Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chapter 26

***So yes, I have added a little drama, and I realize that I never mentioned it in the story earlier, so I hope it all makes sense. it's not a lot but I'm working on fitting in some more drama. I noticed I have a new follower...yay! Glad ya'll are enjoying the story and as always, comments are always welcome! Enjoy :)

I spend Tuesday morning going thru emails from the ladies back home helping with the wedding stuff. And I FINALLY get around to putting our engagement pictures in the frames I bought a few days before, and hung them up on each side of the TV. Time comes to head to the airport to pick up Bailey. Jon calls me while I’m waiting inside the airport, they just finished practice and were on their way back to the hotel for their naps and such, so I wish him luck again and then hang up as I see Bailey walking my way.

“Hello!” she says
“Hi! How was your flight?” I ask
“Good actually,”
“That’s good!”
“So what are the plans for today?”
“Well, I have to call Dayna; we are going to meet at a grocery store by the house to get food and stuff. Then tonight, the girls are coming over and we are going to have the game viewing party at our house,”
“Ok cool! Who’s coming?”
“Dayna, Laura, Lauren, Chelsea, Elina, Abby and Savannah,”
“Oh wow, ok should be fun! Is there going to be alcohol?”
“Of course! We always do this when the guys have road games that we don’t go to,”
“You go on the road trips?” She asks as she gets her suitcase from the moving belt
“Yeah, sometimes, depends on if I have work at the office or if Stan needs me to go and do something team related out there,” I say as we get to my car
“That’s cool,”
“Yeah, it’s always fun. And I had a goal that I wanted to see a game at every NHL arena, and I’ve done it!”

After calling Dayna, we meet up at the grocery store to stock up on food and also alcohol and stuff to make margaritas and other mixed drinks. Bailey gets settled in the guest bedroom while I clean up the house for the girls to come over. Puck drop is at 7, so the girls come over around 6, as the pizzas are in the oven and the table is full of food. Bailey introduces herself to all the girls and they welcome her nicely. She decides to start asking questions about the boys they are with, and then asks about Jack.

“So, what’s this guy Jack all about?” she asks
“Skille? Oh he’s such a nice guy,” Abby says
“Yeah, I always wish I had a friend that I could set him up with, because he’s such a gentleman,” Elina adds
“That’s why she’s asking. He was asking about the girls in the wedding, and I told him that one of them was single, and that she happens to be coming out here, so he wants to meet her,” I say as I finish up with some of the dip
“Oh yeah?” Elina asks
“Yeah, I think he’d like her,” Chelsea adds
“Yeah, I think so too!” the other girls say
“Well, I guess we will see. I have a feeling me and Jon will go to dinner with them,”
“And we can go to the Underground one night?” Dayna adds
“Yeah! That’s a good idea,”
“What’s that?” Bailey asks
“The Underground? It’s a club, it’s fun to go to and the bartenders are so nice, and we get in free with the guys, they go a lot,”
“Maybe Thursday after the game?” Savannah says
“That will probably be the best time,” Abby says
“Yeah, because we all know we can’t go without the boys anymore,” I say
“Oh my god, that night was the worst!” Dayna says as we laugh
“What happened?” Bailey asks
“We all went to the Underground for Kelly’s bachelorette party, while the guys go somewhere else. Well we didn’t know exactly where we were going to go, we started at dinner and then figured we would bar hop, so that’s what I told Jon, didn’t mention the Underground, because I didn’t know, ya know.” I tell her

“So we go to dinner and Sub51, and then end up there, we’re all dancing and having a good time. Dayna and I go to get drinks when these guys start talking to us, and we weren’t going to be mean, so we talked to them, and then they started buying us drinks. And we all know that you don’t pass up free alcohol. They ask us if we have boyfriends and we say yeah, they ask where they are so we say they are out with the groom; we are out with the bride for their parties. But they were nice and respected the fact that we were taken,”

“When they could have easily bought drinks for other single girls there,” Dayna adds

“Yeah, so they buy more drinks for us, then for Kelly and the rest of the girls too, so we leave the club at like 3:30, the boys are already at their houses when the limo drops us off. So I walk in the house and talk to Jon, he asks where we went, and when I said the Underground, he about lost his mind! Oh my gosh, he was like are you fucking kidding me, why would you guys go there,”

“Seriously?” Bailey asks

“Yeah! So I just say that we weren’t planning on going there, we were just doing whatever. Then he asks what we did and if anyone bought drinks for us, so I wasn’t going to lie; I told him that these guys were buying drinks for me and Dayna and he asked if we exchanged numbers I said no, he was like I leave you girls for one night and that happens? I’m like fucking listen to me ok, I didn’t get his number, I was being NICE, I told him I was taken, and he respected that, I have no clue why he wasted money on buying drinks for girls that were taken,”

“Oh my god!”

“I know! I told him I couldn’t believe he was acting like this, and at the end of the day I was coming home to him. Then I got ready for bed and went to lie down, and Jon goes to sleep in the guest bedroom, and at this point, it's almost 5 in the morning, I’m like fine, I’m not going to argue with that,”
“Wow, James, already kicking him to the other bed,” Bailey says laughing
“Whatever! He’s the one that went to it, it’s not like I told him he couldn’t sleep in our bed,”
“So he actually did?”
“Yeah, but he came back to our bed at like 9 or 10 and cuddled up behind me; we both apologized and everything was fine,”
“Well that’s good,” Bailey says
“Yeah, so moral of the story: We don’t go to the Underground without the boys,”
“Oh, geez, ok well, glad we know that,”

By the time I finished my story, the first period was over; we were too busy talking and watching. But the boys did have a 2-1 lead over the Bruins. After the Bruins took the lead back in the second, the boys came back leading by a goal, only to have it disappear again, resulting in a 5-4 loss. I had a feeling we were going to be picking up some not so happy campers at the arena in a few hours, I could already tell by Jon’s tone of voice when he called me to say they were on the plane heading home; so we finished eating and started sobering up to be ready when the boys landed and arrived at the UC.


  1. Seriously keep this fanfic going, this is one of the best I have read! When can we expect the next chapter?

  2. thank you! i really appreciate it :) hopefully sometime tonight or tomorrow, so keep checking back