Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chapter 25

On Monday morning, my mom has work, so Laura, Dayna and I go up to Cake Fetish so we could see what information we can get for cupcake towers.

“I still can’t believe you are doing cupcake towers,” Laura says as were driving towards the place
“Why? I think it’s a cool idea!” I say
“I don’t know, I’m just used to actual cakes I guess,”
“Well me and Jon are going to be different and do this instead,”
“I remember seeing the pictures from Carrie Underwood’s wedding, and it was cool!” Dayna says
“Yeah, that’s what I told Jon and he liked the idea,”

“Hi ladies, welcome to Cake Fetish! How can I help you?” the girl says
“Hi! I want to look into having a cupcake tower at my wedding,” I tell her
“Ok, great! When’s the wedding and how many people are on the guest list?”
“July 28th and there’s 200 people,”
“Ok, so if you would like to sample some of the cupcakes to help you decide, we can do that,”
“Oh nice!” Laura says
“Right, too bad the boys weren’t here, they would attack them!” Dayna adds
“Yeah no kidding. We’ll do that, and do you have a list of all the cupcakes you have so I can take it home with me?”
“Yes we do,”
“Ok, awesome, because I don’t think I’ll place the order today, I want to talk to my fiancĂ© so we can figure it out,”
“That works, and you two could always come in too so he can try them,”
“Well he’s in Phoenix right now and then we are all going back home, so that wouldn’t really work out,”
“Oh, never mind then, ok well let me get some cupcakes for you ladies to try. Did you want them to be your wedding colors? Because that will limit the kinds of cupcakes that you have,”
“Well, our colors are white and red, so it doesn’t matter, I think we were thinking about doing 2 towers, but that’s something I want to figure out with him,”
“Of course! We’ve had brides come in with pink and white for their wedding colors but get different kinds of cupcakes, ill be back in just a minute,”
“Great, thanks,”

“So, here’s a few different kinds of cupcakes that we have, the names are on the plates,” the girl says as she brings out a few trays
“Ok, and how do you guys build the towers, like with the kinds of cupcakes? Can there be different kinds on each layer?” I ask her
“Yes, that’s what we will do, unless you want them to go along with your wedding colors, then it will be different,”
“Ok, well I have a feeling we will just do different kinds anyways,”
“Ok, perfect!”

After trying so many kinds of cupcakes, I think I need to go to the gym again just to make myself feel better. The girls and I leave the place with some cupcakes to take home, and some papers about the kinds of cupcakes they have, a price sheet, and an order form to fax over to them. We decide to get an early dinner and get home on time for the hockey game. Game time comes and goes; the Phoenix fans were pretty obnoxious to the boys during the game, mostly Taylor, booing him every time he had the puck. Savannah and I had been texting back and forth, she was mad that the fans had been booing him after the good seasons he had out there, but she knew he was happier with the Hawks, so it’s their loss. The boys won in a shootout, with Jon, Sharpie and (of course) Taylor all scoring.

Jon and I talked for a few minutes while the boys took the bus from the arena to the airport. I filled him in on the cupcake tower deal and he was excited to see everything that I was bringing back home. We hung up after he said he’d text me when they landed in Chicago; so I decided to pack all my stuff and be ready for our flight in the morning.

The trip back home was a good one, relaxing, even with all the planning going on, and thankfully, we got a lot done. We had a nonstop flight back home and were greeted on the other side of security by our handsome men. The minute I saw them, I ran right into Jon’s arms as he picked me up.

“I vote for no more trips without me, I missed you!” Jon says into my ear
“I agree, I missed you so much, I wish you could have come with me,” I tell him
“Me too, but work is work, ya know,”
“Yeah, I do, hey Pat, hey Brent,”
“Hey, how was back home?” Brent asks
“It was good to be home for a while, busy trip too,” I say as we’re leaving to go home

The next day the boys didn’t have practice, but Jon had talked to Bill, one of the team photographers, and gotten a hold of his daughter, Stephanie, that has the photography business. She is taking our engagement pictures for us, which we decided to do at center ice of the arena. Sharpie, Kane, Brian and Jordan came with their ladies so we could take one picture where it looked like the boys were in action. For that picture, I made a sign that said “The captain stole my heart, so I’m stealing his last name”, and the boys were on the ice acting like they are celebrating a goal with the girls and I cheering behind the boys with my sign up. For the rest of the pictures, Jon wore jeans with his red jersey and I wore jeans with black Uggs and a black tank top with a red Hawks shirt over it. We took several shots standing up, him kneeling on the ice, and with him giving me a piggy back ride, then a few on the bench and one with us sitting on top of the goal net.

They all came out good from what we saw, so we went to the studio with Stephanie to see all of them and pick out which ones we wanted. The one we decided on to include in with the invitations was the one of us standing at center ice, smiling at the camera with my hand on his chest to show off the sparkle of my ring, so we ordered 215 of those. Jon picked the one of us sharing a kiss with me sitting on his knee and my arms around him to put in his locker and I picked the one of him giving me a piggy back ride to put in my office. We also got one of each picture to hang up around the house, and also got each of the ones we picked on a cd so if we decided we wanted more, all we would have to do is bring in the cd.

Since we were in the downtown area, we decided to go to Smitten boutique to get an idea for wedding invitations. The ladies were happy to see us walk in and were excited to make the wedding invitations for us. We told them all the details and they made a sample of the invitation so we could see what it would look like and it turned out perfect. The background of it was red with white writing, and the red matched our color perfectly. We got the package that included the RSVP card, prelabled envelopes with our name and address on it, and also had one of the calligraphers make labels for us with the guests names on it, so all we had to do what stuff the envelope with the invitation, the RSVP card, the little tissue, and our engagement picture.

But of course we didn’t have anything with us, so I would go back tomorrow to drop everything off. The invitations would be done next week, perfect timing to mail them out. It would also be perfect timing with our pictures being ready to get picked up. I had the finalized guest list to give to the ladies to have address labels made, which turned out to be 210 people, so it was a good thing we ordered some extra pictures.

March was nearing an end and April was only a few days away. Our engagement pictures came out looking amazing, and so did the invitations, which got sent out within the week of getting them…everything was becoming more real. My best friend from back home, Bailey was coming out for a week, her daughters dad would have her for the week and said that she deserved a vacation, and he even paid for the plane ticket, so I was stoked to hear that she wanted to come out here, I was in my office ordering the playoffs shirts for the guys while Lauren was ordering the shirts that the WAGS would be passing out on the night of the first playoff home game, which should (as of right now) be against the LA Kings, when the office phone rings, Lauren answers it and says its for me.

“Hello?” I say
“Hey,” Bailey says
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Just doing laundry, you?”
“Ordering shirts for the guys,”
“The guys…like all the guys on the team?”
“Yeah, playoffs are coming up and the boys always have shirts that they wear, I’m ordering them and Lauren is ordering the ones that we will be passing out to everyone coming to the game,”
“Dang, sounds like a lot of work,”
“Yeah, because I have to get the guys sizes and we have to decide on the design, it takes a while,”
“Oh yeah. So Jason is getting my plane ticket. I’m looking at flying out on Tuesday, and then fly home on April 4th, will that work out ok?”
“Yeah, that’s perfect actually, the boys will be in Boston that night so I’ll be here, then we play the Kings on Thursday and the Lightning on Sunday, so you’ll be here for all the last of the home games,” I say, looking at the game schedule
“Ok, cool! I’ve never been to a professional game so I’m excited,”
“Oh, yeah, you will love it! They are so much fun,”
“Ok, so Tuesday at 2:30 is the cheapest flight, and it’s the O’Hare airport right?”
“Yeah that’s it,”
“Ok, and you will pick me up right?”
“Ok, so what else is there to do out there?”
“The river walk is always fun, so is Navy Pier, and there’s a TON of shopping, the clubs are fun too, we might be able to manage going to one of them one night”
“Ok, great!”
“So what’s going on with Jason, I mean obviously ya’ll are civil for Briar but you’re not together right?”
“No way, he’s going to be stationed at Eglin after I get back. Neither of us wants to be together, its better,”
“Ok, because there might be someone out here who wants to meet you…”
“What? Who?”
“Jack, he’s one of the players, he’s super sweet, and I’m gonna introduce you guys, I mean, if you want,”
“Sure! That sounds good, might as well have fun out there,”
“Yeah, no kidding,”
“Ok, well Jason just got here, we are going to get the tickets so I will text you with my flight info and I’ll see you on Tuesday!”
“Ok, great, see you soon girl!”

Most of the girls and I were at the arena to watch the boy’s morning skate before they took off for Boston, the UC had practice open to the public today, so there was a decent amount of people there. We watched from the runway so we saw practice and the people; a few puck sluts were there too, so needlessly to say, we had some cheap entertainment to watch. After the guys finished up, they got ready to jump on the bus to go to the airport, after getting their suitcases out of their cars. I add to Jon and also Jack that Bailey will be in town for a few days, Jack makes me promise that we will go out to dinner as a group. All of us girls see our men off and wish them luck against the Bruins before we head out to lunch.

“Let’s have a get together for the game tomorrow night?” Abby says
“Yeah, let’s do it!” I say
“We haven’t done one in a while,” Laura says
“And we have empty houses!” Lauren adds
“Who wants to volunteer their house this time?” Abby asks
“I will!” I say
“Yeah?” Savannah asks
“Absolutely! We haven’t had one there before, so why not?”
“Ok great! Do you want to go shopping for food and stuff?” Dayna asks me
“Yeah, Bailey is coming into town tomorrow, so after I pick her up, we can meet at the store?”
“Sounds great!”
“I’ll make cupcakes or something!” Laura says
“Sweet, that sounds good,”
“Do we want to get frozen pizzas again?” I ask

So we decide on pizza, chips and dip, brownies and cupcakes, and margaritas of course. Dayna and I plan to meet at the Jewel-Osco by Jon and I’s house after I pick up Bailey to get everything we need for that night.


  1. Maybe this story needs some drama.... But great chapter over all!!

  2. yeah im kinda thinkin of doing that....i just dont know how to add it in, but its a work in progress. glad you like it!