Friday, January 7, 2011

Chapter 21

**I tried to leave this as a cliff hanger, but then I re-read it, and it sounded better if I just finished my thoughts, so here it is. I have 1 more week of my class and it's harder then I expected so I'm hoping it wont be too long before another chapter is posted but I'm working on the next chapter to be posted. As always, enjoy ladies...and comments are always appreciated!

It was the day of Jon and I’s 1 year anniversary, he had made me breakfast in bed, and had pink carnations and daisies delivered to the office for me; he had more plans up his sleeve, but wouldn’t say anything. He had gone to morning skate while I went to work after. The Better Halves had another toy drive and also a bake sale for the children’s hospital, so I was in my office sending some thank you emails out when Marie, a receptionist from the front office transferred a call to me, nothing unusual.

“Hey babe, what are you doing?” Jon says on the other line
“Hi, writing some emails…shouldn’t you be practicing?”
“No, I’m done,”
“Oh, then why didn’t you just come to my office?”
“Because I’m sending you on a scavenger hunt. The first clue is at center ice, ok? I love you, have fun!” He says before hanging up…oh that boy.

So I finish my emails, and get up to leave when Lauren is walking in

“Hey girl, you done for the day already?”
“Almost, but the boyfriend is sending me on a scavenger hunt,” I say putting my coat on
“Really?” she asks
“Yeah, he was like the first clue is at center ice, have fun and I love you, I was like umm ok. So if I can find my car keys, I will get started on it,”
“I saw you with them earlier,”
“I know, I think I need a GPS on them because I’m always loosing them,”
“Well, go see what’s at center ice and I’ll look for them,”
“Ok, thanks, I’ll be right back”

So I walk towards center ice, although I was thinking that the ice would already be cleaned so I don’t know why he would put a clue at center ice, then I see Corey still on the ice working with Stephane, the goaltending coach.

“Hey! Tazer left you something,” He yells at me from the net
“Yeah, this is the first clue of my scavenger hunt,” I grabbing what’s at center ice; it’s a red rose, my car keys, and a note that says

First clue is easy, but you might need these for the rest. Much to find in a short time, so get started! ☺

So I say bye to the guys and head back to get my stuff in the office

“What was the first one?” Lauren asks me
“My keys! And a rose and a note that says I’ll need these for the rest of the clues,”
“Ha! Crazy boyfriend of yours here,”
“Right? Ok, I’m off to finish this, I’ll see you tomorrow!”
“Ok, bye, have fun!” Lauren says as I walk out and head to my car

Yet another rose is sitting on my window with another note,

Something is waiting for you at our coffee shop; it’ll help you stay energized

Favorite coffee shop…Starbucks? Pretty sure that’s the only one we’ve ever been to, and the only one that I’m constantly at is the one by the Drake hotel, where Laura and I ran into him and Kaner last year. So I get there and walk up to the front counter,

“Hi, can I help you?” The girl asks
“Yeah, my boyfriend actually sent me here saying…” I begin to tell her
“Oh, are you Jamie?”
“Yeah!” I say as she turns around real quick
“Here you go,” She says and hands me coffee, a red rose and another note
“Your welcome, good luck!”

I read the next note as I’m walking out drinking my caramel latte…oh he knows me too well.

I remember my exact words-“If people want to talk, then we might as well give them something to talk about” look for one of the guys, they will have the next clue.

Ok, now he’s making me think here…OH DUH! He told me that after we left the pizza place like way last year, on the first day we met, wow he has a good memory. So I get back in my car and drive near the pizza place where we went to lunch that day that feels like forever ago. I get out and walk down the street trying to remember the exact spot when I see Jack sitting on one of the benches.

“Lookin’ for someone?” Jack asks with a smile
“Yeah, actually. Jon sent me over here and told me to look for one of the guys…and since your holding a rose, I’m going to assume it’s you,”
“Yes, ma’am it is. Jon did good with setting this up, and I’m happy to help, so here you go,” He says handing me the rose and the note
“Thanks, Jack!”

We said our first ‘I love you’ and even though you got a black eye, it was still an amazing night.

Ok, team night on the riverboat, when the crazy bitch punched me. Navy Pier. But who do I look for?

“Hello, are you Jamie?” A gentleman near the dock asks
“Yes, I am” I tell him
“Well, your boyfriend is a clever man, these are for you,” he says, handing me a note and of course a rose
“Thank you” I say as I read and walk away

Pretty sure that if you wanted to, we would eat here every night. We’ve made so many memories here, and this is where you first met the guys that I call my family.

Cheesecake Factory! My favorite restaurant. So I walk back to my car and head to the restaurant, notes and roses in the seat next to me. I get to the restaurant and walk in when the hostess and someone who looks like a manager say hello

“Hi, my boyfriend sent me on a scavenger hunt and said that a clue is here,”
“Would that boyfriend of yours happen to be Mr. Toews?” the girl asks
“Yep, sure is” I tell him as she grabs the note…and another rose
“So you’re the lucky girl who stole the heart of our Hawks captain,” the manager says
“Yes sir, that would be me,”
“Well, we wont keep you, but please wish him and the rest of the boys good luck,”
“Thanks, and I will,”

We watched Stanley Cup Playoff games here. We also had our first kiss of the New Year here. And I can see so many more memories being made. #10

Sharp’s house. ‘Nuff said. So I get back in my car and drive to their house.

“Hey Jamie!” Abby says as she lets me in the house
“Hi! How are you?” I ask
“Good, you?”
“Good, Hey Patrick,”
“Hey JJ, what brings you here?”
“Wow nice to see you too!”
“Yeah, honey. Jon sent her on a scavenger hunt and he asked to leave one of the clues here,”
“Toes is smart enough to do something like that? I never woulda guessed!” Patrick says
“Yeah, he is, and they have all been good too,” I tell him
“Yeah! Here you go, missy!” Abby says and hands me the paper and a rose
“Thanks! I guess I’ll see ya’ll later,”
“Ok, have fun!”
“Bye, Jamie!”
“Bye guys” I say as I walk back to my car and get in before I read the note

You made it! Ha ha, now it’s time to go to your favorite place at home. Further instructions will be waiting for you.

Further instructions? Geez where the heck is this boy? I wonder if he will even be home when I get there…well my favorite place at home is by far the easiest. I get home and open the door to see that the balcony door is open, so I put my things down right away and slowly walk towards the door. Jon is standing there, with 4 more roses in his hand; he turns around when he hears me open the door a little more

“Hey, baby,” He greets me with a hug and a kiss
“Did you have fun on your scavenger hunt?” he asks as he hands me the remaining roses
“Yeah, it was interesting, but fun too,”
“Well good, I figured that the balcony would be a good last clue to throw in there,”
“Yep, I do love being out here,”

“So, Jamie. I did this scavenger hunt because I wanted to point out the best memories I’ve had with you out here,”
“And you did a good job at it too,”
“Thanks, I had been planning this for a while, and I wanted it to be perfect,” He says as he turns to face me
“The last year has been so amazing, and I’m so thankful for everyday that I get to spend with you, I know we have had our ups and downs, but we have worked through them, and became stronger, together; and I look forward to more days of spending with you and making more memories, even if it includes some ups and downs.” He says, as he gets down on one knee. OH. MY. GOD.
“Jamie, I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” and opens the box he pulled out of his pocket

"Oh my god, yes, of course I will, oh my gosh babe!" I say tearing up as he stands up and puts the ring on my finger, then his lips meet mine
"You just made me the happiest man in the world, baby,"
"Well, I'm happy to do that, wow babe, I didnt expect this!"
"I love you so much baby,"
"I love you too!" I say as we share another kiss

Oh goodness...I'm getting married!!!


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