Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chapter 46

***Few things: 1)posting this in honor of the PENS victory! hope the HAWKS can get one too! 2)yes I know the diaper bags are pink, but they are cute lol...I wont spoil the rest...&3)the reason for the pic Jeff Skinner is because he makes an appearance in this chapter....and come on, he's just adorable!!
Enjoy! :)

“You think you’ll be ok on the flight?” Jon asks me as we drive to the arena to go to the airport on the team bus
“I guess we’ll see! It’s the first long flight I’ll be taking, so I hope so,”
“Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be fine, just rest on the bus ride over there,”
“I will,”
“So your parents were going to come out soon,”
“Yeah, but not until March, probably for the game against the Pens,”
“Oh that will be fun, and it’s St. Patrick’s day weekend right?”
“Yep, so they will finally see the green river,”

The 4-hour flight was an easy one; I got sick right after we took off, but then I passed out and slept the rest of the way, Dayna got sick when we landed. It was a beautiful day in Anaheim; much better then the cold back home.

Abby and Evie joined Dayna and I in the room we shared, she didn’t want us to be bothered by Evie waking up all the time, but we didn’t mind, besides, that will be us in a few months so we thought we might as well get used to it.

A few minutes after the girls and I got settled into the hotel room, my phone started ringing,

“Jordie!!” I say
“Hey Jay! Are you in Anaheim?”
“Yep! Me, Dayna and Abby and the baby are here! Are you here already?”
“Yeah, I’m with the guys and my brother and a few of the Canes players, one of your favorites too,”
“Oh my god, Skinner’s with you?”
“Duh, he made the roster,”
“Ah, ok I hate to sound like a crazy fan, but you know I think he’s such a good player, I want to meet him!”
“Ok, I guess I could allow that, just don’t turn into a cradle robber!”
“I won’t, besides I’m gonna be a momma so I have to behave,”
“Did I just hear that right?” he asks
“You sure did,”
“It’s about time! Congratulations!”
“Thanks!” I say as there’s a knock on the door
“Well where are your men? Let’s go to lunch,” he asks me as the guys walk in
“They actually just walked in, hold on. Babe, do you guys want to go to lunch with Jordan and the guys?”
“Sure! We haven’t seen those guys in a while and it’s always nice to catch up,”
“Ok, cool. Did you hear that Jordan? Think of a restaurant and gather the guys, and Skinner better be one of them!”
“Haha, ok, Ill call you in a few,”

“So who’s all coming?” Jon asks as we’re walking out
“Jordan, and whatever Pens are here, Eric and Jeff Skinner, not sure who else,” I say
“Babe, if you turn into a crazy 16 year old when you see Skinner like he’s Justin Bieber or something, I will walk away,” he says with a smile
“Ha, that would be hilarious!” Nik says
“K first off, I can’t stand Justin Bieber, and second, I just think he’s an amazing player! You gotta admit it, and he’s like 20, too young for me, not to mention I’m happily married,”
“With a bun in the oven!” Kaner yells
“Yeah that too,”

Walking out of the hotel, we see the guys across the street, so they whistle at each other, then we end up meeting at the corner.

“You don’t look pregnant!” Jordan says, so I turn to the side and pull my shirt back so he can see my growing belly
“Nice to see you too, Jordan!”
“Hi! It’s good to see you guys!” he says giving me a hug then shaking hands with the guys
“Hey Skins, this girl loves you,” Jordan tells him after introducing us
“Wow Jordan, really? Sorry but I’m really not, I just think you’re an amazing hockey player,”
“Well thanks, and it’s probably good, cause if you were, Tazer might remember that and run me into the boards,” he says with a laugh and hugging me
“Yeah! You young ones still have a lot to learn,” Jon says laughing
“Yeah…from me,” Jeff adds

We decide to eat at the steakhouse nearby, after running into a few dozen fans that were mesmerized at seeing guys from 3 different teams all together. From the Pens it was Jordan, Kris, Geno, Sid and Flower, from the Canes it was Eric, Jeff, Chad LaRose and Brandon Sutter. Plus adding Sid’s fiancĂ©, Geno and Flower’s girlfriends, Eric’s and Chad’s wives, there were 23 of us.

The mock draft was that night, the skills day was the next and the game was on Sunday. It was Team Toews with Sid and Mike Green as alternates; Kaner and Brent were on that team, while the rest of the guys were on Team Staal. It was a fun weekend, but it made for a long one. While the guys had practice and things, the girls and I all got together and did some shopping and went to lunch.

Back in Chicago, the guys were heading out for a 2 game trip, while Dayna and I decided to skip this one. We spent one of the days shopping and walking around downtown, and people were definitely talking. We knew it would happen eventually, I mean, we couldn’t hide it anymore now. At one point we even heard a group of girls talking and wondering if the 4 of us were in the same room when we decided to get pregnant, another girl said it could have been a four-some, then we wouldn’t even know who the dads were…seriously? Ridiculous!

The guys had gotten wind about what Dayna and I heard, and they weren’t too happy about it, which we would have figured, because we weren’t either. We were all hoping it would calm down; none of us needed that added stress, especially not me or Dayna.

They beat the Flyers 5-3 before losing in a shootout to the Capitals, and got back home early Saturday morning. I made another appointment for Monday, so we could finally find out what we’re having, since the baby didn’t corporate at last weeks appointment when it’s legs were crossed. Coach Q held a short morning skate at the Ice House; I went with them for a bit to watch them before our appointment.

“Ahh!” I said standing in the locker room waiting for Jon
“What?” he says looking at me nervously
“The baby kicked!”
“Yeah, give me your hand,” I say, causing a few other guys to come over
“Here, now wait a sec, feel that?”
“Yeah!” Jon says
“That’s the baby!”
“I wanna see!” Jack says happily, aw, gotta love him
“Here, put your hand right here,”
“Woah! Does it hurt?” he asks
“Not really, it’s just that you don’t expect it,”

“Hi guys!” Dr. K says as she walks in
“Hi,” Jon and I say
“How’s the baby?” she asks, motioning for me to lay down
“Growing, and kicking now too,”
“That’s good! You ready to find out what it is?”
“Yes!” I say as she puts the gel on my stomach
“What are you guys hoping for?”
“I want a boy, but as long as it’s healthy, I don’t care,”
“I want a boy too, so he can be a hockey player just like me,” Jon says with a smile
“Well, let’s see here. Looks good, growing at the rate it should be. There’s the heartbeat. And the verdict is…It’s a boy!”
“That’s awesome!”
“Yep, you can see right there, and he’s looking as healthy as can be!” she says pointing to him on the screen,
“Aww look at him!”
“That’s our baby!” Jon says, kissing my forehead
“Congratulations! Looks like we’ll have another Toews to look for on the ice,”
“Sure do!”
“Now we can finally say he or him instead of it,”
“Definitely! Well let me clean you off here and get these new pictures printed for you,”


  1. It sucks that the hawks lost.. but at least pens won!

  2. I knew it was a boy! hahah

  3. really? lol i thought the pink diaper bags woulda given it away haha

  4. lol i didnt even pay attention to the diaper bags lol whoops! hahaa oh well, im happy either way. and yay for skinner! im glad he's appeared in more stories than just mine hahaha! :)

  5. i just thought they were cute, i'd definitely want them for me regardless of what i was having. yay! lol he was actually an inspiration from your story, and him and logan couture are my fav rookies :)