Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 30

***Ya'll have been amazing with the comments! Thanks for all of it! Cant believe this is chapter's gone good so far and I still have a lot planned! Hopefully ya'll continue to enjoy it and give feedback! BY THE WAY--is anyone else sad that Jack Skille is no longer a Hawk? I heard the news last night and got so sad! He's one of my favorites! :( And since I've added him in my story, I still have plans with him so for the story, he's still a hawk.

Game 5 was here and the boys were beyond excited, but still focused, knowing that the Stanley Cup would be in the building in a few hours. They had their normal game day routines, while the girls and I hung out at Jon and I’s house and got ready. Jon's parents were there too, they decided to come in for this game, since they weren't able to come for any other games; so when the boys had practice one day, I went to the airport to pick them up.We decided to wear our guys’ jerseys for the game, and were joking around taking pictures before heading to the arena. We all headed out then met up with the other players and their wives or girlfriends in the lounge. Jon had his game face on and was rocking his amazingly sexy playoff beard.

We met up with Jordan before the game for a while, but he decided to sit in the box with his family, while we opted to sit in the stands with Jon’s parents and be in the playoff environment that we love. Before we went separate ways, he showed us a picture of his new niece, Marc’s wife Lindsey had her after game 3, and they were both doing well. So we said bye and went our separate ways.

The girls and I had nerves going around, but we didn’t let it show, because we had confidence in our men and the team. Puck drop was 15 minutes away when my phone rang, and it was a number I didn’t know, but I answered it anyways

“Hello?” I say
“Is this Jamie?” the girl says
“Who’s asking?”
“This is Heather. Jordan’s girlfriend”
“Girlfriend, eh? Last time I checked, Jordan said he was single,”
“Well, he’s not and we are very much together,”
“Oh yeah? Well I’m not the one you need to be talking to about that,”
“Yeah, well I suggest you stay away from him,”
“And what are you going to do about it? Kick my ass from Thunder Bay? Good luck, and how did you get my number anyways?”
“From Jordan’s phone,”
“Oh, yeah because that’s trustworthy of a girlfriend, he’s really going to want to get back with you now,”
“Whatever, just stay away from him,”
“Listen, I’m friends with him ok and there’s nothing you can do about it, besides, I’m engaged, I’m not chasing after him”
“Even more of a reason for you to leave him alone,”
“Wow, jealous much? And going through his phonebook, that must mean you don’t trust him, no wonder he keeps breaking up with you,”
“Shut up, seriously stay away from him!”
“Not a chance, and FYI, I invited him to my wedding, he said he’s coming, and I better not see you there,”
“Whatever,” CLICK

“Woah, who was that?” Dayna asks
“Heather, Jordan’s ex!” I say
“WHAT??” the girls say
“Yeah, she kept telling me to stay away from him, she got my number from his phone, I’m going to call him,” I say as I excuse myself

“Hey Jamie,” Jordan says
“Hey, so I just got a phone call from Heather…”
“Are you kidding me?”
“No sir, she said she got my number from your phone,”
“Shit, she must have gotten it when she was there the other day getting her stuff from my house, I’m so sorry! What did she say?”
“Basically to stay away from you, she said ya’ll were still together and I said I doubt that, and after going through his phone that shows you don’t trust him, she told me to stay away again and I was like what are you going to do, kick my ass from T-Bay? Um ok no.”
“Ha, yeah she wouldn’t do that, she doesn’t fight,”
“Oh, I don’t care if she fights or not, I just thought it was funny that she kept saying that,”
“Doesn’t she know your getting married?”
“Well I told her that I invited you to the wedding and you’re coming and I said I better not see her face, and she said whatever and hung up,”
“Oh my god, Jamie, I am so sorry, I never knew she woulda done that,”
“It’s ok, I just wanted to inform you of what your crazy ex is doing,”
“Yeah, see that’s why I broke up with her for good this time, she’s crazy! And she turned into a puck slut too, wanting to spend all my money, so I kicked her to the curb!”
“Yeah, clearly,”
“Ok, well I’m sorry again, I’m going to rip her a new one and tell her to leave my friends alone,”
“Ok, good luck with that, I’ll talk to you later,”
“Ok, bye,”

So I fill the girls in with just enough time for the game to start, Andree asks if everything is ok, I assure her that it will be fine. The Canes sure are putting up a fight, wanting to have a chance to tie up the series. They were the ones to score first; the goal was from Jeff Skinner and assisted by Erik Cole and Jared Staal. But that one goal didn’t put us down; it was barely half way through the 1st period. The 2nd period comes and goes, but this time it’s tied, thanks to Jack scoring right as he’s coming out of the penalty box. I got a text from Bailey asking if I saw that, I laughed and said of course; she and Jack and been talking, and he was excited to see her again for the, yay for being a matchmaker!

The 3rd period starts in no time and you can tell that coach Q talked to the boys, because they are so energized, making good passes and finishing their checks. Then, right at the 15-minute mark, the score turns to 2-1…for us! Taylor got the goal and Jon got the lone assist on it. After that, Crawford was on top of his game, and had the most amazing saves after we gained the lead, and before we know it there’s 4 minutes left in the game. Us girls get excited, but not too excited, because we know a lot can happen in 4 minutes. We could see how bad the boys wanted this and we didn’t want the stress of overtime coming in the game that is separating us from the Stanley Cup.

Then 3 minutes…

2 minutes…

1 ½ minutes…empty net for the Canes, everyone in the arena is standing. Sharpie steals the puck mid pass from a few Canes players and slap shots it straight to the empty net…goal!!!

Less then a minute left, 3-1 Hawks, Canes goalie is back in the net.

25 seconds

10 seconds

The buzzer goes off and the goal song starts blaring throughout the arena.

Oh. My. God. We just won the STANLEY CUP!

The entire arena is roaring so loud, cheering, clapping and banging on the glass; so happy to see the boys win the cup on home ice. The girls and I go crazy for a few minutes before we head down to the ice to celebrate with the boys, but not before getting high fives from people around us and telling us to say congrats to the boys. Thankfully, the security guards know us, so they don’t give us trouble when we get to the doorway leading to the stairs.

We pass the locker rooms and offices before we get to the runway that we run down to get to the ice and get through all the people. The guys are half way celebrating, and half way lining up for the traditional handshake with the Canes, so we patiently wait for them to finish.

As soon as the Canes are off the ice, as the champagne comes out and is sprayed all over everyone; Jon sees me and his parents and skates over to scoop me up into a hug as he skates around the ice.

“Baby, I love you so much, thank you for everything,” he says into my ear
“I’m so proud of you! You guys really deserved this, I love you!”
“This is unbelievable!”
“I knew ya’ll could do it”

Jon and his parents talk for a while in the midst of the craziness. The boys are celebrating out of control but being on the ice and around everyone in this environment is amazing, and so much fun. Gary Bettman comes out on the ice to present the Conn Smyth trophy…to Taylor! He played amazing and had 16 goals and 21 points in the playoffs. Then its time to present the Stanley Cup.

“It’s my duty to present the Stanley Cup to the captain, Jonathan Toews! Jonathan, come on up here,”
“Go get it babe!” I tell him as he lets go of me and skates over, leaving his parents and I standing with smiles on our faces.

Bettman says congratulations, they take a few pictures, and Jon takes it and lifts it over his head. I was in aw the whole time because last time I saw him lift the cup, I was watching at Laura’s house and we were going crazy. Now I’m here. At center ice. I don’t think anything could top this moment right now. Jon passes the cup to Taylor, who won his first championship; then comes back to where I’m standing with his parents, Dayna, and some other girls.

I was saying congrats and giving hugs to all the guys I saw, Sharpie first, since he’s like an older brother, then Skille, another brother to me and everyone else. I’m about to go over to talk to Taylor and Savannah when I see him get down on one knee, and ask Savannah to marry him. Ahh! So I go over after and congratulate him for the win and then both of them for the engagement, Taylor was on cloud 9.


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