Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chapter 28

***OMG ya'll are amazing! Thanks soo much for the comments and anxious to see what will happen with Kaner. So here's what I have of the next chapter, Ill be working on the next chapter while watching my boys in the Super Bowl. Enjoy ladies! Cant wait to read ya'lls comments!

Jon and Jack see what I see and start pulling me back when I walk towards them, but they can’t hold me back this time

“What the fuck are you doing Patrick?” I yell at him
“Nothing!” He says with his hands up in defense
“It doesn’t look like nothing! Where is your girlfriend?”
“Girlfriend? Are you kidding me Patrick?” Lexie says
“Yes, he has a girlfriend, did he not tell you that?”
“No, you bastard, I can’t believe you!”
“Yeah, she’s my best friend. And YOU aren’t even supposed to be around the guys unless it’s a team function,” I tell her
“What the hell are you going to do about it?”
“Actually more then you think, considering I do PR work for the team, all I have to do is talk to Stan and your coach and you will be kicked off the team,”
“You would be the biggest bitch if you did that,”
“Don’t test me sweetie, because I will, so I suggest you leave,”

She’s walking away as Laura is walking up with a drink in hand, and is completely clueless to what is going on,

“What did I miss?” She asks
“Your boyfriend sucking face with that ice girl skank that just left,”
“I was not!” Patrick
“Patrick Timothy Kane, don’t you pull that shit, I saw it all!”
“Is that true?” she asks him as I give him a death glare
“Yeah, it is,” He says
“Fuck you Patrick, I’m done,” Laura says as she walks away

I run past Jon, Jack and Bailey to try and catch up with her, but she’s already in her truck going back to her house, so I go back into the club and straight to Patrick, who is surrounded by Jon, Jack, Sharpie and Nik.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Patrick?” I ask him after I get through the guys
“I don’t know, we were just talking,” he said
“Not what it looked like, why didn’t you tell her you have a girlfriend?”
“I was going to! But then she started kissing me,”
“Well, it takes two people to kiss, you could have pushed her away,”
“I was! Then you came up,”
“I don’t know if I believe you, I saw you all over each other,”
“I’m sorry,”
“Oh, you don’t need to apologize to me, I’m not the girlfriend that stormed out of the club pissed off,”
“Shit, she left?”
“Yeah she did, right after she said fuck you,”
“I really fucked up, I need to talk to her,”
“Not right now you aren’t, your too drunk,”
“Ok, fine, what the hell am I supposed to do then?”
“Well you can’t drive, and I won’t let you,”
“My car isn’t even here, I came with Jack and Sharpie,”
“Either have them take you home, or you can come home and take the other guest room, if Jon doesn’t care to let you crash there for the night,”
“I don’t care, but if you get sick, your cleaning it up,” Jon says
“There ya go, and you better fix this shit tomorrow Patrick and figure out what you want, I love you like a brother, but I hate seeing you hurt one of my best friends,”

So we all leave after all the commotion and drama that just went down. Jack goes with Sharpie to get his car to go home, but not before he says goodnight to Bailey with a hug and a goodnight kiss. We get home without a drunk Patrick getting sick in the car, and end up getting him upstairs and in the bedroom that Bailey isn’t occupying. Jon and I talk for a few minutes while we get ready for bed and then pass out soon after getting comfortable in bed.

8am comes around so early and I wouldn’t be awake if it wasn’t for the pounding at the front door…seriously, who comes to the house this early? I open the door to see Laura, pissed off

“I can’t take this anymore!” she says
“Shh! There’s people in the house who like to sleep later then 8,” as I let her in the house
“Well I need help figuring this shit out,”
“Well, fyi, Patrick is sleeping in the spare bedroom,”
“Really, ugh, I don’t want to see him,”
“Ya’ll need to talk eventually, you can’t ignore each other forever,”
“But I want to, and I want to go back home more then ever,”
“You can’t go home pissed off though, and ya’ll are walking in the wedding together, so you need to at least be nice to each other,”
“But look how things turned out last time,”
“I know, but it’s not my fault the boy acts the way he does, you guys need to figure if out on your own,”
“Ok, fine, but if he messed up, so he can talk to me when he’s ready,”
“That’s fine, he’s passed out in that room so he’ll probably be asleep for a while, he got pretty drunk last night,”
“Ok, well I don’t want to see him so I’m going to leave. I’ll talk to you later,”
“Ok, figure this all out ok?”
“Ok, bye,” She says as she leaves

The boys didn’t have practice until Saturday, before Tampa Bay was in town on for a Sunday night game before we close off the season in California with games against Anaheim and San Jose, then a have almost a week off before the playoffs start. Kaner finally wakes up and needs to go home so we take him home then, me, Jon, Bailey and Jack join Dayna, Brent, Savannah and Taylor at the Cheesecake factory for a late lunch.

Sunday comes and I report to the office while the boys have morning skate to catch up on emails, and to catch up on the standings to see what the upcoming playoffs are looking like. The Hawks are 2nd in the Western Conference and the Penguins are 7th in the Eastern Conference. Bailey was helping me go through some stuff when Patrick walks in and sits in the empty chair next to Bay.

“Hi Patrick,”
“Hey,” he says
“What’s going on?”
“I need to talk to Laura, I can’t keep doing this,”
“Have you pulled your head out of your ass yet?” I ask him
“Yeah, and this all needs to be settled once and for all,”
“So what are you going to do?”
“Well I’m going to try and talk to her, but I don’t know how things will work out,”
“Yeah, and coming from me and Bay both being good friends with Laura, she doesn’t give the whole 3 strikes and your out deal, I’m shocked she even gave you a second chance,”
“I’m glad she did, and then here I go and screw up again,”
“Well, I told her that you guys cant ignore each other forever, and she doesn’t want to stay here anymore either,”
“Well is she here?”
“She’s probably in the training room, but I don’t know if you should talk to her before the game, it might be better to wait until after,”
“That might be better,”
“I mean, unless you want to talk to her now, don’t let me stop you,”
“No, I’ll wait, but I don’t want to be the reason behind her leaving,”
“Let’s be real here Patrick, she hates the winters here, I’m surprised she survived as long as she did,” I say with a slight laugh
“Yeah, I know, ok so I’ll talk to her today, do you really think she’ll leave like right away?”
“I don’t think so, she was talking about the playoffs, so I’m sure she’ll be here for that anyways,”
“Ok, thanks Jamie,”
“Your welcome, Patrick,”

The boys lost a close game to Tampa Bay, but they were still in good spirits, knowing that they would be going to the playoffs, while the Lightning would have a long summer ahead of them. Bailey had gone back home the next morning, and the next day after that, Dayna, Savannah, Chelsea and I had joined the boys on their final road trip of the regular season. While on the plane to California, Patrick informs me that Laura didn’t have the patience to give him another chance to work things out again, which didn’t surprise me because she is one of the most stubborn people I know. So they broke up for good, I hadn’t had a chance to talk to her yet so I wasn’t sure what’s going on with her. So I told him that word around the offices was that Lexie was no longer with the ice girls, but he didn’t care, he was upset about things with Laura but wanted to have fun at the same time.

The trip to California was a good one to say the least. The wins were split, a loss in Anaheim and a win in San Jose. Since coming back, I had been talking with the ladies back home that were helping with the wedding stuff, everything at the hotel was set, we’d have the food and an open bar, the DJ was booked too, and my good friend Julianne was doing the photography for the day. We ended up ordering 2 cupcake towers; each had 200 cupcakes, a different kind on each layer and both with cake toppers for Jon and I.

The following days, the office was in full working mode and things were crazy with the playoffs just around the corner. All of the shirts that Lauren and I ordered came and were in boxes all over the place. The other shirts that us girls would be giving out to the crowd at game one, were put in bigger boxes and decorated them before dividing them for each gate.

Finally having a chance to talk to Laura, she decided she wanted to go back home, but her Texas home, not New Mexico. She had to break the lease at her apartment, and talked to Stan and the guys in the office and gave her notice that she would be finishing the post season before going home, Stan had even mentioned that if he heard any word of the Dallas Stars had jobs available, he would refer her to them, which was nice. She said she couldn’t handle seeing Pat and not being with him at the same time, and it would be better if she weren’t in Chicago anymore. I understood, and being the friend that I am, I helped her get boxes so she could start packing up her apartment.

Weeks flew by. Round 1 was against the LA Kings, which was won by the boys in 5 games. Round 2 was against the Avalanche, which took all 7 games, but we won that one, I had a chance to go home for a day in between games 3 and 4 for another dress fitting with the girls. Game 1 against the Ducks was in 2 days, so between that time, the boys were given an off day to relax. They didn’t want to go out and get crazy because they didn’t want to lose focus so we had a relaxing night at Dayna and Brent’s house, with a ton of food and games.

“So, Jamie, what would you have done if it ended up being us against the Penguins in the finals?” Jordan asked
“Oh, geez, way to put me on the spot here,” I tell him
“I know,” he says with a laugh
“Um, I’d have to say theeee Hawks,”
“Don’t lie cause your fiancĂ©e is right next to you!” Sharpie says
“I’m not! I saw them win the cup last season, if it came down to it, I would cheer for you guys, no questions asked,”
“Are you sure?” Taylor and Duncan both ask
“Yes, I’m positive,”
“So have we completely converted you to a Hawks fan then?” Nik asks
“No sir, I don’t think that will ever happen,”
“She’s a tough one to crack here, Tazer,” Nik says again
“That’s why I love her, but she knows I’m ok with her being a Pens fan, I know who she’s going home to at the end of the day,” he says as he pulls me onto his lap

Before we know it, its time to go to Anaheim for games 3 and 4, with the Hawks up 2 games to none in the series. We were stoked to think that the boys could sweep the Ducks, but we didn’t want to get our hopes up, because that was exactly what didn’t happen. The Ducks won game 3, but we went back home holding the lead of 3-1. We were hoping to win the series on home ice but that didn’t happen either, so we were on our way back to Anaheim for game 6. That was the game when we sent them packing and went back to Chicago, ready to see whom we would be facing in the finals.

It ends up being the Carolina Hurricanes that we will meet in the finals and thankfully, we were seeded higher then the Canes, so having home ice advantage throughout the entire playoffs was good, and helpful too.

Game day comes for the first one, Lauren and I got shirts again for this round to hand out as people came in to the arena. Dayna, Savannah and I are at one of the gates handing out some shirts and talking with some of the fans as they come in when my phone starts ringing.

“Hi!!” I say after looking at the screen
“Hey! Are you at the game?” the voice on the other live says
“Am I at the game? Pshh, course I’m at the game, what kind of fiancĂ© would I be if I wasn’t?”
“A horrible one! Ok, well I’m here with my brothers, so I better see you,” he says
“Ok, I’m at gate 7, handing out shirts,”
“Ok, we’re trying to keep a low profile so I’m going to look for you now,”
“Aw, so I can’t yell your name from across the arena?”
“I think we would appreciate it if you didn’t,”
“Your no fun! But ok fine,”
“Oh hey, turn around!”


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  3. thanks ladies! the mysterious people will be revealed in the next chapter, I hope to have it up later tonight!