Monday, January 3, 2011

Chapter 20

**Didnt think I would be getting this up, but it's short and I'm in between brainstorming and writing more, so I figured I would post this. ALSO...I noticed I lost 2 followers, kinda made me sad :( so I want to thanks all you ladies following and even other readers, please follow my story! I promise I have a lot planned for these two and even though I have a crazy school schedule coming up, I want to continue it!
Another chapter will hopefully be up by this weekend, this is basically a filler chapter, so enjoy! and please leave comments if you like it or what you think is going to happen or whatever! Thanks ladies :)

“Hello,” I say,
“What the hell is happening right now?” she asks me
“What do you mean?”
“I just spent the last hour listening to Pat talk about some hooker he was with out in Toronto,”
“Ok, well what happened?”
“Him and the boys went to a bar after they beat the Leafs, he got crazy drunk and hooked up with some random girl. He told me he didn’t sleep with her, but they hooked up for a while and she went back to the hotel with him. But doesn’t he room with Jon on road trips?”
“Yeah, and I have a confession that I knew about this after the boys got home,”
“WHAT? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because he asked me not to say anything until he could clear his head and talk to you about it himself, and it’s not my place to tell you that your boyfriend cheated on you.”
“Oh, ok then,”
“So what did he say? I mean, what’s going to happen?”
“He said he needed time to clear his head and figure things out; which was part of the reason why he played like shit tonight, he said he didn’t know how he was feeling about it,”
“And he’s not used to being in a relationship, because he’s not really that kind of guy, and he didn’t know how I would feel about it,”
“Ok, so what do you think, what do you want to have happen?”
“I don’t know. Now I feel that I really cant trust him, so I don’t know what to do either.”
“Well, maybe you guys need some time apart so ya’ll can figure things out,”
“Yeah, he had mentioned that,”
“I know people always say that time apart usually means a break up but that isn’t always the case, I’m just trying to help you guys out so do whatever you feel is right,”
“Ok, I guess I should call him again,”
“Ok, let me know how it goes,”
“Ok, bye,” she says as we hang up

The two of them talked and decided to take a break…basically breaking up, but I wasn’t saying that. Laura was having a harder time with it, because I know she really liked him. She had some stressful days at the arena, being that she couldn’t really avoid him. 2 weeks had gone by and she was completely miserable when she came into my office and sat down as I sent a few emails.

“Hey girl,” I say
“I hate this,” Laura says
“I’m sorry, I wish there was something I could do,”
“Can I go back home?”
“No, because then that’s showing Pat that you are giving up, and besides you have a great job with the team, you wouldn’t want to give that up,”
“But nothing is changing! I can barely look at him if he walks into the trainers room, and the most we do is say hi,”
“Well you can’t expect things to change right away,”
“It’s been 2 weeks!”
“I know, but he has other things on his mind too, like trying to win games and not get into any more fights or being on coaches shit list, you can’t rush things otherwise it will make things worse,”
“It seems like everything is making it worse,”
“Ya’ll agreed on the whole taking a break thing, so you both have to stick with that, and figure things out between the two of you,”
“But, I just want to be happy,”
“You will be! But you have to quit being so stubborn in the mean time. I really hope things work out because I hate seeing Kane so quiet, it’s very unlike both of you,”
“But what if we break up for good?”
“Then I’m sorry to say it but shit happens. I can’t control Pats emotions or feelings or what he wants to do, all I can do is be here and support both of you, and that includes not letting you go home”
“Ugh, ok fine.”
“At least stick it out through the season, that would look bad to the organization if you quit in the middle of the season, especially for the reasoning,”
“Spoken like a true professional,” She says with a slight laugh
“Well, ya know, I have to be professional working with all these crazy boys around.”
“I just wish we had a relationship as awesome as yours and Jon’s”
“Oh girl, it’s not perfect or anything, we both have our flaws,”
“Yeah, but ya’ll are so cute, I have never seen you guys fight, like ever! And he’s never cheated on you either, ya’ll are perfect for each other,”
“Well thanks, but I have faith in you and Pat, I think you guys will end up being ok, but you can’t let it get in the way of either of yours jobs, because we all saw how well that worked for him,”
“Ha! Yeah, ok well thanks, I’ll try to be patient,” she says getting up,
“Patience is a virtue!” I yell at her as she’s walking out

Barely 2 minutes later, Pat walks in…geez is my office the new therapists office?

“Hey” Pat says before sitting down
“Hi Patty!” I say with a smile, he HATES that nickname
“So, I’ve come to a conclusion,”
“Ok, and what’s that?”
“If Laura is willing to give me another chance, I want to see if things will work out again,”
“Ya know Pat, I think she will do that, but you are seriously going to have to earn back some major trust points, because she still doesn’t trust you,”
“Ok, yeah I know,”
“And both of ya’ll are my friends, so I don’t want to kill either one of you for hurting each other, so figure it out…please?”
“You got it,”
“Ok, and Patrick, don’t do anything stupid either, because I will make sure you will never play hockey again,” I say laughing
“Yeah, good luck,” he says getting up
“Just a warning, kid,”

So, turned out Laura was a little more of a softy then I thought…ha. She and Pat decided to give it another shot, but she was still having a hard time trusting him, and she pretty much had every right to, after what he did. But people make mistakes, and learn from them.

March was fast approaching; the boys were 2nd in their division and looked great getting closer to the playoffs. I had started to think about being out here for spring break last year and it dawned on me that Jon and I’s one year anniversary would be here soon…it had been a while since I had been a relationship this long, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

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