Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chapter 44

We eat our dinner and watch the game; the guys get the win in overtime after trailing 3-1 going into the 3rd. Jon calls me when they are leaving the arena, and then when they land in Chicago at almost 1am, which is Dayna and I’s que to head to the UC to pick them up. I throw the little outfits in a bag to take them with me.

A few other wags are there, or the guys cars are, as they drove themselves, Dayna and I are talking with Chelsea and Savannah when we see the bus pull up, the guys making their way off a few minutes after. Seabs comes off so Dayna starts walking to him after we give hugs and say congrats again. Soon after, Jon is off the bus and walks over to me right away.

“Hi baby,” he says giving me a kiss
“Hi, I have a surprise for you” I say with a shy smile as I grab the bag out of the car
“Oh my god,” he says looking at them, with a smile growing on his face before finishing
“We’re having a baby?!” He asks, his eyes lighting up
“We’re having a baby!” I say as he picks me up in a hug
“Baby! Oh this is amazing!” giving me another kiss
“I know, I’m so excited!”
“I knew it would happen soon,”
“Yeah, I kinda sensed it, but I wasn’t sure,”
“And we even stopped trying,”
“See! I told you it would work, and guess what else” I say as he steals another kiss
“D is pregnant too!”

“Hey man, congrats!” Seabs says as him and Dayna walk up
“You guys too!”
“Thanks!” they both say
“Man, we’re gonna be dads at the same time!”
“I know, this is amazing,”
“It’ll be exciting,”
“For sure,”
“Well, we’re going to head home, see you tomorrow?” Brent says
“Sure thing! Bye guys,”

“So, I know ya’ll don’t play Vancouver until Thursday, Dr. K wanted me to make another appointment, so I made it for tomorrow morning, I didn’t know if ya’ll would have practice so I told her I’d change it if I needed to,” I say as we drive home
“No, tomorrow morning is fine,” He says as he takes my hand and kisses it
“Ok, it’s at 11:30,”
“Ok, what is she going to do?”
“She wants to look at me again and see for sure how far along I am, due date and also get an ultra sound,”
“Awesome, I cant believe we’re going to be parents!”
“I know!” I say with a smile
“So, I take it your not far along enough to know what it is?”
“No, she guessed that I was about 9 weeks, usually around 4 or 4 ½ months is when we can find out”
“Ok, do you want to find out what it is?”
“Yeah, do you?”
“Yeah, but you know that baby’s gonna be born with skates and a hockey stick,”
“Better then a soccer ball, but if it’s a girl, she’s gonna be momma’s little gymnast,” I say with a smile as we pull up to the house
“Fair enough, so did you make the onesies?”
“Yeah, well I was going to give them to Abby for Evie, but then I decided to decorate them, so we’ll have some cute, unique ones,”
“Yeah, they are definitely different. So we’ll call the parents in the morning?”
“I was thinking we should after the appointment,”
“Sounds good, did you tell any of the other girls?”
“Nope, Dayna, and now Brent are the only other ones that know,”
“Well, we can tell them tomorrow afterwards, or Wednesday during practice,”
“Ok, I know you’ll want to tell Pat, but do we have to make a big announcement? I mean I can only hide it for so long,”
“Yeah, I don’t think we will have to, obviously when it gets closer, people will know. I know that Sharpie and Abby didn’t make an announcement, neither did Soupy,”
“Ok, good,” I say as we get into bed
"I figured your already under a microscope enough being married to me, people will just find out when they do, but Pat will probably just let us know how to handle it if reporters ask,"
"Sounds good,"

The next morning, I slept so comfortably with Jon next to me that I didn’t want to wake up. But we had a doctor’s appointment to get to for our baby.

“Hi Jamie, Mr. Toews,” Dr. Kennedy says, walking into the room
“Hi,” I say
“Oh, please call me Jon,” he says shaking her hand
“Good to see you again, and good to meet you Jon, let’s get some tests done, shall we,”
“Yeah,” I say
“So why don’t you go ahead and lay down, and we will do an ultrasound, so you can see the baby, and we can get a better idea as to how far you are,”
“Ok,” I say, laying down as Jon takes the chair next to me and grabs my hand
“This is going to be cold,” She warns me before squirting the jell on my stomach
“See that, right there?” she points to the screen
“Yeah,” we both say
“That’s your baby! Right now it’s about the size of a strawberry,”


  1. These chapters keep getting better and better!

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