Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter 24

“The red we have is called apple red, here’s what it looks like,” Danielle says as she shows me the fabric
“Oh, yeah that’s the exact color we want!”
“Do you want to call Jon to make sure?” Dayna asks
“Yeah maybe, let me take a picture of the fabric and send it to him, I don’t know I they are at practice or not, or where they are” I say as I get my phone to call him, but no answer
“Well, he didn’t answer, so I will text him and send the picture, but it’s a good color, and all the guys need to do is get a red sash thing that they wear,” I say
“A cummerbund?” Danielle asks
“Yeah! That’s all they need,”
“Really? Lucky boys,” Laura says
“Right? Their wardrobe is so easy compared to ours,”
“Jon is calling!” My mom says as she hands me my phone

“Hello?” I answer as the girls start trying on dresses
“Hey baby, I saw you called,” he says
“Yeah, did you see the picture I sent you?”
“The fabric? Yeah, is it the color of your lingerie on our wedding night?”
“Wow! No babe. That’s going to be the color of the girls dresses, so the guys cummerbunds need to be that color, its called apple red,”
“Aw, man. Ok, that should be easy enough, ill tell the guys.”
“Ok, thanks babe,”
“Your welcome, did you find your dress?”
“Yeah, it took like 2 hours but I finally found it,”
“That’s good, so what are you going to do tomorrow?”
“My mom and I are going to find places for the reception, and maybe the cake too,”
“Ok, cool, you know what I was thinking?”
“For our engagement pictures, we could do them at the arena? Like at center ice?”
“Oh yeah! That’s a good idea!”
“Ok, well when we get back to Chicago, I’ll talk to Bill or Rudy, I think Bill’s daughter owns that photography studio on west Madison, I’m sure she could do them,”
“Ok, sounds good! Are you guys in Phoenix yet?”
“No, were going to lunch with Bur in a while then were flying to Phoenix, when are you girls coming home?”
“Aw, tell Adam I said hi, and we will be flying home Tuesday morning, we’ll get in around 1:00,”
“Ok, I will, were heading to eat so I’ll talk to you later ok?”
“Ok, bye babe,”

“Ok, sorry. What have ya’ll found?”
“Well we didn’t know what style you wanted, so we tried on different styles to see which you liked best,” Dayna said
“Oh, ok! Hey Danielle, are all these styles available in the apple red?”
“I believe so, let me double check,” she says as she walks to the back
“So I think that if all these dresses come in red, we should do that, because I like all the styles, and I was thinking of having different styles,”
“Yes, Jamie we have all those styles available in apple red,”
“Ok, great, does that sound good for you guys?”
“Yeah!” the girls say
“Ok, so we will go ahead and do that then, I’ll take this dress and then these dresses will be for the girls,”
“Ok, let me get a few more measurements on the girls, I got all the ones I need on your dress,”
“Ok, thanks so much. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to even look at the price of the dress, how much is it?”
“Oh, don’t worry about it, the dress has been taken care of” she says with a smile
“Really? Can I ask who paid for it?”
“Your fiancées mother,” She whispers
“But…she’s not even here”
“I know, your mom talked to me, they worked it out, and Andree faxed over her credit card information,”
“Oh wow, ok thanks Danielle!”

[These are the dresses...but they are red instead of blue]

So we finish up at the dress shop. I call Andree to thank her numbers of times for buying my dress. She said her and Bryan talked about it and they were more then happy to take care of it. I made an appointment to have another dress fitting when it gets closer to the wedding, which Jon and I had decided on, it’s going to be on July 28th. Laura’s mom goes back to work and my mom goes home while the girls and I go to lunch at Red Robin.

“Are you and Jon going to take engagement pictures?” Bailey asks as we sit down at the restaurant
“Yeah, when he called me he mentioned the idea of taking our engagement pictures at the United Center,” I say
“That’s a cute idea!” Ashley says
“And it was all his idea?” Dayna asks
“Ha, yeah sounds like it! He said he’s going to call Bill, because his daughter has a photography studio so she can probably do them,”
“So July 28th?” Laura says
“Yep, it’s far enough after the playoffs, and we will most likely come down here a week or 2 before,”
“And your bachelorette party!” Ashley says
“Oh geez, ok well as long as we don’t go to Fantasy World, like we did for yours,”
“Oh hell no, that place was disgusting, and we only went there because we weren’t 21 yet and we couldn't go anywhere else,”
“Yeah, true story”

Lunch went well, my old manager who was more like a sister to me took care of our meal that day, which was nice of her. I also managed to get a photographer for the wedding! A friend of mine, Julianne, was working part time there while starting her own photography business, and she said she’d be happy to take the pictures; which makes me happy, because she is an amazing photographer, I know we wont be disappointed.

Sunday was another busy day. Me, Dayna and my parents went to church that morning, I was able to talk to the pastor, and started filling out the paperwork needed for him to do the wedding ceremony, after that we went to several different hotels for the location of the reception. The one hotel resort I really wanted was going to be almost $7,000; a ballroom in my favorite casino was going to be about that price too. So next our next stop was a relatively new Embassy Suites hotel right off the freeway, and it is super nice too.

Kristin was in charge of the events going on around the hotel, she was excited to help plan out the wedding reception. The hotel had a package deal that included the banquet hall for the night, the option to have the hotel cater the food, with banquet servers for the night, and an open bar; the total price being $5,000; I’m pretty sure the casino and the other resort would have charged so much more and probably wouldn’t have included. The only thing we would have to arrange was the DJ, the photographer and reserve any rooms that we would need, and any extra decorations we wanted in the banquet room. And that was the day that Kristin became my new best friend, because she made my life so much easier that day. The best part was that the hall was available for the night of the wedding.

I took pictures of the hotel, inside and out, and the banquet hall to show Jon when we got home. Then my mom and I filled out the paper work to save the hall; then we got to sample the food that we could pick for the wedding, thankfully, Jon and I decided on chicken and fish platters with rice or mashed potatoes. They had both of those, with the choice of either side, and a dinner salad with bread before the entrée.

After finishing things at the hotel, we were thinking about the cake…the one thing that Jon and hadn’t figured out yet. So I call him, hoping we can figure something out over the phone real quick, but that was something that could also wait an extra day or two.

“Blackhawks slut house, this is Jack speaking, how can I help you?” Jack says laughing
“Ha, funny Jack, is my fiancé around?” I ask
“I knew you’d love it and yeah he’s right here,”
“Hey babe, sorry my phone was next to Jack, and I didn’t hear it ringing, what’s going on?” Jon says
“Well, we have a place for the reception!”
“Already? Dang you girls must be doing all that planning nonstop”
“Yeah, pretty much. I have all the info that I will bring home to show you and I took some pictures of the hotel too so you can see what it looks like,”
“Ok, awesome,”
“But there’s one thing that we didn’t really figure out,”
“What’s that?”
“The cake,”
“Oh yeah! I totally spaced it!”
“I know, me too, I was thinking though something that would be cute is a cupcake tower?”
“You mean instead of a cake?”
“Yeah, I saw it in Carrie Underwood’s wedding pictures and I’ve seen pictures, they are cool, and different too,”
“So what would it look like?”
“Well it’s just like a cake, like shape wise how it’s towered, but they are cupcakes. And depending on what I can find, we could probably do 2 towers and just have a ton of cupcakes,”
“Yeah, that would be cool, what about the cake that we cut into?”
“Well, I can see if there are cake toppers on the tower, if not then we can just get 1 or 2 cakes to have with it,”
“Ok, that sounds good! And there’s a place out there that does it?”
“Yeah, there’s this place called Cake Fetish, and they actually have all kinds of different flavors of cupcakes, so I think if we wanted, we could do a different kind on each layer,”
“Let’s do that!”
“Ok, it’s already closed for the day so we will go tomorrow and get the information, and I can even bring it home so we can decide what we want it to look like and I can do that order over the phone,”
“Ok, don’t forget our game tomorrow night!”
“I know babe, we get FS-A at the house, and so we will be able to watch it!”
“Ok good, oh here Jack wants to talk to you again,”
“Hey JJ!” Jack says
“Hi Jack, what’s going on?”
“So I know that none of the beautiful ladies in the wedding party are taken, but you got any other single beautiful friends for your favorite?”
“Ha ha, well not ALL of them are taken, my best friend that is walking with Sharpie is single,”
“Oh yeah? Well I think you should talk with her about a good ‘ol guy like me,”
“You think so, eh?”
“Yes mam!”
"Well, I'll see what I can do, I have a feeling I could find someone for you,"
“I have faith in you! See you on Tuesday! Here’s Jonny,”
“Hey,” Jon says
“Hey, Jack is a trip,”
“Oh, I know. Ok well we’re going to have a team dinner then turn in early, so I’ll talk to you later?”
“Ok, sounds good babe,”
“Ok, bye, I love you,”
“I love you too,”


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