Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter 41

**Love the feedback on the last chapter! Although I hate to add, that I might end this at chapter 45. There's only so much more I could write before it gets way boring. But I may start another story. Let me know what ya'll think and thanks again for all the comments! Enjoy :)

“Who is it?” Savannah asks
“I can’t see from the way he’s laying,” Dayna says as we scan the area
“Oh my gosh, it’s Nik,” I say as he moves a little bit
“Oh no!” the girls respond
“Come on Nik, get up!” I say as I see Jon and the trainers skate to him
“He’s moving more, come on Hammer, get up,” Savannah says

Nik gets up gingerly with the help of the trainers as they take over, as he avoids putting weight on his right leg as he skates from the ice to go down the runway.

“Oh man, I hope he’s ok,” I say
“I know, poor Nik can’t catch a break!” Dayna says

The game continues, Nik doesn’t return, so we know it’s not a good sign. Dallas stole the game from us, but we managed to get a point, as we lost in overtime. But I think at that point, they were more worried about the condition of Nik.

The girls and I wait for media to leave before we go into the locker room. Jon is sitting in the stall with his head in his hands, which sends me over to him right away. I kneel down and put my elbows on both his knees as he looks at me

“I’m sorry,” is all I say
“It’s ok, it was a tough game,” he says,
“So are you ok then?” I ask
“Yeah, I will be,” he says with a smile as he grabs my hands and pulls me up next to him
“Ok, good. How’s Nik?”
“Broken bone in his right ankle, he’ll be out for at least 6 weeks,”
“Oh man, poor thing!”
“I know, he’s been through some hell this past week,”
“Bur said that Laura was here, did you see her?”
“Ugh, yes. With 3 girls we went to UNM with that I can’t stand,”
“Ha ha and you didn’t get kicked out?”
“No, I was being the bigger person, and just walked away.”
“Good job, baby,”
“Thanks,” I say before he gives me a kiss

The bus ride to the hotel was a quiet one, the boys were exhausted and it showed. Nik sat in the front of the bus and passed out right away from the meds that the doctor gave him.

After the 2-hour flight, we were back in Chicago, and hello cold weather! Since Nik drove his Range Rover to the arena and Elina was no longer around, I drove Nik home in his car and Jon followed. Between Jon and I, we offered to help him out if he needed it, well actually Jon told the trainers we would, but I didn’t have a problem with it.

While at Nik’s house, Jon got some kitchen things; well I helped Nik get comfortable on the couch with some pillows and blankets. He had just taken some meds, which were kicking in so he’d be falling asleep soon.

“Thanks for all your help guys,” he says as Jon walks in with a bag of ice and snacks
“Of course man, you didn’t think we’d leave you to rot did you?” Jon says with a laugh
“Well you never know, I mean Elina probably would have,”
“Yeah, that’s why we’re here, because we actually care about you, and we want you to get better,” I say
“Yeah, and she probably wouldn’t have done anything anyways,”
“Well, get some rest ok, Mike might be calling you tomorrow” Jon says
“And the prescription will only fill the rest of the week, so if you call the doctor to get it refilled, I can pick it up for you,”
“You guys are amazing. You have quiet a wife here Jonny-boy,” He says laughing
“I know,” He says with his cocky grin
“There’s an extra key in the shelf behind that mirror, why don’t you take it in case you come by with something and I’m asleep,” He adds
“Ok, we will. Your phone is right here on the charger, call either of us if you need anything, ok?” I say
“Yeah, take it easy ok, buddy?”
“I will, thanks again guys,” Nik says

Saturday we’re back in action, well the WAGS are anyways. Campbell’s poker tournament is today, and the office has been crazy. Lauren and Diana had taken care of a lot of it during the road trip, so all Dayna, Savannah and I had to do was show up. They rented out one of the big warehouses on the pier, with nearly 50 poker tables, as well as tables with food, baked goods, and drinks. Chelsea and Abby had joined the girls and I as we handed out papers with info about the event as well as what his foundation was about. Everything was set up very well, and since the event was such a hit the past 2 years, the casino was no longer big enough, but they donated poker tables for the day for us to use, as well as some of the dealers.

The poker tournament went on for the most of the afternoon, thankfully the crew that rented out the warehouses had clean up crews, so we just took everything we had brought and let them take care of the rest.

After the long day of everything going on, Jon and I skipped out on the night out with the guys and decided to go home. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day also, besides Abby’s baby shower; it was also game day against the Predators.

“So when’s Abby’s shower tomorrow?” Jon asks as were in the bathroom getting ready for bed
“At 3,” I say
“And then you’re going to head over to the arena for the game?”
“Yeah, probably around 5:30 or so,”
“Ok…so I’ve been thinking,” he says, sliding along the counter
“Uh oh,” I say with a small laugh
“Well I know we’ve only been married for 3 months…but the thought has kinda been on my mind about when we will start a family,”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, all the guys have been talking about it, Sharpie has been asking me and Seabs about it,”
“Well, it’s been on my mind too. I mean, Max Talbot even asked me when there would be little Tazer juniors running around,”
“So?” he says now standing in front of me
“I could see it. People always say when you stop trying is when it happens”
“Well, we haven’t necessarily been careful about it, are you still on birth control?”
“True, and no, I stopped taking it around the time of the wedding,”
“So, it could happen then?” he responds as he wraps his arms around me
“Yes sir,” I say with a smile
“I’ve always been nervous when it came to thinking about being a dad, but being around all the guys kids and everything,”
“Yeah, and I’ve been around kids all my life,”
“I couldn’t picture having kids with anyone else besides you,”
“Well that’s good considering I’m your wife, and I’d hurt you if you had a baby with someone else,”
“Not a chance, I can’t wait until you’re the mother of my children,” he says with a kiss
“I can’t wait to be a little hockey mom,”
“You’ll be the hottest hockey mom I know,” he says picking me up
“Great,” I say sarcastically as we crawl into bed


  1. Its about time they think about kids! I hope before the end of the story they have kids!

  2. Aww. Poor little Nik... I love the fact that they are thinking little kids that is too cute!! love it!

  3. yay it wasn't jonny, poor nik though. and i hope they have a little baby, baby tazer would be so adorable!