Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapter 27

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So here's the new chapter! Enjoy :)

Bailey and I went to the arena, along with the other girls to get our men when they arrived in the early hours of the morning. They had lightened up a bit but I could tell that Jon was still upset. I talked to some of the other guys and introduced Jack to Bailey, and we figured the four of us would go to dinner tomorrow night and then we would all plan on going to Underground after Thursday’s game. So we all separated ways and went home. Jon liked what I had done with our pictures and was thrilled to see them hanging.
We went to bed right away, being that it was almost 3am. Needlessly to say, we were happy they boys had a day off, and I didn’t have to be at the office, so it meant we could have the day to sleep in and be lazy, which we took full advantage of.

After waking up a few hours later, Jon went to hang out with Sharpie to do some things while Abby joined Bailey and I on a shopping trip, she insisted on finding an outfit for dinner tonight. We spent a few hours shopping around town, then Abby goes home and Jon comes back to the house while Bailey and I get ready for dinner.

“Hey, so I made reservations at the Chop House for 7, I hope that’s ok,” Jon says
“Yeah, that’s good, we just had a small lunch at the mall, is Jack coming here or are we meeting him there?” I ask him
“We are going to pick him up on the way,”
“Oh ok, sounds good,”

“I’m nervous!” Bailey says as were walking to the car
“Don’t be, Jack is hilarious, and he's amazing, you are going to love him,”
“Oh, I’m not doubting that, it has just been forever since I’ve been on a date,”
“Which is why were making it a double date, easier and a little less awkward,”
“Ok, fine,”
“Don’t worry Bay, it’s going to be fine!”
“Ok, let’s do this then,”
“That’s the spirit!” I tell her as Jon honks the horn in front of Jack’s house, seconds later, he walks out, carrying 2 red roses
“Ooooh! Look at that he has roses for you!” I say
“Aww!” Bay says as he opens the door

“Hi Jack! This is my best friend Bailey, Bay, this is Jack Skille,” I say as he gets in the back seat next to her
“Hi, nice to meet you,” Bailey says as they shake hands
“You too! Your more beautiful than I thought!”
“Oh, thank you!”

They continue talking, while Jon and I talk quietly in the front, holding hands across the center console. We arrive at the restaurant and Jon gives his name before we follow the hostess to our table, while Bailey and Jack continue their conversation. We take a break to order some wine and our food, and then the four of us join in and talk together.

“Sounds like you guys had some pretty crazy times back home, eh?” Jack says to me
“Ha! Yeah, to say the least, there has been countless times of going out and ending up at IHOP at 3am, so drunk still,” I say
“So how did you manage that with the little one?” Jack asks Bailey
“My mom would watch her, but I would always stay to put her to bed, and if she ever woke up, I’d be home,” She says
“That’s good, and she’s almost 3?”
“Yeah, well in November,” she says as she grabs her phone to show him a picture
“Oh, she’s adorable!”

Dinner goes great, we go back and forth of us all talking then Jon and I talking while they are talking, from what I saw, Bay and Jack were getting along great. We would occasionally join in on the conversation going on. After dinner we decided to leave, Jack goes back home, knowing they have practice in the morning and also that he will be seeing Bailey again tomorrow at the game as well as after. Jon goes to bed almost right away after we get home so he’s not tired for morning skate, while Bailey and I have a drink and talk about the night.

“So, what do you think?” I ask her as we sit on the balcony
“He’s really sweet, I like him,” she says
“That’s good! That’s how all these boys are; they are so nice and respectful. I would kind of feel bad sometimes for Jack like when we would go out because we would all be paired off usually and him and Jeremy and a few other guys would be solo.”
“Yeah, and I like that he’s a total gentleman,”
“Yeah, that’s a plus about him, and he’s always joking around with the guys but he gets to business when it’s time to be serious, and he's always looking after me”
“Definitely. So what’s the plan for tomorrow?” she asks
“Well, the boys have morning skate, I might need to go by the office to see if the shirts came in, so you can come with me, and then we can watch the boys practice too. Then we’ll come back here and I’ll cook dinner before we leave for the game,”
“Ok, and then we’ll go out after?”
“Yeah, so dress comfortable but still cute, if you want to wear heels, put them in the car and we will change after,”
“And not wear them to the game?”
“Not unless you want everyone to think you’re a puck slut. Wear flats, they will be more comfortable anyways,”

The next morning, Jon goes to the arena before us, so Bailey and I leave a little later in my car and go to the arena to head to the office. Lauren and Diana are in there, so I decide to check some emails and see about the shirts that we ordered, which will be here next week, just in time for round one. The office is pretty quiet so Bailey and I decide to go to the ice to watch the boys, we go through the runway and stand at ice level. Practice is short, as usual on game day; we catch the end of it, with the shootout competition.

Practice is over and dinner has been cooked, the 3 of us sit at the table and eat before getting in the truck to head back to the arena. Bailey and I meet up with Laura and the other girls in the players lounge while the guys get ready. A few minutes later, Jon comes in and asks if I could go somewhere with him real quick, so I say yes and start following him. We walk towards the door where the buses come and he tells me there’s someone he wants me to meet. As we walk out the door, I see Anze Kopitar standing near their team bus.

“Oh my gosh!” I say after Jon introduces us,
“It’s nice to meet you,” He says
“You too!”
“Jon tells me you’re a big fan of mine,”
“Yeah, I am, you’re my favorite Kings player,”
“It’s always nice to have fans, even if they like other teams better,”
“Oh, I bet. I like players on other teams too but between the Pens and the Hawks, they are always the top 2,”
“Pens, eh? How did you take that, Jon?” He asks him
“Well, she has always been a Pens fan, loves them to death, but she’s also a Hawks fan, so it’s ok, I wasn’t going to tell her she couldn’t be a Pens fan,” Jon says with a laugh
“Well, that’s good. Well, Jamie, I brought this for you, figured you might like it, but if you wear it around here, you didn’t get it from me” he says with a laugh as he hands me an LA Kings shirt, and I open it to see that all the Kings players signed it.

“Oh wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much, Anze!”
“You’re welcome! Happy to do it,”
“Well, I appreciate it,”
“Of course, I should probably get going and get ready for warm ups; Jamie, it was nice meeting you. Jon, good seeing you as always and congrats on the engagement!” he says
“You too, Anze and thanks!” I say as he gives me a hug then shakes Jon’s hand before we go back in the arena, in awe still that I just met Kopitar, and also tell Jon that I love him a million times for introducing me to him.

The boys finish getting ready and get to the ice while the girls and I start heading to our seats after they look at the shirt before I toss it in my purse. After the first period, the boys are up 3-1, but they know how quickly that can go away, with how the results came to be in the game against Boston. Bailey, Dayna and I decide to get drinks and food before the second period starts. We get in line and right as we continue talking, Bailey is staring at someone behind her I guess and then looks at me,

“Oh my god, James,” she says
“What?” I say as I start to turn around
“Don’t!” she says, grabbing my arm
“Why? Bay, who’s here?”
“Ugh, seriously?” I tell her (he’s my ex)
“Yeah, and he’s coming this way,”
“Who’s he with?” I ask her
“2 other guys, but shh,”

“Hey Bailey,” Kevin says before he sees me
“Oh hey Jamie,”
“Hi,” we both say
“It’s been a while huh, how are you girls doin’?”
“Good just taking in a hockey game,” Bailey says
“Yeah, same here, I figured why not get out of the desert for a while and see a game,”
“Yeah, it’s always a good one too,” I say
“You’ve been living out here, right?” He asks me
“Yep, I live here with my fiancĂ© and I work with the Hawks actually,” I say as he looks to my left hand
“Oh yeah? Who’s the lucky guy out here that stole you away?”
“His name is Jonathan,”
“Jonathan…Toews?” he asks
“Yes sir,” I say proudly
“Wow! Well congrats on that,”
“Thanks,” I say
“Well I think we’re going to get food before the game starts back up again,” Bailey says
“Yeah, D is waiting for us too,” I say
“Ok, well it was good seeing you girls, I’m here for a week so maybe we’ll run into each other again,”
“Ok, bye,” we both say

“Wow, talk about awkward?” I say after filling in Dayna as we walk to our seats
“Oh my gosh, no kidding!” She says
“Did you see his face after you said fiancĂ©?”
“Yeah! It was the biggest 'oh shit' look I’ve ever seen,” I say when we sit back down
“I wonder where they are sitting,” Bailey says as we look around
“Who knows, at least it’s not behind us,” I say
“No, but don’t look to the right, they are across and a row behind,” she says
“Oh, god, ok, no more about him,” I add quietly

The game ends on a good note, the boys ended up winning 5-3. It’s definitely going to be a good night at Underground. The girls and met up with the other girls and talk with them, happy to see they get along great with Bailey, after the guys change and do post game interviews, we are off. Jack rode over with Sharpie, so on the way to the club, he joins Bailey with Jon and I in the Tahoe.

Once in the VIP of the club, the drinks start coming. Bailey and I also notice that Kevin and his brother are at the bar downstairs, thankfully they can't come into the VIP area. Besides Bailey, the only girls that came out with our men are Laura, Dayna, Savannah, Chelsea, and me, so we were surrounded by a whole lot of testosterone. Jeremy and one of the other guys invited some girls up, but we didn’t care, that was their doing, and we were with our men. Until Dayna and I spot Lexie, one of the girls from the ice crew.

“How do you know it’s her?” Bailey asks
“Some of the work I do is for the Ice Girls, so I’ve met them and have had to write releases for them.” I say
“And they have to sign contracts saying they aren’t allowed to have any outside contact with any of the players,” Dayna says
“So, it’s probably not a good idea that she is here,” Bailey says
“Yeah, she could get kicked off the team if the coach found out she was here,” I say
“Are you going to say something?” Bailey asks
“Probably not, unless she does something to piss off one of the girls,” Dayna says

After a few hours, we are all enjoying ourselves, having drinks here and there and dancing too. Bailey and me get Jon and Jack out on the dance floor and are having so much fun, I was looking around for Laura and Kaner to pull them out here too, then I see it…Kaner and the ice girl are ALL over each other, full on making out too…shit’s about to hit the fan.


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