Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chapter 34

It was already the second week in July and we were packing our bags to drive down to New Mexico. Leaving the Saturday after 4th of July, we made it into town on Monday, it was a faster drive down with Jon and I switching off the driving, but we made it. After we got back from Vegas and looked at more wedding stuff, Jon and I decided it might be too stressful to have the Stanley Cup on our wedding day, so luckily we were able to have it sooner.

We picked up the Cup on Tuesday, after calling Julianne and stealing her from her studio, we drove down to the White Sands National Monument in Las Cruces, it was an amazing place to get such good pictures, and we wanted something different for pictures with the Cup. My parents came with us so we got some pictures with the four of us, but mostly of just Jon and I. I think he had the most relaxed day with the cup out of the whole team, but that was what he wanted, so that’s what he got. I didn’t have a problem with it then, and it was cool to have the cup in New Mexico. After we got back, we took the Cup to the hockey arena where the junior team played; they were beyond excited to see the cup, and invited us to their final game that night.

The girls and I got together on Wednesday, minus Dayna, because she wasn’t there yet, and did another dress fitting, probably not the last one, but it was nearing that time. My dress was still fitting perfectly, a few inches even had to be taken in. Jon had spent the day golfing with my dad so afterwards, the girls and I went to the mall, they insisted on me getting lingerie for the wedding night.

The next few days were spent hanging out around the house. I had talked with Kristin again about the banquet room, and she also informed me that they had nearly 100 rooms booked by friends and family that had RSVP’d to the wedding. I had also talked to Nicole, who did the arrangements for the cupcake towers. Her and Kristin had talked as well, because they had worked with each other before.

Jon’s parents and brother got into town on Thursday the 19th. Brent and Dayna, along with Patrick and Abby and Kaner arrived the next day. Saturday night was the bachelor and bachelorette parties. The boys went to dinner and a baseball game, while the girls and I went to dinner and spent a night dancing at Dirty Bourbon. There were times like that when us girls wished that the boys were with us for the dancing, but we still had fun.

On Sunday and Monday, more friends and family arrived in town. My sister and her family were in town, and staying at my parent’s house also, so it was the 4 of them, plus my parents and Jon and I, it was a full house. Jordan and Kris Letang were even able to make it down for the wedding, which I was super excited for. Almost half the Hawks players had made it; plus Burish came down from Texas and big Buff and his girlfriend made it in from Atlanta. I don’t think New Mexico had seen so many professional hockey players there at once.

Friday was finally here and it was a busy day. The girls and I went out for our manicures and pedicures, and then went to lunch before meeting up with the family to go to the hotel and see the banquet hall for the reception the next night. Everything looked perfect; Kristin and her crew did an amazing job. Each table sat 6 people, and they all included 6 miniature picture frames for each guest. She told me she talked to the DJ as well, and he would be setting up tomorrow at 5pm. She showed us the refrigerators that held all the flowers that would be put on the tables, as well as the one that had the cupcake towers and the 2 cake toppers that would be placed on top. Coach Q and his wife had gotten us a personalized wine glass set that had been delivered to the hotel. She reassured us that she would be taking care of everything to make sure it would be in order, and she would also be around for the reception if there were any problems.

We all headed to the church for the wedding rehearsal, Julianne came also to take pictures of that night too. This was the first night that Laura and Kaner would come in contact since they broke up and Laura moved back to Texas, and I was hoping that they would be nothing but civil to each other; and thankfully Laura was cooperating with the wedding stuff; she had asked a few times if she could walk with someone else, I said no, so she finally gave up. We were all sitting in the church waiting for everyone to arrive when Pat and Jack walked through the doors, I was pretty sure you could feel the tension between them. After saying hi to the boys, Pat went to say hi to Laura, who almost didn’t say hi back, until I gave her a ‘be nice’ glare.

We ran through the practice ceremony 4 or 5 times before we got it perfectly set for the 4pm ceremony tomorrow. There were red bows tied at each of the rows to be sat on and the red roses would be on the table behind the pastor where the unity candles would be placed.

After spending a few hours at the church, we all headed to Quarters BBQ for the rehearsal dinner, thankfully we made reservations, because with there being nearly almost 30 of us, we took up a lot of space. We spent about 2 hours eating, talking and laughing, sharing memories also. My parents had let Jon and I know that they got a limo for us tomorrow which was nice, so Jon and the boys would take it from the hotel to the church, then after the ceremony, the girls and I will join them in the limo from the church back to the hotel for the reception. It was almost 9pm by the time we left the restaurant to go our own separate ways for the night.

“So this is it for the night,” Jon says as he wraps me in a hug
“Yeah, just for tonight,” I say
“Only a few hours,”
“Before you know it, ya’ll will be heading to the church,”
“I can’t wait, don’t cause too much trouble between now and then,”
“I won’t, you either mister,”
“Ok, goodnight, I love you,”
“I love you too,”

He gives me one more kiss before he jumps in the car with the boys to go to the hotel while the girls and I get in my car to go to my parents house for the night. Soon after getting home, the girls and I get settled on the air mattresses in my old bedroom and talk for a while.

“I can’t believe the wedding is finally here,” Dayna says
“I know, I’m getting married tomorrow!” I say
“It’s gonna be amazing!” Ashley says
“So, is Laura and Bailey going to meet up with us tomorrow?”
“Yeah, they are going to meet us at the salon, so we’ll do our hair and makeup, then after that we’re going to follow them to the hotel so they can drop off their cars, and then we’ll all come back here and get ready,” I say
“Yay! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited!” Dayna says
“Me too, ahhh!”

We stay up for a while longer and talk more, share memories with the boys; before we decide to go to bed, knowing it would be 8am before we know it.


  1. I can't wait for the wedding day lol. I sound like I'M the one getting married!

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