Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chapter 32

Our plane left for Vegas on Tuesday morning, with the award show being the next night. You could feel the humidity getting off the airplane and walking thru the airport. After we all got our luggage, we hopped into a few taxi vans and headed towards our hotel. Jon and I roomed with Taylor and Savannah, while the rest of the group figured out their room situation; Kaner decided to join us last minute also, with Jake Dowell.

Nothing important was going on when we got there, other then we have to check in at the NHL headquarters, at the Bellagio, where the boys get some stuff, and we get wristbands to wear, so we can get into all the clubs and skip all the lines. On our way to go to the pool, we run into a few Pens players, some Caps and Sharks players, as well as Kris Versteeg and his girlfriend; who joined us down at the pool. Savannah and I decided to go to the bar and get drinks, so we walk over and run into a few Tampa Bay players, who weren’t paying attention

“Excuse me!” Savannah says as Steve Stamkos runs into her
“Oh, I’m so sorry,” He says
“It’s ok, just watch where you’re going,” she says
“Let me make it up to you, I’ll buy you a drink,”
“Are you even of age to buy alcohol?” I ask
“Yeah, I am,”
“You just look really young, and I remember when you came into the league, you were like 19,”
“Oh yeah?” he asks
“Yep,” and before I can finish I hear a recognizable voice behind me

“Is there a problem here, ladies?” he says
“Ahh! Jordie!!” I say after turning around
“Hi Jamie, hey Savannah. Stamkos.” He says happily, then turns serious
“Hey Staal, well ladies, I’ll see you around I guess,”
“Ok, bye,” we both say

“What a little kid,” Jordan says with a laugh
“Yeah, he wasn’t paying attention and ran into Savannah, then offered to buy us drinks, I didn’t even know he was 21,” I say
“He’s 22 I think, but he still looks like he’s 13,”
“Yeah, join us for drinks?” I ask him
“Sure! Where are your men?” he asks
“Um…over at that far pool,” I say pointing in that direction
“Oh ok cool, I gotta congratulate them,”
“Yeah, come over there with us, did any of the guys come?”
“Yeah, Sid is here with his girlfriend, Marc and Vero are here, and Tyler and Kelsey are here too. Who’s here from the Hawks?”
“Jon, Brent, Taylor, Nik, Duncan, Sharpie, Kaner and Jake,”
“Dang! Party in Vegas!”
“Gotta do it right”

Jordan joins us for drinks and goes with us back to our chairs to say hi to the boys and congratulate them, when the rest of the Pens boys come up also…which made for a lot of testosterone where we were. The guys hung out in the pool, while the girls and I laid out and talked with Kelsey and Vero, who I got along with instantly, they were both so sweet and Vero was strong at speaking her mind.

Later that night after we all got done up and ready, the whole group walked over to Margaritaville for dinner, which was a whole bunch of craziness, because apparently every other hockey player wanted to go there too. But we got there early enough and just hung out at the bar until our massive table was ready. Savannah was telling me the story about how her and Taylor met at the Margaritaville in Westgate right after he got traded to the Coyotes; just at that moment, Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood walked in and past the guys to congratulate them and take a few pictures before going to join his former Senator teammates.

After dinner, we decide to do what’s done best in Vegas…go to the clubs. So we go to Pure and start there. Thankfully, we got the wristbands, so we cut through the line and got VIP service. Seems like the NHL put a lot of money into this so the guys could have fun, and that included all the cover charges at every bar and club taken care of.

We all sat in the VIP area, which was still an open area where the people could be seen, but there was a security guard near the couches watching. We got drinks and were having fun, and not too long after we had a few drinks, Jordan and the rest of his crew showed up. We all danced like crazy on the dance floor and had so much fun, at one point I was dancing with Jon and Jordan came up and started dancing in front of me; we had to be careful with paparazzi around though, we didn’t need anymore rumors being spread around.

After a few more songs, I join Vero to get some drinks when we heard some girls next to us talking about the boys

“Oh my gosh, did you see Jordan Staal is here?” one of them says
“Yes! And TK is here too!” another one says
“Yeah but he’s with his girlfriend, and so is Fleury,” the 3rd one says
“Did you see that girl dancing with Toews AND Staal?”
“Yeah, what a slut! Can she not decide who she wants?”
“I heard she’s engaged to Toews!”
“So why is she all over Jordan too? That’s what I call a puck slut,”
“Yeah, no kidding, and Hjalmarsson is here too, but of course his girlfriend is with him, she is such a bitch,”

That makes me almost turn around and slap the girls, and then Vero jumps in

“Um, excuse me, but do you know any of those girls you ladies are talking about?” she says in complete seriousness
“No, we don’t, but who cares, those boys are hot!” the 2nd girl says
“Well, you need to watch your mouth, otherwise what you say is going to get back to the wrong person,” Vero says
“Yeah, ok, like who?” one says
“Like Toews’ fiancée,” I say jumping in
“How would you know?”
“Because I AM his fiancée, and I would appreciate you not calling me a slut!”
“Then quit being all over him and Jordan!”
“I can do whatever the hell I want to do,” I say getting angry
“Come on, let’s go!” Vero says, right as we turn around, I feel ice and liquid hit my back

“Seriously?” I say as I turn around
“Oh, sorry, it slipped,” one of the girls say
“Yeah, and something else is about to slip too,” getting ready to punch her
“Jamie!” I turn around to see Jon, Jordan and Brent running towards me
“Don’t waste your time babe, it’s not worth it,” Jon tells me as security guards come up

“Ladies, the trouble needs to stop. Did you get a drink thrown at you?” he asks me
“Yeah, that one threw at me,” I point to the one in the back
“I didn’t!” She yells back
“Don’t bullshit me, or any of us! We all saw it,” Vero says
“Alright ladies, you are going to have to come with me,” the guard says, as he escorts the 3 girls out of the club

“Do you want to go change?” Savannah asks
“No, I’m fine, my back is probably all sticky, but I’m not going to let this ruin my night,” I say
“What happened?” Jordan asks
“Those girls were talking about how they saw you guys, then they called me a slut for dancing with you guys, then Vero pulled me away and she threw a drink at me,”
“Well they got kicked out,” Brent says as he walks towards us with Kaner, who is already drunk
“Good, dumb girls, come on lets go clean you up, then get another drink,” Vero says as her, Savannah and I walk to the bathroom.

After another drink and a few more dances, the night is still young, so we decide to go to Studio 54. Walking down the strip with 11 tall hockey players, and then us girls was pretty hilarious, especially people walking past Jordan, who was massively taller then everyone else.

We got into Studio 54 within 5 minutes and went straight to the dance floor. We danced to a handful of songs before getting drinks and sitting down to talk and relax for a little bit. It was a little more relaxed there, we scanned the club to see if the girls were there, and they weren’t.

LAX was the club that we ended the night at, since it was in our hotel, and we knew we would be having a long day ahead of us tomorrow. At some point at Studio 54, most of the boys stopped drinking, so they wouldn’t have horrible hangovers for the red carpet and show. Jordan and I had a chance to talk for a while; he updated me on Heather, who is still in T-Bay, and definitely not with him anymore. He also told me that Eric and Tanya were expecting baby #2 early next year.

Wednesday morning came so early, considering we were out until almost 4am, and us girls drank a lot more then the boys did, so we were dying. Savannah, Dayna and I had gotten dresses at Cache before the store back home closed, so we all got cute dresses, that were still appropriate for the red carpet, because we wanted short ones, knowing it would be so hot outside. Abby, however, had gotten a cute dress also, but it was a little less revealing…of her baby bump anyways. Her and Patrick had announced after the championship parade that they were expecting their first baby sometime in December; and that was why they kept a low profile at the pool and out last night.

We had to be at the red carpet by 3, the show was set to start at 4:30, and it was the 2nd time the award show would be live, instead of taped in advance. We all wanted to be ready too so we could get pictures of everyone together, and have time to get the limo to the Palms. Jon and Taylor called in room service for lunch, since it was already almost 1 and Savannah and I were starting to get ready.

We were ready to go at 2:30, Savannah and I walked out of the bathroom and the boy’s jaws dropped at the sight of us, but with our long brunette hair down and curled, and our dresses of course. We get to the lobby and are greeted by the rest of the guys and their ladies, and within a few minutes, all 14 of us were ready to get in the limo to go to the Palms hotel.

[[This was my dress for the award show!]]

The limo pulled up to the hotel and we all filed out and hit the red carpet. As soon as we were walking, we all spread out to the fans or reporters who were doing interviews. Alyonka Larionov was there doing interviews too, since not doing work for the Penguins anymore, she was doing work around the NHL; so she called Jon over to talk with her.

“Mr. Toews! How’s your summer going with the championship?” she asks
“Oh, you know, so far so good! Just been hanging out in Chicago, getting ready for a wedding,” Jon says,
“That’s right, congratulations! I take it this lovely lady next to you is your fiancé?”
“Yes, this is my fiancé, Jamie,”
“Nice to meet you! So I have to ask, how did you two meet?” she asks me
“Last March, a friend and I were in Chicago and ran into him and Patrick Kane,”
“We both went for the same drink at Starbucks, then we went to lunch, and the rest is history,” Jon adds
“Aw, it was fate! So I take it you were there for the playoffs?”
“Yes, I was, and it was beyond amazing to be there with everything happening, and I couldn’t be more proud of Jon and the boys and what they accomplished,”
“As we all are! Jon, what do you expect during the off-season? Hope you guys wont lose anymore key players?”
“I sure hope not! We have a good guy in Taylor Pyatt, so now we have a good core group of guys, hopefully we can get more during the off-season,”
“Your up for the Mark Messier award, as well as the Lady Byng trophy; and you have some pretty good competition with both of them, hoping to walk away with either, or both of them?”
“I sure hope so, I know Crosby has won it in the past, so it’d be great to take it just once,”
“And Duncan Keith is up for the Norris trophy again?”
“Yeah, he really deserves that, he’s been the one to always step up when we needed him the most,”
“Definitely, well good luck with both nominations tonight and congratulations to you both on the wedding!”
“Thanks!” Jon says as we walk away

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