Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chapter 51

5 hours went by and I was still in labor, the contractions were getting stronger, but I wasn’t in any pain. When I was dilated 5 centimeters, Dr. K gave me the epidural. I was scared to death of needles and I had heard some scary myths about the epidural, so I was pretty scared for this. I leaned into Jon’s chest while he stood in front of me as the needle went into my back. The pushing started and it seemed like it was going to take forever.

Jon was standing next to me holding my hand, even though I was probably cutting off the circulation to his hand, he was there with me every step of the way

“Come on baby, almost there,” Jon said, kissing my forehead
“Alright Jamie, give me one more push, I can see his head,” Dr. K said

After one more big push, a crying baby is laid on my chest.

Easton Bryan
Born June 10th at 11:18pm
6 lbs. 8 oz. 20 ½ inches long

“Oh my gosh,” I say, grabbing a hold of him
“You did it baby!” Jon says, as I look up to him and give him a kiss
“No, we did it,” as he gives me another kiss

The nurse takes him to clean him up and brings him back for a while longer, before he goes off for the short surgery to take care of the boy parts to fix. Jon grabbed my phone and took a picture of him so I could send it to people back home. He brought his parents in the room and also called my parents, although I was sure they would be asleep, he got through to my mom on her cell phone to deliver the news.

Easton was back with us about an hour later, with care instructions for him from Dr. Stevens. Dr. K had hung out in the room with us, telling us what to do and answering any questions. Although it wasn’t an important one, I wanted to know how soon was too soon to travel with a new one, since we were planning on trying to go to New Mexico for 4th of July weekend, she informed us that it was ok, but not to go overboard, because it was always better until he was at least 3 months old so his immune system would be a little better developed. So being that Andree and Bryan were down here, we planned only one trip this summer.

Since I wasn’t going to be discharged until the morning sometime, Jon stayed with me while Andree and Bryan went back and slept at the house. Easton was taken to the nursery for the night so it was a quiet night…the last one for a while, that Jon and I would have.

“Good morning, momma!” Dr. K says happily walking in with Easton in her arms
“Morning!” I say sitting up on the bed
“Someone wants to see you,” She says, handing him over
“Aw, my baby!” I say as Jon gets up and sits on the bed with me
“He sure is a cutie, just wait til he’s an all star like his pops,”
“Absolutely, NHL is gonna have to watch out for him,” he says

“Knock, knock!” Dayna says as her and Brent walk into the room
“Hey guys!” I say
“Hey, congratulations guys!” They both say, as Brent hands me some flowers
“Thanks!” I say as Dr. K leaves to let us visit
“Oh, he’s beautiful! You guys did good,”
“Thanks, how are you feeling?” I ask D
“Good, ready for him to be here also,”
“I bet, he’ll be here before you know it,”

The four of us spend more time talking, not too much later, Andree and Bryan are back, and then Stan and Diana come by as well. Dr. K gave us the OK to be discharged a little after 1pm. Bryan went down to get the car while Jon and I talked to Dr. K and Dr. Stevens, both said not to hesitate and call with any questions.

Before we knew it, a week had gone by. Easton was such a good baby, although he doesn’t sleep the whole night, and that’s expected, he wasn’t much of a crier either, only when he was hungry. His head was full of dark brown hair, a good combination of Jon’s hair and mine.

Jon had talked to his agent, as well as Stan, to mainly let Pat know that the baby had been born. Typically, there were small announcements put on the team website when a team members baby was born. I remember the summer when I moved out here, there were announcements for Jake, Corey, and Soupy. So Stan wrote a small article announcing the new addition, knowing there would be another one not too much later.

The Chicago Blackhawks welcome a new addition to the hockey family
Captain Jonathan Toews and his wife, Jamie, welcomed their first child, a boy, named Easton Bryan on June 10 at 6 lbs. 8 oz. 20 ½ inches long. The future all star is eligible for the NHL Entry Draft in 2030. Mom and baby are doing great.

Patrick and Abby had come by with Evie and also to see Easton, since they were back visiting family when he was born,

“Hey guys!” Patrick says as Jon lets them in
“Hey! How was T-Bay?” Jon asks
“Good! Always good to be home for a while, how’s the little one?”
“Great! He just woke up from a nap,” I say as Abby sits next to me
“Can I hold him?” She asks as the guys join us on the couch
“Of course!” I say, so we trade babies, 6-month-old Evie looked so much like Pat, but she had Abby’s blonde hair
“How has he been?”
“Good! He doesn’t cry much, just when he’s hungry, he wakes up about every 3 hours,” Jon says
“That’s good! Evie was like that too, she’s been a quiet baby,”
“Have you guys gone anywhere yet?” Patrick asks
“Not yet, my parents just left 2 days ago,” Jon says
“Well, I’m going to give you the same advice that Carly and Lauren gave me, let your guys’ time be a priority still. Obviously, Easton will run the household, but making sure you guys still have “us” time is important, don’t stop your date nights. Have equal priority for each of you,” Abby said
“Thanks! We’ll remember that,” I say
“We’ve kinda been itching to get out of the house too, I’ve just gotten take out and brought it home,” Jon says
“Yeah, it’s good to stay in for a while with him, but you don’t want to stay locked up in here either, even if you just walk around the mile with him, it’s good to get out of the house.” Patrick adds
“And since we’re back, if you ever want to go on a date night, we will be happy to watch him,” Abby says happily
“Well, I HAVE been craving some oysters…” I say hinting to Jon with a smile
“We could go to McCormick’s,” Jon says
“Just name the day and time, and we will take Easton for a few hours,” Patrick says
“Are you guys sure?” I ask
“Yes! You guys helped out a lot when Evie was born, so now it’s our turn, you guys deserve a night out, and before you know it, you’ll be taking him out with you guys,”

So we plan our date night for the next night, Patrick, Abby and Evie come back to the house for a few hours. I wasn’t too worried, because Easton was a good baby, I was just nervous because we were leaving him for the first time, being only a week old. But Jon and I trusted Patrick and Abby and knew they would take good care of him. The night went great, I kept checking my phone before Jon grabbed it out of my hand saying that Easton was fine, even though I knew he was.


  1. Aw they are going to be great parents!