Friday, April 15, 2011

Chapter 47

“Hey kiddo!” my mom says after the 2nd ring
“Hi! Guess what?” I say
“Your gonna have a grandson!”
“Oh it’s a boy! That’s great!”
“Yeah, we found out today, I have new pictures too,”
“How does it feel? It’s like more real now,”
“Yeah, well I think it was when he started kicking yesterday, and now we don’t have to call it ‘it’ anymore,”
“Any name ideas yet?”
“No, we haven’t really talked about it yet, but I mentioned the name Easton the other day, and Jon likes it too, because it’s not a common name,”
“Oh yeah, that’s a cute name! Have you guys figured out any room stuff?”
“Not yet, but we figured we would have the crib in our room until he gets older, then we will turn one of the extra rooms into his, we’re going to look at some cribs now,”
“Can we get anything for you guys?”
“Um, probably not now anyways, we want to get some things on our own, but I’ll let you know,”
“Ok, sounds good, well I gotta run, I’ll pass on the news ok, tell Jon we say hi”
“I will, tell dad we say hi, I’ll talk to you later,”

After I hang up with my mom, Jon calls his mom to share the news with them also. After that conversation, and with Jon and I talking for a while, we decided to name our son Easton. We send out a mass text to the guys on the team as well as some other people, before spending the rest of the day baby shopping. We ended up finding a crib that was 4 in 1, so it would be good use for a few years, and we got it in black so it would match everything. We also got a bedding set that was simple but still cute.

The Red Wings were in town the next day before the road trip to Canada, Phoenix and Dallas started. I was at the office again while the guys were practicing, Dayna and Mel had been there also, we got a little bit of work done, then decided to go watch practice.

“So, it’s a boy, eh?” Mel says, she was one of the people that got a text from me after confirming
“Yep! He’s due June 18,”
“That’s so exciting! Him and Cruise can play hockey together,”
“Yeah, Jon’s pretty excited about that, when do you guys find out?” I ask Dayna
“Tomorrow actually, we made an appointment before the long road trip,” she says
“Oh that’s exciting! Your coming on the road trip too, right?”
“Ok, good, her and Cruise are coming too,” I say, pointing to Mel
“Yeah, I’m excited to get out of here for a while,” Mel says as we hear some girls talking near by

“I can’t believe he knocked her up, what was he thinking?”
“Yeah, and Seabrook isn’t even married to that girl, imagine how that makes him look? She probably did it on purpose,”

Hell no I wasn’t going to listen to these girls talk with us right there, so I talked back

“Really? You are obviously talking loud enough that you want us to hear, so why don’t you just say it to our faces?” I say
“Yeah, and you don’t even know anything about me and Brent OR her and Jon so ya’ll need to keep your mouths shut!” Dayna adds
“Whatever, both of you are gold digging sluts! How dare you take these boys away from their game!” One of the girls says, now the guys on the ice are watching
“Away from their game? You don’t know what your talking about, plus that ugly pink jersey says it all! All the puck sluts wear those,”
“How did you get in here anyways? Practice isn’t open to the public, and the ice girls have higher standards, so you couldn’t be one of them,”

The girls are just staring at us in aw at everything we threw in their faces, before the security guard comes to escort them out

“Screw you! When are you going to tell Seabrook that your baby is his?” she yells to me

Wow, those girls are ridiculous, they were lucky I’m pregnant otherwise I woulda jumped over the bleachers and knocked them out. The rest of practice went peacefully, the girls were escorted off the property so we wouldn’t even have to worry about seeing them by the cars.

We were back at the arena in no time, and finally had time to catch up with Savannah, who had gone back to Thunder Bay with Taylor, for their small wedding ceremony, yep, she was officially Savannah Pyatt. We also caught up with Chelsea and Carmen Brouwer, oh and Carly, who was the mother of Jake’s little 2-year-old daughter, Brianna, who was a spitting image of Carly.

The game that night was an intense one, the Wings started out fast, scoring 4 goals in the first 9 minutes. We knew the boys wouldn’t be happy going into the locker room for the first intermission. They took advantage of a now tired Wings team, and came back to close the gap to one goal, before winning 5-4, and securing that one goal lead was not an easy task.

The next few days went by quick and after losing a close game in Vancouver, they went on to beat the Flames then the Oilers before heading to Dallas. Dayna and I had managed to handle all those flights without problems, which is a surprise for me since I have the worst luck with flying. Her and Brent also announced that they were having a boy also at the end of June; I have a feeling all this testosterone was going to be a bit of an overload. The road trip closed out on a 4-1-1 record, which the guys were happy about.

I had been doing so much work with the Better Halves, while still doing media stuff for the team, that I hadn’t even realized that the trade deadline was 2 weeks away. I wanted to talk to Stan to see if he could tell me anything about if any guys would be leaving or if we were getting new guys, he said it was something he was still working on. I knew I didn’t have to worry about Jon, or Kaner, with contracts locked up until the 2019-2020 season. He did, however, tell me that the contracts of Nik and Colby were renewed, who were the next 2 that would be free agents this summer, and he didn’t want either of them going anywhere, so they would be here until at least the 2018-2019 season. He couldn’t make promises on anyone else though.


  1. This chapter made my day!!

  2. When they chose Easton I thought it was because of the brand lol

  3. ya i thought of that too! lol but i chose Easton cause of Easton Corbin, who is one of my favorite country singers