Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapter 43

***Thanks for all the feedback! I love hearing what ya'll have to say. With the way I want this all to play out, it may even go to 50 chapters, but I'll have to see. As always, enjoy and I cant wait to hear from ya'll!

Thankfully, from sleeping all day, I was feeling up to going to the game that night. I met up with the girls in the lounge; Abby was there with Evie, making her first appearance at a game. Dayna and I were talking about what we had eaten and how we were the only ones to get sick out of the 6 of us. Abby went straight to the box with the baby while the girls and I walked around the concourse a little bit. I was doing perfectly fine, until we walked past the Jose Cuervo stand, and the food across from it that I had to race to the bathroom and throw up again.

“Girl, I think you need to go see Dr. Kennedy,” Dayna says as I wash my hands
“Do you think you just have the flu?” Savannah asks
“It could be, I had a little bit of a cold a few days ago,” I say
“What about the other possibility?” Dayna asks with a questioning look
“It might be that too, what about you? You should go to the doc too,”
“Yeah, don’t get me sick now!” Savannah says, joking
“I think I will call her in the morning,” I say
“Ok, are you ready to walk out there again?”
“Ugh, yes, let’s go kind of fast so I don’t smell anything,”
“Ok, lets go,” Savannah says as we link arms and race up to the box

We get to the box when Abby asks if we’re ok, Dayna says yes as I steal Evie from her arms. Nik is in the box with us as well, but not for much longer, his cast would be coming off next week, and rehab would start the next day. He was excited to get back on the ice but didn’t want to rush coming back if he wasn’t ready.

After the guys beat the Sabres 4-0, they had a short practice the next day before heading to Atlanta, then to New Jersey. Thankfully, I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Kennedy the morning the guys left for Atlanta. Jon was hoping he could be here to come to the appointment with me, but with how I was feeling and it being wintertime, we figured it to just be the flu.

“Hello,” I say, running to my phone
“Hey girl, what’s going on?” Dayna says
“Not much, just getting ready for my doctor’s appointment,”
“With Dr. Kennedy? I have one too, but it’s not until 12”
“Oh yeah? Mine is at 10:30, maybe we’ll cross paths over there,”
“Probably. Want to grab lunch after?”
“Yeah, I was thinking that Cheesecake Factory sounds amazing,”
“I was going to say the same thing!”
“Ok, awesome, call me after your done?”
“Will do!”

“Hey Jamie, how are you?” Dr. Kennedy says as she walks into the room
“Hi, good, how are you?”
“I’m great, so I understand you’ve been feeling sick lately?”
“Yeah, it started like a week and a half ago, I got sick after a group of us went to dinner, then I’ve had a really bad cold too,”
“Ok, have you gotten a flu shot?”
“Is there any possibility that you could be pregnant?”
“Um, it could be possible,”
“Let’s run some tests and see what’s going on,”
“Ok,” I say as she starts the tests
“So where’s the hubby today anyways?” There’s the mother in her I know
“He’s on a road trip with the guys,”
“Oh, yeah, they’ve been doing good so far this season, yeah?”
“Yes ma’am,”
“That’s good, wish them luck for me will you?”
“Of course! Have your daughters been to a game yet? I know they are big Hawks fans,”
“More like Kane and Seabrook fans,” she says with a laugh
“Speaking of Seabrook, his girlfriend will be in here to see you too,”
“Yeah, I noticed that, was she sick too?”
“Yeah, we were the only 2 that got sick that night we went to dinner,”
“Ok, well I’ll be looking forward to seeing her later, I’ll be right back ok,”
“Ok,” I say, as I sit with her leaving the room
“So the test’s have been taken to the lab, it will take 24 hours to get the results, do you want me to just call you tomorrow?”
“Yeah, that would be great,”
“Ok, well it was good seeing you, hopefully I’ll be off work on time to catch the game,”
“You too, and it’s on CSNChi,”
“Great, I’ll be talking to you tomorrow ok,”

A few hours later, Dayna and I meet up at the Cheesecake factory for lunch, and some shopping on the mile. Both our men call us to say they landed in Atlanta and asked about our appointments. They played a good strong game against the Thrashers before jetting to New Jersey.

I hardly slept that night knowing that I would be getting my test results in the morning, but I ended up falling asleep after tossing and turning. The next morning, Jon called me to say they were in Jersey and would be back late tonight after the game. I informed him that I hadn’t heard from the doctor’s yet. Not long after I hung up with him, my phone rang again,

“Hello?” I say
“Hi Jamie, it’s Dr. Kennedy” she responds
“Hey, Dr. Kennedy, how are you?”
“I’m good thanks, I have news for you from the results,” she says as I get a little anxious
“Well, it’s definitely not the flu,”
“So that means…”
“Congratulations, you and Jon are going to be parents!”
“Oh my gosh! Thank you!”
“Your welcome! From what I’m looking at, you are about 9 weeks along,”
“Yep, but we can confirm that when you come in for an appointment,”
“Ok, great, should I do that soon?”
“Yeah, that would be best, then we can have the confirmation on how far you are, as well as your due date,”
“So 9 weeks, that would make my due date in July?”
“Correct, so let’s look into another appointment soon, do you want to see what your husbands schedule is like?”
“Well, the team gets back late tonight after the game, and then they are off until Thursday, so if there’s anything late morning or early afternoon before that, it would work,”
“Ok, it looks like I have 11:30 tomorrow available, will that be ok? If it doesn’t work with Jon, you can always change it,”
“Yeah, let me take that one, and if not I’ll change it,”
“Ok, great! I’ll see you and Jon tomorrow at 11:30!”
“Ok, thank you!” I say hanging up, with a smile as I rest my hand on my stomach

Another 10 minutes goes by and I’m taken out of my day dreaming by my phone again, a text from Dayna, we talk for a few before I invite her over for tonight’s game

“Hey!” I say, letting her in
“Hey, so I got my results back from Dr. K,” she says
“Oh! I did too!”
“Well…I don’t have the flu,” she says
“Are you pregnant?”
“Yeah!” she says with a smile
“I am too!”
“Yes! According to what Dr. K said, I’m 9 weeks”
“Shut up…I’m 8 weeks!”
“Oh geez, this is crazy!” I say as I give her a hug
“I know! Our babies are going to be so close!”
“Aw, yay! Have you told Brent yet?”
“Not yet, have you told Jon?”
“No, he sent me a text saying he wanted to call me, but they were on a time crunch I guess, so I didn't mention it, besides, I didn't want to tell him he’s going to be a dad over the phone,”
“Yeah, I know what you mean,”
“Right, well here I want to show you something real quick,” I say walking to the bedroom
I pull out 2 little black onesies, one has Chicago Blackhawks on the front with Daddy & 19 on the back, and the other says Future Draft Pick with Toews & 19 on the back
“Aw these are cute! When did you do them?”
“Well I got the onesies and was originally going to decorate them and give them to Abby, but then I decided to decorate them for our baby, and use them to tell Jon tonight,”
“Oh that’s a cute idea! Man, we’re both having kids at the same time…oh I’m so excited!”


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