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***Cant believe this story has made it this far! Gotta thank all you lovely readers for sticking with me :) Let's cross our fingers for a game 7 win tonight? Can't wait to read ya'lls feedback! Enjoy :)

Coach Q knew the guys were all together, so he talked to the guys from speaker phone, he addressed them and said he was proud of them for having another great season and he wished it hadn’t ended so soon, or the way it did. He also threw in that, minus the circumstances, he was glad that Jon and Brent would both be able to be with Dayna and I when the boys are born, as opposed to being out on the road somewhere. The guys decided to go to the United Center tomorrow for the last time until training camp to clean out their lockers and such.

Everyone left after they finished talking to coach, it was hard for the guys not to be upset, knowing that they were in this position for a while, but knowing Calgary played good and had the upper hand, they would be quick to put the past in the past. Phone calls were taken care of shortly after the guys left. My dad called as well as Jon’s parents. He had been so quiet still thinking everything over. Since I hadn’t been there a few years ago when the Ducks knocked them out of the playoffs, I didn’t really know how to handle it since it was much different then a losing a game. So I did all I could do, I pulled Jon into a hug as he sat on the couch with his head in his hands, after a few minutes, he put his arms around me before looking at me with tears in his eyes.

Jon didn’t sleep at all that night, he tossed and turned, kept waking up a few times. I didn’t sleep much either, between the uncomfortable stage starting and feeling so sad for the guys. The next morning, we woke up around 9 to get ready to head to the arena. It was starting to set in that the boys wouldn’t be flying to Vancouver tomorrow for the opening round of the playoffs.

There was a little more life in the locker room then I had expected. The guys were doing things while I talked with Dayna, Abby, Savannah and Mel

“Patrick didn’t sleep at all last night,” Abby says, handing Evie to me
“Neither did Jon, he tossed and turned all night,” I said
“Same here,” Savannah and Mel add
“I just feel bad, Jon was quiet all night, and I don’t blame him, but I mean, I’ve never dealt with something like this, so I didn’t really know what to do,”
“The best thing you can do is just be there, and you’ve done a fantastic job, it’s not easy being the captain’s wife, they get the most pressure,” Abby says
“Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing, I got him to smile this morning, and he’s been cheering up,”
“Yeah, it’ll get better over the next few days,” Dayna adds
“And Taylor already told the guys we’re having a reception/get together here, so the guys won’t be booking it out of here right away,” Savannah says
“Not like me or Dayna can go anywhere until the boys are born anyways,”
“True,” she says as we all laugh
“Oh, and Diana called me, we were going to have the baby shower for you girls next Wednesday, at her and Stan’s house if that works,”
“Yeah, it should,” Dayna and I say
“And then the reception will be Saturday,” Savannah says
“Ok, where will it be?”
“A banquet hall at the Sutton Place hotel, it’ll be just like a normal reception with dinner, cake and dancing,”
“Sounds fabulous, I can’t wait,”

Dayna and I’s baby shower was so much fun, especially since the guys were there, the food was amazing, and the games were fun. These little boys were going to have a lot of clothes and such to pick from. Kaner and his girlfriend, Bridget (yeah, that’s right…girlfriend) got Jon and I a little bathtub and a onesie that said, “My Uncle Pat is Awesome” ha ha, oh Kaner.

With the time Jon and I had, we got plastic drawers that stack and that would also fit under our bed to put Easton’s clothes in. Plus the room on the changing table that my parents had gotten us. So after the shower, I got to work on washing all the clothes and blankets and such so it would be ready for when Easton arrives in less then 2 months.

Days and weeks had gone by, the majority of the team had gone home for the summer, while the Seabrook’s stuck around in Chicago with us since we were grounded from flying. Between birthing classes and doctor’s appointments, we spent days walking around the mile and doing some more shopping. Since we started running out of things to do, the guys ended up putting the Stanley Cup playoffs on TV, it was the last round before the finals.

The guys had all kept in touch over the summer; Kaner had gone back to Buffalo, along with Bridget who had met his family, including his sisters, who all loved her (which is good, because they are always skeptical of the girls he dates). Pat and Abby went up to Thunder Bay, as did Taylor and Savannah. Jon had even talked to Buff, who had said that him and his wife were planning on making a trip up to Chicago.

Jon and I were hanging out at the house watching game 1 of the finals, between the Sharks and the Sabres, when there was a knock on the door…I get up to open it to a familiar, and unwelcome face.

“What the hell are you doing here,” I say to Laura
“I wanted to talk to you,” she says
“So you came all the way out to Chicago,”
“I’m out here anyways, with Megan and Shelly,”
“Oh god, if you’re smart you wont bring them around me,”
“Wow, can you listen?”
“No. I don’t want to hear what you have to say, nor do I care, so you can leave,”
“I just want to know one thing,”
“I’m not telling you anything about the baby,”
“It’s about Patrick,”
“That’s really none of your business, if he wanted to let you know how he was doing, he would tell you, but he’s busy with his own life,”
“Oh, well I…”
“He’s moved on, you should too, and you should also move on out of here,”
“Whatever, I don't even know why I came by here” S
"Me neither, because it was clearly a waste of time," I say as she walks away before I close the door

“Was that who I thought it was?” Jon asks as I sit with him on the couch
“Yep. She wanted to know about Patrick, I didn’t tell her anything because it’s none of her business. But I did say that he’s moved on and she needs to also,” I say
“And she came all the way out here?”
“She was out here anyways with those girls I don’t like,”
“Wow, she’s crazy,”
“Yeah, you’re telling me? She's the most stubborn person ever,”

The next day was another appointment, which were coming more often with my due date just around the corner. With 2 weeks left and a fully developed, healthy boy, I had already dilated 2 centimeters. I was getting more nervous now knowing he would be here any time, and the fact that my parents weren’t here either made me nervous too. Jon was talking to his mom when we got in the car afterwards and I broke down in tears. He hung up with her and talked to me to calm me down to ask what was wrong. I told him I was just nervous about it being so close and the labor and none of our parents being here, and that I was ready to not be pregnant anymore, I just wanted our son to be here, oh it was a whole bunch of things.

After I had calmed down, Jon handed me the phone when his mom called to ask if things were ok, I told her not to worry after I told her what I had just told Jon. That was when she told me that her and Bryan were going to fly down in 2 days, she didn’t want me to be nervous, and I know they wanted to be here when their grandson is born, so I didn’t argue with her, plus, it would probably be good for Jon and I.

It was the day before Jon’s parents would be here, and tonight, Jon was taking me on a date, he said he wanted to have one last night of “us” time since we didn’t know when Easton would be here. So we went to dinner at Carmine’s Steakhouse, then for desert at the Cheesecake Factory.

Andree & Bryan had been here for a few days. The guys had been watching the NHL and NBA playoffs one night when Andree and I were in the kitchen making dinner, chicken parmesan pasta, caesar salad and garlic toast when I hunched over the kitchen sink in pain.

“Honey? What’s wrong?” Andree asks as she turns off the stove
“Ah, I just got a really sharp pain in my back,” I respond as Jon rushes over
“Was it a contraction?” She asks
“I think so,” Jon rubs my back before I finish
“Ouch! There it is again,”
“Ok, where’s Dr. Kennedy’s number? I think we need to call her,” Bryan says
“On the fridge,” I point over, standing up straight
“Do you want to sit down babe?” Jon asks
“No, but…”

I don’t have a chance to finish as I look down at the floor to see a pool of water

“Your water broke! We need to get to the hospital right now!” Andree says
“Where’s the bag we had packed? I want the sweats out of it,”
“Right here, you want the Fighting Sioux ones?” Jon asks

All four of us go down to Jon’s car and head to the hospital, once we get there, Bryan lets us out while he goes to park the car. Dr. Kennedy is waiting for us as we walk in, she sits me in the wheelchair and we are on our way up to labor & delivery on the 4th floor.


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