Monday, April 11, 2011

Chapter 45

“Oh my gosh,” I say, getting a few tears in my eyes
“It’s so little!” Jon says
“Well from what we’re looking at now, it looks like your right at 11 weeks, not 9 like I said before, and you can see on here too,” She says as she’s showing a chart
“Ok, cool,”
“So, it looks like your due date is June 18, but it could be anywhere within a few days before or after,”
“That is so cool,” Jon says
“Do you have any questions?” she says cleaning off the gel from my stomach
“Morning sickness…how long does that usually last?”
“It depends, but it usually lasts through the 1st trimester, tapering off around week 15, so being that you are at 11 weeks, it shouldn’t be too much longer, has it been bad lately?”
“No, just that 2 weeks before I came in to see you, and a little bit a couple days ago,”
“So it sounds like you’ve lucked out, usually women get sick every morning, but then again it depends, everyone is different. Are you taking prenatal vitamins yet?”
“No, that was my next question,” I say sitting up
“Let me write down the kind I recommend, its available at Walgreens, and they are really good,”

Dr. Kennedy informed us a lot about exercising and dieting and such, like not playing random hockey games with the guys, and the foods to stay away from. She also told me about flying when I got further along, about how I would get uncomfortable, and I’m not allowed to take the medicine to knock me out for flying, so that would be limiting soon as well…sad to hear, but it would be for the best.

“Here you go guys, congratulations!”
“Thank you!” I say as Jon takes the pictures
“Can you make an appointment for around this time next month?”
“Yeah, that should work, I’m not sure when games are, but we can work around them,”
“Sounds good, and if you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to call me, I’m sure I’ll see you at a few games too,”
“Ok, great! Bye Dr. Kennedy,”

We get to the car after making an appointment for next month, then decided to call our parents to share the news with them. They were all very excited, Jon’s parents will be first time grandparents, and my parents will have their first blood grandchild (my sister’s kids are adopted). They wanted to hear all the news as it came and offered help to us if needed. We made a pit stop at Walgreens to get the vitamins and a few other things.

The team was back on the ice for practice on Wednesday morning. I had to be back in the office, with Christmas being a week and a half away; our team party was approaching fast, so when I wasn't getting sick, I worked with Diana and Abby in getting caterers and the music together again, as well as reserving a banquet room at the Westin for the night. Dayna was there as well, and we had both shared our news with the girls of us having babies soon, Abby and Mel were both excited too to plan play dates with Evie and Cruise. Jon had told the guys when he saw me sitting on the bench at the ice near the end of practice, mainly because Jack wanted me to come out on the ice, so Jon threw it out there that I wouldn’t be able to do that soon.

After practice, Taylor had gotten in touch with Ryan Kesler and a few of the Canucks players to get together for lunch. Even with only playing in Vancouver for three seasons, he still stayed in touch with the guys as much as they could. So along with Savannah, Taylor had invited me, Jon, Sharpie, Abby and Evie, and Kaner to lunch with them. I had always been a fan of Kesler, and a few other guys on their team, they had a good group of guys, just like the Hawks did.

The Hawks beat the Canucks the next night after a full 65 minutes of play. 2 off days were coming up, with the tail end of that one being the Christmas party the night before the Avs were in town.

After another successful Christmas party and an overtime loss to the Avs, things quieted down for a while, our house was a lot quieter this Christmas, my parents had decided to visit my sister in Portland while Jon’s parents stayed home. Jon and I exchanged gifts as usual; I got him more nice dress shirts and a bunch of little things, and a gift certificate to the best golf course in Chicago. He got me a gift card to H&M and 2 Coach diaper bags…oh boy.

Christmas and New Year’s came and went. The boys played the Islanders on New Year’s Eve and the Rangers on the 2nd, so the girls and I decided to join the guys for that road trip, and we spent New Year’s Eve in Time Square, which was something I’ve always wanted to do, so it was pretty amazing to spend NYE in New York City with some of our closest friends.

January was flying by, Dayna and I had been going to prenatal yoga, we were both glad to be around each other so we could share our stories, and go through all the changes together, along with Jon and Brent with us for it all too. Jon also came with me to the next doctor’s appointment, at this point I was 15 weeks, and showing even more everyday. We were nearing the point to find out what we’re having, and we decided we wanted to; so then it would be easier for clothes and such.

I was working at the office, (and getting sick a few times) and it was the day before game day against the Blues, then the following day we would be joining the guys for All Star Weekend in Anaheim, when my mom called

“Hey mom,”
“Hi there, what’s going on?” she says
“Not much, just at the office, not doing much,”
“How’s the baby?”
“Well, that’s good. Listen, I was calling because dad and I were thinking about taking a trip out to see you guys soon,”
“Ok! Well we’re going to Anaheim this weekend for the All Star Break, so that’s kind of crazy, are you sure ya’ll don’t want to just wait until the baby’s born?”
“Well, we didn’t know if you guys would come home after the baby’s born, that’s why we were thinking about going out there for a weekend,”
“Yeah, and right now our summer vacation will revolve around the playoffs and the baby coming, so we’d probably be able to plan a trip home. When we’re ya’ll wanting to come out here?”
“That’s why I was calling you, I wanted to make sure you wont be gone on a road trip,”
“Ok, well, I’m looking now, and it looks like St. Patrick’s day weekend is a home game against the Penguins, how does that work? Cause I know ya’ll haven’t seen the Pens play here,”
“That should work, I know dad wanted to go to a hockey game anyways, St. Patrick’s day is on a Thursday this year, right?”
“Yeah, so you could fly out on Thursday, the game is on Saturday,”
“And we can stay until Sunday or Monday?”
“Yeah, whatever works,”
“Ok, great, I’ll talk to dad and look at plane tickets. Are you excited for All Star Weekend?”
“Psh, yeah! I’ve never been and after I heard it was in Anaheim and Jon was one of the guys on the roster, the girls and I were like yeah let’s go, I think it’ll be fun. And we will get to see Jordan and the Pens guys,”
“That’ll be fun, have you guys gotten anything for the baby?”
“A few little things, but not much, Jon got me those diaper bags for Christmas, I think after we get back from Anaheim, we’re going to go look at cribs and changing tables, and figure out drawer space for clothes,”
“That’s great! I can’t believe my little girl is going to be a momma!”
“I know, me either! I’m excited though, and Dayna is too, that’s cool that we’ll be parents at the same time,”
“Yeah, it’s an exciting time. Ok well I’ll let you get back to work, I’ll call you when I’m looking at plane tickets,”
“Ok, see if you can fly into Midway if you can, it’s usually cheaper,”
“Ok, talk to you soon!”
“Ok, bye!”

The boys beat the Blues by a score of 9-3, Jon and Taylor both got hat tricks…but sadly, by the time Taylor got his, no one had any hats to throw. Afterwards, we all went home to finish packing for California. The roster from the Hawks included Jon, Kaner, Sharpie, Brent and Corey, so Dayna, Abby and Evie and I were the girls to join our men. Nik had been progressing in his rehab and nearing his return. He didn’t want to stay in Chicago while the other teammates went home or on a short vacation, and he wasn’t ready to go home with the chance of running into Elina, so he came on the trip with us.

[[The baby's diaper bags! What momma to be wouldnt love Coach diaper bags?? :)]]


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