“No, just making dinner, what’s going on?”
“I need to talk to you, it’s kind of important,”
“Well, do you want to come over here?”
“Ok, I’ll be there in like 10 minutes,”
“Ok, bye” I say as Jon is waking up

“Who was that?” He asks
“Kaner, he’s coming over because he said he has to talk to me about something important…any idea?”
“Kind of,”
“Oh, geez, am I going to hurt him?”
“I think he’s hurting himself, so that might not be needed,”
“Does it involve you too?”
“No, I tried to stop him,” he responds as the doorbell rings, so he gets up to answer it

“Hey Kaner,” Jon says and lets him in
“Hey,” Pat says as he walked to the table and sits down
“Pat, I don’t know what your about to tell me but I love you like a brother so please don’t make me hurt you,” I tell him, sitting down at the table
“Ok, well I hope not so here goes nothing…you know how we went out for drinks that night after we beat the Leafs?” he asks me, I say yes before he continues
“Well, things got a little crazy, a little more out of hand then I would have expected, and I’ll tell you too that Jon did nothing but try and help, he didn’t do anything wrong,”
“Ok,” I say
“We were at the bar getting drinks when some girl came up to me and we started talking, I bought her a few shots, so we were a little drunk. I honestly couldn’t even tell you her name because that’s how drunk I was. But before I knew it, we were dancing and ended up kissing on the dance floor,”
“Oh my gosh, Patrick!” I say
“I know, I know. So we leave the bar and she comes with me. Jon and Sharpie try and get her to leave but neither of us did anything. She came to the hotel, Jon crashed in Sharpie and Hammer’s room because he didn’t care to see anything. But I didn’t sleep with her, I started getting sober and yeah it took a while but I realized what was going on, so I kicked her out.”
“Did she know you have a girlfriend?”
“No, that wasn’t brought up, but I kicked her out before things got worse,”
“Ok, so now that you’ve told me this, you want to know how to tell Laura,”
“Yeah, basically. I don’t want to hurt her and I know that I’m known for the reputation of being a man whore. So I don’t know what to do.”
“Ok, well, obviously you need to tell her, especially now that I know about it. It’s not a secret you can keep. But when it comes to you not knowing how to tell her, that’s all up to you. You have to clear out your mind and feelings and figure out what you want. But you have to be completely honest."
“Yeah, but I need some time to think about it all, and I don’t know about that either.”
“So take the time to think about it, and if it becomes awkward when you’re around her, you need to bring it up. I can’t really help you with that one either.”
“I figured that much, I just don’t want to hurt her,”
“Well I hate to break it to you but I think that will have already been done when you tell her,”
“Ok. Well thanks Jamie, I’ll get things cleared up soon, but please don’t mention anything to her,”
“Oh, I wont, this is all up to you kid,” I say as Kaner gets up
“Ok, thanks for letting me talk to you about this, and thanks for not killing me,”
“Your welcome and I think I’d be dead shortly after killing you,”
“Yeah, true. Ok, Ill talk to you guys later,” he says walking out the door

“So is that why he was so quiet after ya’ll got home?” I ask Jon as we sit back down to eat
“Yeah, he’s never really been in a relationship so he doesn’t know how to handle things well,”
“Yeah, I could see that. I know he’s used to being crazy and living the single life,”
“That’s Kaner for you,”
“True. Well it’s good too that you tried to help,”
“I usually try. I hate when he gets out of control, and apparently Sharpie and I couldn’t keep an eye on him,”
“But at least you tried which is a plus. Geez, how did I get so lucky with you?”
“I’ve just never been one to be a crazy partier, and always being serious, you know,”
“Yeah, I know all about that. Chelsea told me that it’s the girls that don’t worry about their men are the ones that should be worried, but she said I’m not one of them.”
“And she is right, because I know that we have that level of trust where we can be together and still do our own thing. I know that you do worry about me, but it’s when I’m on the ice,”
“Yeah, it is. I always worry about you getting hurt,”
“I know, that’s always a worry, but we do our best to be as safe as possible. But you know I love you right. I’d like to think I’m a little smarter then Kaner to act as crazy as he does.”
“And I love you too. Yeah I think you are, you’re not as crazy as he is.”
“Ok good,” Jon says with a smile as we finish eating and start cleaning up, and decided to have a relaxing night at home and watch movies; I couldn’t help but wonder how and when Pat was going to talk to Laura.

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  1. I hope Pat dosen't break Laura's heart too much =(