Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapter 22

***New chapter...FINALLY I know! I apologize for the delay...I had that 2 week class kicked my butt then I was working again and I got so sick for a few days, but Im back and healthy so without any more it is! Hope ya'll enjoy :) Oh and I had to throw in a part with Ryan Getzlaf because I had a bad run in with him last month, so I wanted to make it fit! Another new chapter will be up soon!

“Oh my gosh babe,” I say again, not being able to take my eyes off the beautiful ring I have on my finger.
“I’m glad you like it, baby,”
“Seriously?? I love it!” I tell him, giving him a kiss
“Good! So, we have dinner reservations at 7:30; and I’m guessing we should make some phone calls, yeah?”
“Oh boy, yeah we should…who to call first?”
“How about your parents, then mine?”
“Ok, lets do it,” I say as I dial my moms number, then putting the phone on speaker

“Hey kid,” my mom says
“Hey mom, is dad around with you? Jon and I have some news,”
“Yeah, he’s right here,”
“Hey guys!” my dad says
“Hi dad,”
“Hey Tim,” we both say
“So, you guys have some news?” my mom asks
“Yep!” Jon says
“Were getting married!” I add
“It’s about time kids!” my mom says
“Congrats guys!” my dad says
“Thanks,” we both say
“Well, I knew it would happen soon, especially since Jon called me last week to ask for permission,” my dad says, totally catching me off guard
“Really?” I say looking at Jon
“Yeah, I got your house number from your phone and I called him to ask first,” he says
“Aw, I didn’t know that, that’s sweet,” I say, kind of tearing up
“Yeah, Jon earned good points by doing that, that’s how you know he was well raised,” my dad says
“Yeah, he was,” I say
“So, anything planned yet?” my mom asks
“No, we haven’t even been engaged for an hour! We still have to tell everyone too,” I say with a laugh
“We will start planning things soon though, and between you guys and my parents, you guys will be the first to know,” Jon says
“Ok, good,”
“Ok, but we have to make some more phone calls before we go to dinner, so we’ll talk to ya’ll later, mom will you tell people back home?”
“Ok, yeah I can do that, talk to you guys later and congratulations!”
“Bye guys, talk to you soon!” my dad says
“Bye!” we both say as we hang up

“Babe, I didn’t know you asked my dad for permission!” I tell him
“Well, I knew it was important to you and it was important to me too, I wanted to talk to your dad first,”
“Oh, well it means a lot that you did that, thank you,” I say
“Your welcome baby, lets call my parents,” he says

So we call his parents and talk to them as well as his brother, they all ask about the same questions, and Andree is beyond excited to help with planning, so I tell her I will conference call her and my mom when we figure out more stuff. Between calling both our parents and with a little time left before we have to get to our reservations, we send out texts to friends here in Chicago as well as all our friends back home, I took a picture of my ring and sent it to my girl friends back home for them to see, and the best friend is the first one to call

“Hey Bay,” I say
“Oh my gosh, is that real??!” she asks
“Yes, it’s real!”
“Dang! Congrats girl, that is so exciting!”
“When did he ask you?”
“Today, it’s our one year anniversary, so he sent me on a scavenger hunt, and then asked me,”
“Aw, that’s so cute! Any single guys left on that team? Because I will gladly take one!” she says with a laugh
“Umm…probably” I say thinking
“Jack is!” Jon says
“Oh yeah! Jack Skille, oh he’s such a sweet guy, I think you’d like him!”
“How tall?” she asks
“Ha ha wow Bailey, well hey we gotta get to our dinner reservations soon, so I’ll text you later ok,”
“Yes, please do, I want to hear all the plans!”
“Ok, bye girl,”

Jon and I change and get ready for dinner while we send a few more text messages out to people. We get our coats on and head out the door a few minutes after 7, and then we arrive at Volare for dinner. We get the same booth in the back where we sat the last few times we’ve been here.

“So, I think I’m going to call Pat tomorrow, being that he’s my agent, he needs to know,”
“Oooh, ok,” I say, I never thought Pat liked me, Jon always said he did, but he’s strict on business, and that he doesn’t have a problem with me
“Babe, you have nothing to worry about, he wants what’s best for his clients, and he doesn’t hate you,”
“Ok, so then basically after we tell him, then everyone will know?”
“Probably, but it’s not like we have to stand on top of the Trump Tower and announce it, we may just put a little something in the sun times, but it’s pretty much up to Pat,”
“Ok, that works, we wont have to like make a big deal and have a press conference or anything?”
“Oh, no nothing that big. Pat knows that I like to keep my personal life private, so we will make the announcement, and that is about it, I don’t want reporters asking me about it after every game, and I have to warn you that they will be after you too,”
“Oh, I had a feeling it would happen, I mean, yeah we’re not going to be completely quiet about everything but we also aren’t going to be telling every detail about it either,”
“Exactly, see I knew I was doing the right thing, I can’t wait to marry you!”

Dinner goes well, of course. We head home after to have a relaxing night with the fireplace on and movies also; along with some paper to start getting some general ideas for the wedding; and we got some good things written down too, so far we figured that either late July or early August for the date, but we didn’t know the location, and we had 3 options,

“So, we can pick between either Winnipeg, here or New Mexico,” Jon says
“Well, Winnipeg would be amazing, but I don’t know how many of my family or friends have passports to get over there,” I say
“Oh yeah that’s true, and it might be crazy too with trying to find a place, not to mention it’s ridiculously expensive too, remember how much Duncs and Kelly’s wedding was?”
“Yeah, true, and Chicago is way hot too during the summer,”
“So, it sounds like New Mexico is our last option,” he says
“Yeah, sounds like it, does that work?”
“Yeah, of course! I mean, you’ve already said you wanted to get married in the church where you grew up,”
“Aw, babe, you remember!”
“Of course I do, and that church is beautiful! I think a New Mexico wedding would be perfect!”
“Ok, great!”
“So, now I think we should figure out the wedding party, so we can let them know.”
“Yeah, well I know for sure that Ashley, my best friend you met at my grad party, will be my maid of honor, we made that promise to each other years ago”
“Ok, and I am going to ask David to be my best man,”
“Ok, then I was thinking Dayna, Laura and Bailey for the bridesmaids,”
“With Seabs, Kaner and Sharpie,”
“Sounds like we have our wedding party!” I say giving him a kiss

I called Ashley to tell her that I will be needing her maid of honor services and she said she would be happy to, then I text the rest of the girls to ask if they will be bridesmaids, they said of course. Jon knew the guys would all be happy to take part in the wedding.

The next day is game day against the Anaheim Ducks…and we all know that I’m a HUGE fan of Ryan Getzlaf, yeah, can’t wait to see the guy…sense the sarcasm? I was too busy anyways with pre game reporters, talking to Stan and Diana and also talking with the other WAGS and showing off my ring. I was waiting for the boys to finish practice, because Jon was going to meet me in my office so we could call Pat. So when I got a break, I decided to get Laura so we could watch practice for a while, we were walking towards the ice when we ran into a few Ducks players…and just my luck, Getzlaf was one of them, along with Bobby Ryan, Joffrey Lupul and Cam Fowler. Ugh.

“Ladies,” Getzlaf says
“Getzlaf,” I say still trying to walk away
“Wait, you know who I am?” he asks
“Yeah, I’ve been a hockey fan for so long, and I used to be a fan of yours, up until you nearly ran me over in the San Francisco airport and didn’t apologize or anything,”
“Oohhh!” comes from the guys behind him
“Really?” he asks
“Yeah, it was a while back, but you were pretty rude about it though, you weren’t paying attention, and you didn’t turn around to apologize or anything, so I didn’t care to cheer for you after that,”
“Aw man, I’m sorry,”
“It’s ok, because I think it was a week after that, that you took a puck to the face and missed like 5 weeks, so I thought that was good karma for you, and if I wasn't in such a hurry that day, I probably would have given you a piece of my mind”
“Ok, that’s true. Well if it means anything, I am sorry,”
“Apology accepted,”
“Can we take you ladies out for a drink after the game?” Joffrey asks
“Thanks, but I don’t think my fiancée would appreciate that, bye gentlemen,” I say as we walk away

“Ha, oh man that was funny!” Laura says as we get to the seats
“Right, sorry but someone had to put him in line,”
“Well at least he apologized,”
“Yeah, forever later! And asking us to drinks…no thanks!”
“But that guy was cute! Who was he?”
“Joffrey Lupul, and yeah he is, but still, no thanks I have a fiancée to go home to and a wedding to plan,”
“So how’s that coming along?”
“Good, Ashley is the maid of honor, you, Dayna and Bay are bridesmaids; David is the best man, and Seabs, Kaner and Sharpie are the groomsmen, and it’s going to be back home at my church,”
“Cool, date yet?”
“Not yet, were thinking late July or early August,”
“Seriously? It’s horrible back home this time of year!”
“Oh whatever, it’s not that bad, and we will be in buildings most of the time,”
“Ok, well it’s your wedding,”
“It’s mine and Jon’s wedding! But yes, it is,”

We talk for the rest of practice and hardly notice that the guys are off the ice. But when we do, Laura goes to work in prepping anything the guys need, I go to my office and wait for Jon to come in so he can get Pat on the phone.

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